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Bean pouch rivals Nike+ trainers

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Old news!

These have been around for ages!

Besides the Nike + is rubbish, I have had three and had to take the all back as the screen kept breaking!

Apple updates iPhone firmware



I have just updated to the new 2.2 sw version, guess what? It broke the internet connection on my phone!

Make sure you backup properly before installing!

Come on Apple, stop messing us all around and release a decent working update (pref with all the bluetooth features enabled and a decent sat nav)

3 pledges 14.4Mb/s HSDPA in 2010



I would love to excited about this prospect, but everyone and anyone I have shared experiences of 3's network coverage leaves a lot to be desired. I can barely get a decent voice signal, let alone high speed internet access!

And 3 customer service? hahaha, pull the other one!