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Brussels: Water cannot be sold as remedy for dehydration


Irreducto ad absurdium

"This sticking point appears to be whether water alone, and how much, will cure dehydration."

Er... that's not what the Brussels judgement said; it ruled that some the claimed associated benefits of hydration being made were too vague. There's no question of whether water "cures" dehydration!

A prof on the radio made the point that almost everything edible aides against dehydration, as almost all drinks and foodstuffs contain water - technically if this ruling went the other way, even beer manufacturers could sell their product as health giving based on its water content.

Bishop to bless road salt supplies for added winter safety


Do those praying consider, even momentarily, that they might be able to influence the will of a God?

What new information are they going to impart to an omnipotent being?

Do they think God requires advice or encouragement?

Trivial requests epitomize the concept of taking the Lord's name in vain.

Three questions that could put out Amazon's Fire


as long as it doesn't change my "reccomends" list....

normally users don't get anything in return from having their clicks mined, at least in this case they're supposedly getting a improved browser experience

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral


Belief without following does not compute

What you're logically suggesting is the the opposite of Pascal's wager. "Devils" and the odd satanist must be just about the only ones who both know that Jesus offering salvation is real, yet choose to damn themselves by not following him.

Claiming that the westboro mob aren't Christians, either requires psychic powers to be able to say they're not being sincere... or divine knowledge of the will of God to able to say that they aren't following him correctly.

Irishman's coke-packed abdomen poses for police


the worst generation game ever

poopy bag of coke, poopy bag of coke, lemmywinks, poopy bag of coke, cuddly toy, poopy bag of coke...

Dell Alienware M18x 18.4in gaming notebook


like with like marking?

Surely the price and battery limitations of this product are inherent to all laptops of this type?

Reviewing this and saying it's expensive and dependant on batteries... it's like reviewing a two seater sportscar and complaining about the lack of practicality for doing the school run.

Factoring this in is fair... if you're going to include a note on the lack of portability on all desktop machine reviews

OFT probes dodgy sites that charge for free gov services


Confusing gubbmint website; not in this case

The EHIC government website is perfectly fine; and the staff were brilliant; at very short notice were able to add my son to my wife's card - even exercising discretion and able to find my wife's card under a previous address, and transfer her and my details to a new address (without prompting or transferring to another dept). One phone call, job done.

If we'd make the mistake of picking any of the top 10 google results; we'd have paid up to twenty quid, and they wouldn't have been able to get the job done.

This isn't a gubbment failing, quite simply it's unscrupulous organisations gaming search engines and conning the public.

As well as attempting to regulate the internets or get google to act in a responsible manner, it might be more effective to ban 3rd party applications (and black list the numbers/addresses they use)

Movie-goer punts 3D-to-2D cinema specs


Apple have released a product with similiar function

It's called the i-patch.

Facebook 'smear' shock: Journos aghast!


kettle meet pot

One is like the Mafia; demanding protection from every shop in the street.

The other is like a "friend of the family" who takes obscene liberties after being left the keys to your house.

It doesn't take the bastard child of Malcolm Tucker to come up with far better, accurate descriptors than the "smears" in the papers.

Brussels threatens to name ISPs with 'doubtful' market practices


How about this for a solution....

force ISPs to advertise and charge based upon the minimum speed, rather than the current BS of "UP TO ...."

Season of TV shows blown out of cloud... for good



If the saboteur didn't bit format the drive (just deleting the index with a standard format), then surely a commercial data recovery outfit could recover the majority of the lost data?

Ten... tech treats for mum


Reminds me of when...

Homer Simpson bought Marge a bowling ball as a present

(engraved with his name and with finger holes to fit).

Given the longevity of toasters (and of electronic parts like capacitors when heated)... the toaster radio has to be the silliest idea I've seen this week.

Just how minted do you think the average reader is to be dropping that kind of cash on a holiday invented by greetings card manufacturers?

Libya fighting shows just how idiotic the Defence Review was


Defense budget = attack budget?

Defence ain't what this is about.

This isn't about the UK's ability to defend itself (which with nukes and eurofighters it's quite capable of doing already)...this is about the ability to "project power" or rather; to cut the BS- wage war on multiple fronts.

Given recent history, I'd say the UK hasn't a mandate for any action without the UN or NATO involvement, so where's the problem?

Isn't the problem that "our boys" aren't getting enough action to keep some journo's stiffy up?


