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Fresh tech hiccup for V-22 tiltrotor fleet

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The solution will be:

1) undo bolts

2) apply higher strength loctite

3) do up bolts

Bet that costs them a few million tho...

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Birmingham drops the possessive apostrophe

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Sounds like a bad excuse

Sounds like he couldn't do the grammar and then made up a series of ever more convoluted excuses that have now become policy. Idiot.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 12Mp µ4/3s camera

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Exposed Sensor

Surely the mechanical shutter is in front of the sensor, meaning the sensor isn't exposed to the elements?

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Judge says tech-addled jurors undermine justice


You can't 'prove' anything...

To the person above that says the 'fact' based evidence should be treated seperately to 'emotional' evidence, you've over simplified things. Most scientific evidence is never 'fact' it is merely the most likely explanation for an event/set of circumstances. You can not actually prove *anything* apart from math and logic. DNA is a case in point, you get a match which has a degree of probability assoicated with it - you can't say that DNA defienetly belongs to a suspect, you can only say that you have a good match. That match when weighed up with 'emotional' or circumstancal eveidence can then be used by the jury to decide if someone is guilty beyond resonable doubt.