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Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours

Jose Hales-Garcia

Proactive damage control

Michael Dell is now on record as stating that netbooks are dead. This is in advance of Apple's iTablet release of course.

He needed to say this, in order to look good when Apple redefines the netbook market.

Micheal Dell: the poor-serendipitous-one-trick-pony-not-one-innovative-bone-in-his-body-microsoft-lacky-fool.

<michael dell is the devil avatar image goes here/>

Is SproutCore worth the Flash and Java iPhone snub?

Jose Hales-Garcia
Gates Horns

Thankfully a break from Microsoft's 1990s

Article states: "That is understandable, bearing in mind the quirks of IE6, yet Microsoft's obsolete browser still has a 27 per cent market share, according to the latest figures from HitsLink."

Where would we be without a company like Apple? Stuck in the past supporting IE 6.

Good riddance to IE 6!

The Register should quit towing the Microsoft line and promoting obsolete ideas.

Microsoft ready to play with PlayReady

Jose Hales-Garcia
Gates Horns

So three strikes and Microsoft is out?

Let's see. That's Janus, PlaysForSure and now PlayReady. That means that if PlayReady fails, you'll quit apologizing and shilling for Microsoft?

Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'

Jose Hales-Garcia
Gates Horns

Why make such a fuss?

The poor guy is going to be fired for making the remark. Leave him alone.

Leopard data loss glitch uncovered

Jose Hales-Garcia
Dead Vulture

Moving is for ninnies

Any OS that looses it's network connection or suffers a power outage while moving data will lose the data or corrupt it.

Only the uninitiated or masochists or Apple FUDists would do such a thing and then whine that the OS didn't save them from their stupidity.

And to think that these whiners are bloggers who presumably know better. No doubt, there's some mighty Apple FUD being stirred up in the blogosphere. These FUD creationist have nothing to hold up against Apple except these inane scenarios.

Reality distortion for Java on Leopard?

Jose Hales-Garcia
Jobs Halo

Take a deep breath

Relax. Think positive thoughts--Ruby on Rails, Ruby-Cocoa and Python-Cocoa bindings, Objective-C 2.0, Dashcode, Core Animation, DTrace, etc.

What is the relevance of Java 6 to most developer's needs or, in particular, Leopard developer's?

Macs are more secure: official

Jose Hales-Garcia

Clarification about the word 'PC'

PC is any machine whos lineage comes from the IBM PC. It is a business machine intended to run either DOS, OS/2 or Windows. That's it.

You can put all the overlays of meaning to the word PC you want, but Apple's meaning in their adverts is the one I give above.

By the way, the IBM PC was IBM's answer to the Apple II. Remember those?

A modern-day Gerstner is needed to cure all of Microsoft’s ills

Jose Hales-Garcia

Steve Balmer should remain as head of Microsoft

I hope Steve Balmer remains the head of Microsoft for many years to come. He's doing a great job.


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