So our boys are brave patriots for fighting countries with tech two generations out of date, yet the enemy are "suicidal" for attempting to repel them? I'd hasten that many of those under a dictatorship have less choice than our soldiers did in WW1.

Microsoft Kinect faster seller than iPad, says Guinness

Paris Hilton

penetration (of the market)

Whilst the cost of the ipad limits sales; by its nature the only market that the kinect is aimed at is xbox owners- a far smaller demographic. In terms of saturation and appeal, even conservatively, they've nailed it. That's not to comment on the greatness or otherwise of a product I've not tried.

Some folk want to have it both ways. That's ok. If you want to say that somehow it doesn't count if MS release the quickest selling O/S, quickest selling peripheral, back-scratcher, or whatever; then you're entirely welcome to do so. With the proviso that you concede that they're the "differently thinking plucky underdogs" and the other guys have inherited the mantle of mass-market-behemoths.

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis


so without god, we'd all run over children in cars?

Red in tooth and claw is simplistic view of evolution; even Darwin suggested that the ability to empathise confers a clear evolutionary advantage; In animal society, there's a clear notion of unacceptable behaviour; with chastisement and even exclusion for offenders.

There's community structure; animals don't randomly kill each other, but exhibit behaviour which has group benefit. There's plenty of books and research on the subject- it's a clear, observable survival strategy which in no way conflicts with evolutionary pressure.

Law is derived from divinity? The earliest known codified laws from summaria pre-date the old testament by millennia. It's simple reciprocal altruism for higher mammals to find murderers within the group undesirable. If it's a self evident truth which requires no higher source for animals, why would it for humans!

I hope those who think God is the only thing which prevents humans from acting like murdering savages, never loose their faith!

There are plenty of pro-wealth evangelists who considers taxes and state provision of welfare to be unholy and religious bankers who consider themselves worthy. From the premise "religion is a good thing", you've come to the conclusion that any associated problems are due to nutters and false interpretation; and bankers behaving immorally must therefore be irreligious (The "no true scotsman" argument). An assumption that avoids addressing your premise as suspect. Recently the countries with the least crime and most humanitarian values have tended to be the least religious; as many religions conflict directly with humanitarian views on equality of the sexes, sexual choice, self-determination, slavery and racism to name a few.

Stock Exchange says soz for downtime


poor choices of company name...

Millennium... as in "millennium bug"?

Quick, someone bring in an expert from "Divide by zero consulting"

Global warming will not cause 'permanent El Niño'


Perhaps because political action is only influenced by electorate opinion..?

Seriously... you've always wondered how lobby groups "work"?

I heartily encourage you to put the full weight of your intellect behind the sceptic camp.

Ofcom okays Derren Brown psychic-baiting


You're ashamed, you're in pain, but you're not to blame...

Oi, Powers ...go take yer spirit dog for a good long walk.

Monarchist marks fall for faux royal wedding ticket site



In the past when royals professed to have been ordained by God; gullible was roughly synonymous with being royalist.

It's like saying that supporters of the Jom-ill dynasty of N.Korea are a little bit suggestible.

Bish says sorry for right royal Facebook rant


What's the difference between Charlton Heston's gun and Kate Middleton's ring?

...both had to be removed from cold dead hands!

I jest of course, Di hadn't worn her ring for years!

Yes, giving a future wife jewellery from your dead, divorced mother is...

1. a sweet gesture that the queen of hearts would have approved of

2. in poor taste

3. a bad omen

4. the kind of creepy thing Norman Bates would do

5. the kind of tacky move a publicist would advise

(delete according to your tabloid royalist tenancies).

Alleged bad Appler should pay back $1m


tell me it aint so

someone got bribed to include those ear-buds?

Surely their **amazing** quality would merit the contract without any brown envelopes changing hand?


MS freebie anti-virus scanner auto-downloads provoke more anger


I presume McCrappie and friends

would sue Microsoft if they built a secure O/S which rendered their product unnecessary?


Nokia, HTC, Sony attacked by hidden megatroll


Ability to counter the point with any actual examples = 0/10

Argument not clear? Elephant in room = your comprehension


ergo pre-industrial laws were written by big multinational companies?

Patent law first appeared in renaissance Italy; whilst the French considered it a personal right.

People these days...do the minimum of fact checking.


copy this.

Depending on your point of view, (and subject to legal inquiry), the defendants could be noble re-users of ideas for the benefit of mankind.... or a bunch of mooches who profit from other people's inspiration and endeavour without giving recompense.

