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Fatal Attraction: Lovely collection, really, but it does not belong anywhere near magnetic storage media


Re: Calling Mythbusters![*]

They tested it on Mythbusters Jr. when recreating the Breaking Bad electromagnet scene. It took a fairly strong electromagnet to do anything.

Go to L: A man of the cloth faces keyboard conundrum


Re: Font recommendations

Out of interest, why wouldn't it make sense?


Re: Font recommendations

+1 for JetBrains Mono. I use it in Windows, it's free, and supports ligatures if you're brave.

Chromium cleans up its act – and daily DNS root server queries drop by 60 billion


Re: hang on

It certainly doesn't sound complicated, but I don't think Chrome has ever labelled the address bar. I find that people completely ignore the address bar and, having finally managed to open Chrome, type the internal hostname into the search box on the start page.

If they get completely stuck, I'll offer to help with Quick Assist. Generally that goes along the lines of:

"Click the start button"

"What's that?"

"The Windows icon at the bottom left"


"The button at very bottom left of the screen, it used to say Start, but now it's just a Windows logo"

"Ok, it says Apps and Features, Power Options..."

"No, left click"

"On what?"

"The start button"

"I can't see it, that list is in the way"

"Just click anywhere to close the menu"

"OK, it's opened Device Manager"

"OK, now left click on the start button and type Q"

"Where do I type it?"

"Nowhere, just press Q on the keyboard after you've left clicked on the start button"

"Oh, yes I see"

"Now click Quick Assist"

"Now it says Run as administator, Open file location...."

Every time, guaranteed.

Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revamp


Re: Any blame on Hertz for not actually being in charge?

Umm, yes we do.

Macs to Linux fans: Stop right there, Penguinista scum, that's not macOS. Go on, git outta here


Re: "secure" boot is *EVIL* 4 Chronos

Click product, scroll a bit, click Buy button, see price.

Sysadmin shut down the wrong server, and with it all European operations


Re: until you get a colourblind appy

I had that on an openSUSE installation, 10 I think.

Intellisense was off and developer learned you can't code in Canadian


I also considered the lazy / efficient option...

...until I came across "burglarized".

Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple


as opposed to USB stick, SD card, USB cable...

Sub plot subplot thickens: Madsen claims hatch fumble killed Swede journo Kim Wall


Obviously it sank because he opened a hatch; that was his biggest mistake.

Headless body found near topless beach: Missing private sub journalist identified


Re: Obvious and stupid mistake

The size is quoted elsewhere as 17 metres / 56 feet. 5 is above 2 on a the numeric keypad - this is commonly called a typo, an honest and simple mistake.

I don't know how big a meter you're using, but as the sub is 17 metres long I'm assuming your meter is about 2/3 of a metre, or 2.15 feet long.

Incidentally, Wikipedia states 17.76 m (58 ft 3 in).

Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly


Re: The same everywhere...?

Umm, that's called responsive web design and is being used all over the place so that websites are usable on mobiles and tablets. The "looks the same everywhere" thing is becoming less relevant.

Planned 'cookie law' update will exacerbate problems of old law – expert


Re: Cookies

"Google Analytics ... is also an abuse of privacy."

Please elaborate.

Brits rattle tin for 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car


Re: 8.5kW and 0-60 in 10 seconds?

Acceleration requires capacitor charge generated by braking from a speed achieved by accelerating.

I hope the capacitors don't discharge overnight.

Hey British coders: DevOps – you're doing it wrong


"You're doing DevOps wrong, but we still won't tell you what it is."

Elasticsearch cluster in a jiffy: Step by step


Indeed, I had to look up ELK to find out why I'd want to spend 30 minutes installing it.

Microsoft starts to fix Start Menu in new Windows 10 preview


Until recently I always had 60 tabs open, arranged into groups for daily reports, analytics + search console etc., payment systems, reviews, AWS consoles + reference guides, web interfaces for internal appliances, non-work stuff, and one for live projects (responsive web design at the time). I also have 6 pinned tabs for internal systems and customer facing websites I maintain, as well as database admin and a project management tool.

