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Google Squared - the Cuilest search app ever

Michael Baldry
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Stupid rant... not an article.

Why even post this? the register deserves better.

When I came across google squared, a few develoeprs were gathered round my box, having a little play with it, we thought it was a good next step, not working in a particularly accurate way or anything, but pretty inovative and something that, if google spent time improving, could be a very useful and clever tool.

I'd like to see you build something that even compares to this version of squared. If not don't bitch and moan, it's google labs after all, if it were linked on google's hompeage, yes, poke fun at it all you like.

Adobe PSD pushes programmer too far

Michael Baldry


Maybe if he had the proper spec from Adobe, he'd have more idea of why things were done the way they were (not saying the format isn't shit, maybe it is...)

Michael Baldry
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can we really believe his words?

when he uses a goto statement on line 432 :/

Half Life hacker refused FBI sting bait

Michael Baldry
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myg0t involvement

god, myg0t are a bunch of newbies. I used to write cheats for games and was in a rival cheat clan to myg0t, they used to try and get trojans and stuff on our members machines to try and steal our code. They suceeded once and changed the name of the cheat and claimed it was theirs... If they were involved it was way over their head. but then i guess using information stolen from others for their own glory isn't something new to them.


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