Am I surprised by an anti I.P. view being iterated from an e-zine which rehashes press releases for a good 75% of it's content? Or did I forget that because the writers are predisposed to assuming an innate right to free digital entertainment, so now (to quell the overwhelming sense of cognitive dissonance that inconsistently applied thinking brings.... consider the whole concept of intellectual property quote/unquote "unfair" when applied to any other idea?

Yes without those bonds of tyranny the spirit of innovation lives free and great original content is produced.... like exactly what doesn't happen in China. As the laugh-worthy movie trailer goes... you wouldn't steal a car*... but would you steal the blueprints to something someone else designed?

*well, perhaps we would if everyone else was doing it, or if the car was perceived as cheap, or if those producing the car were rich, then we could use all those rubbishy little reasons and add them up and almost convince ourselves that this was equal to one good reason.

If in this case innovators and content creators haven't been rewarded for their efforts, then I'm all for an big bad "no win/no fee" type organisation to step in and fight against the big guys. That's what patent law is supposed to prevent; big companies with deep pockets and good lawyers from taking little companies' ideas whilst pounding them into submission.

Duracell MyGrid cable-free gadget charger



Agree with your post entirely...however I wasn't aware that charging devices with a regular dock was a problem in the first place!

XP? Thanks for the memories


so rather than give Microsoft any credit for being the customer's choice...

you'd rather stretch the truth by saying Windows 7 is the "only option"

Which is an accidental compliment to M$ and an accidental insult to Apple as it infers that a Mac isn't substitutable for a Win7 offering, or that for some other reason isn't a viable alternative to consumers. Why wouldn't it be?

Yes, it's Hobson's choice...Mao Microsoft or Stalin Apple.

Dead baby taunting troll feels wrath of law


Whilst I disagree with what you say, I'll defend etc...

Most people quoting Voltaire's "defence to the death" remark about free speech don't seem to have the balls to follow it up when it comes to this guy, Abu Hamsa, or various Dutch politicians...

Truly free speech doesn't exist in this country, and whilst laws on liable/slander, threats to life and racial hatred are one thing, "offensiveness" is very much in the eye of the beholder. There's a definite thin end of the wedge; look how criticism of religion was effectively outlawed as "blasphemy" until relatively recently. It's a technique of silencing detractors; the weaponised taking of offence....it doesn't even need to be genuinely felt, all one needs to do is claim that their opponent has grievously hurt their feelings!!!

It's as disingenuous as the cop shows where on an empty street (with only the police in earshot), those they encounter are threatened with public order offences for using bad language. I'm of the opinion that if no public complaint has been made, no offence has been committed; if the police are too sensitive to cope with hearing bad language; they should seek other employment.

This is a major step backwards; especially in a country without a defined constitution....first they came for the internet trolls... "so what?" you might ask, yet comedians like Rowan Atkinson seem more acutely aware of the direction this trend has the potential to take us in.

Pentagon out to 'destroy' Wikileaks, founder says


"Wikileaks - the bomb the failed to go off"?

If it's insignificant... why continue to report on Assange - in any other circumstances he'd look parnoid, but given what the Pentagon has said before and the other allegations he's faced... Arrgh, now I'm being distracted; whether you think the guy is a nut or not, the documents weren't authored by him and their veracity isn't disputed. The whole incident conflicts with a large of the media who appear to have a very particular notion of what it is to be patriotic. Nothing disenfranchises a readership better than telling them unpleasant truthes about the things they hold dear.

Shooting the messenger or passing the moral buck is for the most part; moot. Are the Afghani's themselves somehow aware of these incidents, and not already cogniscent of the situation in their own country? The Pentagon and media commentators have declared on occasion that it contains nothing new and is of no consequence, then have made conflicting claims that it poses a massive security risk. Well, which is it?!!! Secrets are always deemed essential, and their release detrimental, by those who hold them.

This is about accountability at home, and saving face internationally. Governments don't want their own citizens to consider the unpleasant aspects of war... and don't even give the enemy civilians (who supposedly they're trying to save) the courtsey of a body count. For a few of us; its patriotic to hold one's country accountable to the highest possible standards, despite El Reg attempt to emulate Officer Barbrady "Nothing to see here children".

There are two solutions which prevent an enemy from being empowered and motivated by news of how you've accidentally killed civilians and not so accidentally tortured folk...one is to discredit discenting journalists.... the other is to stop doing it!

BIS will name'n'shame Scrooge bosses


this wasn't being enforced before?

it's great how the government can say they're against age discrimination in the workplace... then propose different levels of minimum wage arbitrated on the basis of age.