Unfortunately, the tab group implementation is crap so I got fed up and closed all the tabs. I haven't decided whether I'm more or less productive since!

Mozilla's ‘Great or Dead’ philosophy may save bloated blimp Firefox


Re: Ditching XBL/XUL would mean Mozilla shooting itself in the foot


Xperia Z3: Crikey, Sony – ANOTHER flagship phondleslab?


Re: It's all very well churning out new stuff...

The entire Xperia Z range is being updated to Lollipop, no news on the SP though.



Re: Rear Glass

I can assure you that the back of the Z2 is glass - I got a piece stuck in my finger when it shattered.

Luckily it's surprisingly cheap and easy to replace.

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...


Re: Seriously?

20% of all users is not the same as 20% of users that have an update available.

Apples and pears!

You'll hate Google's experimental Chrome UI, but so will phishers


Re: Image

Indeed, there's something phishy with that image. It seems to be doing the opposite of what the article states.

AWS bins elastic compute units, adopts virtual CPUs


Still used

Click Pricing and you'll see ECU is still used. Note that m3.medium, m1.small and t1.micro are all 1 vCPU, hardly a useful comparison!

Lumia sales fail to set world alight


Fail indeed

I know someone who had 3 fail in a week - first with poor call quality and volume buttons not working, then the replacement wouldn't charge and the third one wouldn't even turn on.

As for selling well into the enterprise market, I doubt it as there's still no VPN (not that Android fares much better on the VPN front).

Samsung Galaxy Note



Does the PPTP VPN work with encryption turned on?

Amazon offers cloud based bulk emailer to SMEs


Bulk email != spam

We send out a monthly email newsletter with special offers and new ranges etc. I wouldn't call that spam, and neither do the 40,000 customers that receive it (we have a simple opt out procedure in place for those that aren't interested).

It's not about spamming potential customers, and if you're not keeping in touch with your existing customers in this way then you're missing a trick!

Sepp Blatter dubbed 'Bellend' by SA gov website



"Blatter, well known as the president of Fifa"

New Labour bring old Nuremberg Laws to Britain


It's good...

...but not as good as Wright Hassall

Y2.01K bug trips up Symantec




Cops taser naked doorbell-ringing giant


Ding Dong!

I'll get my coat...

Google kicks Maestro into touch


Mini Rant

@Rtdro: If you have a Maestro card at present, I doubt you will for long. IIRC all major banks are ditching Maestro.

I'm having to update a payment system to implement 3DSecure just because MasterCard have enforced it on Maestro transactions. I can only assume they've done this to increase 3DS use without harming MasterCard if it all goes wrong - which it is, considering that all major banks are ditching Maestro and many merchants are no longer accepting it (my PSP even has an option to refuse all Maestro payments).

As for being more secure, it's simply not and that's just a cover for its real purpose - it offloads responsibility from the card companies to customers if they're enrolled, and to merchants if the merchant isn't using 3DSecure.

Of course, once I've finished updating the payment system to handle 3DSecure, it's on to PCI DSS - another huge pile of crap from the card issuers.

Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth



FWIW, tarian is Welsh for shield.

Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe


I've been looking at the same stats this week

Courtesy of gs.statcounter.com.

Sadly, the UK has a completely different result - IE7 has twice the market share of FF3. There's an undeniable IE6 trend though - its share drops off drastically on weekends.

Numbers should be portable, insists Reding


Only 38 days?

That's nothing, I've been waiting months for BT to transfer a business fax number from an ISDN service to an analogue line, and I'm not even swapping providers. In the meantime, I've transferred 10 numbers from the same ISDN service to a VOIP provider within a couple of weeks.

World's first proper flying car makes debut flight



Maybe if you ignore the 1949 Aerocar...

