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You like iPads, you like things called 'Air'. You will LOVE this puppy


Re: @SuccessCase (much enhanced gaming potential)

Tablets will always be suited to casual games because the input system is so basic. Touch is great for popping bubbles but not much use for 3D games.

For console-like games, you need console-like input devices such as joystick, wiimote, kinect, etc.

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market


This is utter crap; software development is nothing like the traditional manufacturing industry.

Most of the cost of a car is the cost of the raw materials, building it, and shipping it. Whereas in software, you sink umpteen million into R&D and the manufacturing costs are negligible.

The people who actually make the games need paid, or they won't be able to make any more games. When you buy second hand, the people who make the games get nothing.

Swedish mother-daughter saint skulls are ringers, say boffins


RE: neal 5

Actually, it was Einstein who said "god does not play dice with the universe".


Microsoft counters Windows 7 upgrade hack advice


tyranny of the discontinuous mind

If you have to upgrade the PC in order for the new OS to run at a decent speed, how many bits to you have to replace before it becomes a new PC?

Top British boffin: Time to ditch the climate consensus


Less belief please.

"For Hulme, for open debate to be possible, there must be a recognition on all sides that we all bring a host of values, beliefs and influences to the table..."

"To hide behind the dubious precision of scientific numbers, and not actually expose one’s own ideologies or beliefs or values and judgements..."

What good is the boneheaded ability to cling to a particular set of ideas in the face of an overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary? People probably do recognize what he's trying to "bring to the table", which is why they don't give a damn about his opinions. Personally, I don't debate with idiots, preschool infants, or religious people; I've found there really isn't any point.


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