Location-based quantum crypto now possible, boffins say


it's late, but

@I didn't do IT.

possibly you're confusing entangled electrons with entangled photons.

@Lou Gosselin

"I'm obviously missing a key piece of info"

The key piece of information was in the piece "no cloning" as well as the linked PDF.

The imposter can't act as a relay without breaking the laws of physics -collapsing waveforms and all that. Due to Q.E. the sender would be able to tell the message had been read.

"it sounds like the claims in this article are a little off base"?

Seriously... first you concede a lack of understanding, then you cast aspersions on the claims?!!

Welcome to the future where "everyone is entitled to an equal opinion"! It's visible on a daily basis within the New Scientist comments sections... high school grads attempting to pick holes in PHD research (or rather a journalist's summary of it!) Why can't people just say "I don't know enough about this subject to make any kind of value judgement".

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine


hating Microsoft and loving Apple...

is like despising Stalin but having a soft spot for Chairman Mao.

Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4

Paris Hilton


It's clear from the outset that you're looking to be offended.

Seeing as you like original sources and dispose idle speculation, may I press you for the exact line which implies the 'phone may cause death? Does it also imply that an iPhone is handy for travelling to the shops in?

The analogy with Toyota is pretty much spot on; they also told many customers that it was a non issue; that the problem was subjective, only occurred through misuse or existed in people's heads; and that damaged their reputation immensely.

Paris; because she's never been told that she's holding it wrongly.

iPhone 4 burns, hurts owner


It's the fault of the usb port

...unless it happens to be a USB port of a mac

George Lucas rattles lightsabre at Jedi laser firm


Customers who bought this item also bought: Mutated sea bass

If I could get a shark for 80 bucks, I wouldn't need the frikkin' laser.


Oklahoma granny sues cops over tasering


bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do...

Whilst I'd reasonably expect a cop to be able to deal with pensioner threatening them... how about the "Take a step closer and I'll slit MY throat/wrists" scenario?

Even a friggin ninja would have a hard job of getting to someone before they cut themselves (if that was the scenario)! ...and since cops don't have friggin throwing stars, a taser would be the logical option. Besides, we know steven segal would have punched her sq'a' in the chops.

As for what actually happened... I'd neither take the word of the cops, nor that of a sue-happy American (which is why I'd go further- the police should carry audited sound/video recording devices at all times - for protection of both themselves and the public).

To have this tech available and not use it....

Iomega Prestige Portable 1TB



Why should I respect your judgement, given you bought a non propriety format... I mean, what use is a backup if you're dependant on a rare drive to retrieve it?

Also, don't think much of the logic re: all iomega products ever.... it's like me saying I'm never buying a Ford again because the Edsel was rubbish. Understandable if it's a run of one terrible product after the other, but any given company has the ability to produce a pup, and considered buying decisions should be made on that basis.

Apple Mac Mini 2010



Did you fail high school maths?

The usual Energy Star requirement is 80% efficiency. Typical PSUs range from 70 to 90%.

Beating the ES requirement by four times that of a competitor does NOT make it 4 times more efficient. i.e. 88% vs 82% (I don't know how you propose it to beat the TEC by 80% unless it's generating its own power as some kind of perpetual motion machine!)

The top mac mini draws 85 watts... (say 4 watts less than "inefficient" competitors). At 10 cents per KwH, it would take 28 years of constant use to save 100 bucks.


Worst of both worlds

Mid range desktop money for something that doesn't cut the mustard graphically and can't be upgraded (or easily repaired when it blows up judging the above post!) A media machine that doesn't have a TV tuner or BD and is limited to sub TB hard drives? There're plenty of solutions for hiding regular boxes, under tables, behind sofas or those de rigeur 40"+ TVs.

If such a solution cannot be found, a mid range laptop is not only of comparible cost, usable on the move and also takes up LESS space (there's no need for an external keyboard &mouse). Also the TV isn't tied up as a monitor (which might not be an issue for nobby no-mates, but frequently one person may want to watch telly whilst the other surfs).

A criticism SFF machines in general; what are they, crippled desktops, or a legless laptops? Perhaps that is the USP; a gimmic product used to demonstrate the purchasing power of the owner.

I love it when people attempt to equalise the amount of money they have with the amount of sense, knowingly buying hamstrung machines with reliability issues.

ThinkGeek trembles before Pork Board's pork sword


in a culture of litigation...