Protostar steers out Lampo 'leccy sportster


@Fourth letter is incorrect

7th letter of the headline really is incorrect.

Developers more 'satisfied' with PHP than other codes


Other languages

@Why no C, C++ etc.

Because it's an article about scripting languages.

@"little or no experience of other languages" / "none of these languages are really suitable for enterprise-scale work"

I started as a C developer and moved on to C++. I still have a soft spot for them and occasionally enjoy scaring Java developers with tales of pointers. When I moved into web development, I started with ASP, moved to PHP, then had to go back to help out with an ASP / MSSQL project and cried myself to sleep. My right hand man is from a Java and Oracle background.

We use PHP across the board, with a few small exceptions. E-commerce web site - PHP, MySQL. CRM / EIS - PHP, AJAX, MySQL. Hand held computers - PHP, AJAX, SQLite. Even our cron jobs call PHP scripts.

We may not be on the enterprise scale, but using a scripting language is great when someone says "this doesn't work properly" - fix, test, update on server, job done. Especially when you're away for the weekend - find a laptop, download PuTTY, log in to server, vi... job done, 'nother beer.

/Mine's the one with a Nokia N800 running nginx, PHP & SQLite with files copied directly from my PC's test environment onto an SD Card. Did someone mention zero effort cross platform support?


@Lou Gosselin

"Why in the world isn't there a generic database interface such that code doesn't need to reference mysql explicitly every time a call is made? This is inexcusable and amateurish considering a correct implementation could have been so trivial."

Ignoring the pros and cons of abstraction layers... DB, Metabase, MDB2, ADOdb, dbFacile, PDO, Zend_DB to name but a few.

I use both PDO and Zend_DB, as well as straight mysql_.

Late bets on new Who hit Paddy Power's pocket


Is that all?

If I knew for definite, I'd bet a hell of a lot more than £75 at 22/1 odds! Approximately [[insert bank balance here]] in fact.

Windows Media Player flaw denied



...wasn't tested by the ISC reader which is where the 9 and 11 information comes from. The Security Tracker post says it was tested on 9, 10 and 11, and described as "11 and prior versions". So no, downgrading won't eliminate the risk. Besides, the only risk is your player crashing.

Brits decline to 'think outside the box'



I hear "at the end of the day" in every post-match interview, along with "y'know" at least 5 times in each sentence!

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly


Am I the only one...

that closes the curtains when it's bright outside so that I can see the TV? I suppose I could use the solar panel as a window blind...

Sega to launch PSP beater in 2009

Thumb Down

Hardly a PSP beater

It plays Java mini games.

HBOS could shift 2,000 IT jobs to India



I wonder how many of the 2000 have mortgages with HBOS that they won't be able to repay...

Postman Pat goes postal



No Segway?

El Reg dresses The IT Crowd


"fans of Vulture Central"

Two fans, one of them was me. Surely I should get a ticket by default :P

Sony coughs to third-gen PSP power problem



@AC - "conviently failed to mention the difference between PSP2000 and PSP3000"

FTA: "The PSP-3000's brighter screen (bottom) cuts battery life by 20 to 30 minutes"

Is it just me, or does the bottom one look darker?

P.S. I'm fairly sure "conviently ", "sacrafice", "journellism" and "teh" aren't real words.

PS4 and Xbox 720 due by 2012, says Crysis firm



"PS4 in 4.5 years

stable within 1 firmware upgrade"

Will the PS3 have any games worth playing by then?

1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update


Stuff generally works

But the support is bloody useless.

I have a dedicated server support hotline number, whenever I ring it I get put in a queue for a few minutes, then it fails over to 2nd line support in India that check if dedicated server support are available, which they never are, so I get told to try again in half an hour "because there's only 1 engineer in and he's been on the phone for 20 minutes". Rinse and repeat.

Shouldn't really complain though, I'm paying peanuts for it.