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Apple ships 'completely redesigned' iTunes 11

Roland Young

Rivals iOS 6 Maps for reputation damage capability

OK, there are no bendy bridges or misplaced zoos, but this app is at the core of Apple's business model and this upgrade drops useful features (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57556548-37/7-features-apple-killed-off-in-itunes-11/) and contains at least one terrible bug (https://discussions.apple.com/message/20430860#20430860)

No Coverflow - bit of a backward step visually

No iTunes DJ - my favourite way to get a controllable but random playlist is gone

No option to set gapless playback - when you want that, you really want it.

Fail to update play count or last played time - fail, even if there is a sort of workaround.

XML daddy eyes code riding storage metal

Roland Young

@John H Woods

The ampersand in XML isn't Tim Bray's fault. It comes from SGML and got into HTML long before XML was dreamed of. I'm not sure what character would have been a better choice - caret, perhaps?

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest

Roland Young

Need to use FF to turn off ads!

Using Mac Os, I tend to use Safari out of inertia, but if visit the Reg using Safari, CPU usage goes up to 100% instantly. I have to use FF with NoScript to save the battery and my legs. I seem to remember I saw the same with IE, but I now use FF exclusively on Windows.

Too much Flash may be bad for your click-through rates.