I'm amazed the confederated chicken and turkey producers association haven't sued: Pork is white meat, in the same way Bill Bailey is a vegetarian.

"I'm a vegetarian. I'm not strict; I eat fish, and duck. Well, they're nearly fish, aren't they? They're semi-submerged a lot of the time, they spend a lot of time in the water, they're virtually fish, really. And pigs, cows, sheep, anything that lives near water, I'm not strict."

So Bacon is ironic white meat and Chops are post modern drumsticks.

Why are the pork board trying to sell their product as something that it isn't, rather than focusing on it's strengths?

Pigs: they're porkilicious!

Job done. Yet, no doubt some marketeer got paid a bundle to lie to the public (which is what they're expert at; whilst not ripping off each other's ideas). Mafia polar bear pushing birdseye... not in any way related to the Mafia panda recommending fox's biscuits? Although in the later case an actual fox would be more imposing: "buy these biscuits or your kids might have a nasty accident; capische?

Primate-phobic Brit attacked by crab-eating Macaques


Is that a banana in your pocket?

If she thought they were harmless, why was she scared? Can't have it both ways.

If she knew chimps could be "evil"* couldn't she extrapolate to monkeys being vicious?

*presumably it resided in her brother's wardrobe as is diaffected simians' wont.

Also, is it just me, or does Danni Minogue look like the navigator skull whenever she smiles?

Fader pushers mourn Fritz Sennheiser

Jobs Horns


At least he's left a legacy, which doesn't include the infernal generic white earbuds of annoyance and their leaky tinny sounds which other commutters just *love*. Anyone know if the wire strong enough to garott someone with?

Hooking digital music players up to 'phones like that, is akin to watching a bluray disks on a 12" black and white portable.

Microsoft claims 90m sales of Windows 7


Re: I smell BS


If M$ or any other company lied to shareholders about sales then it would become rather apparent at the end of the financial year with massive legal implications.

@a/c Took me all of 30 seconds to find a company selling laptops without an o/s. And does a mac not count as an alterative? Or are you going to tell me it's a separate market (In which case is there not an illegal OSX install monopoly on them!)? Er, no, so I suggest you refresh your definition of "monopoly".

Where's the EU investigation into this? In the same place as the EU investigation into sales figures being falsely inflated to boost shareprice - it's going on right now in cloud cuckoo land.

Medion E54009 touch monitor


contrast effect

if you don't like, nor see the point of touchscreen monitors... then, quelle surprise, you're not going to like this touchscreen monitor.

As for the vga issue; it's not going to suit those who need a long cable run, but if the degregation isn't noticable without having seen a DVI equipped model... then what's the issue?

"contrast effect" and the "distinction bias" (wiki them) are the salesmen's best friends when persuading buyers (especially ones who consider themselves to be discerning connesuiers) to choose the more expensive model, when the product is likely going to be used in isolation without any percievable difference.

Is it a top line product? No. Is it adequate for some? Sure.

HP TouchSmart 600



The ergonomics of the screen on the desk idea (and its mac equivalent) are rubbish. It's the classic problem faced by laptop users, either face neck/back hunch or sit the thing higher, which resolves that issue, but puts wrists/hands in a bad position.

that alone makes it unsuitable as a serious productivity tool, as a leisure tool, it doesn't cut it either, out the box obsolete gaming capability, and a bluray of limited use without a larger screen

I can't think of many scenarios where either an upgradable concealed desktop, or a laptop and an extra monitor wouldn't do a better job.

Style/substance != 90%

Beeb reporter breaks Sonim's 'unbreakable' phone with fishtank



If I was the Sonim presenter, the fish tank wouldn't have remained unbroken for long.

'phone irradiates head

Fish tank breaks 'phone

Head smashes fish tank.

It's like a painful, expensive version of rock, paper, scissors

Tories oppose charges and speed cameras


smart move

Enforcing the law is so passe and unpopular these days, so this is the smart move by the libertarian conservatives.

Some people might say that if you fail to spot one of those massive roadside cameras and the lines on the road, you weren't paying attention enough, but I say, that I'm a law abiding citizen, driving at 50 in a 30 zone is clearly a victimless crime, despite what the "statistics" on road traffic accidents show.

I hope they relax the rules on drink driving and giving the wife a slap whilst they're at it.... the current mob are such a bunch of killjoys and things were so much more civilised back in the 70s.

Egyptians uptight about 'Artificial Virginity Hymen'


What's the difference between Egyptian wedding night encounters and the game of rugby?

In Egypt, you get substituted if you don't bleed.