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Hey kids! Ditch that LCD and get ready for the retro CRT world of Windows Terminal


Re: So...Cool-retro-term alike then?

Well, the retro CRT features were not developed by Microsoft anyway.


Mozilla Firefox to begin slow rollout of DNS-over-HTTPS by default at the end of the month


Hosts file

DOH currently doesn't work with the hosts file, which is a shame.


Oracle exec: Open-source vendors locking down licences proves 'they were never really open'


Re: Yes, the bad companie are

Using their old product under the old license works fine for a while until there are freshly discovered security issues and then you've got to find some patches. You can't just grab their new release (which will be under the new license).

How a QR code can fool iOS 11's Camera app into opening evil.com rather than nice.co.uk


Re: For info

What do you get with https://xxx\@www.dur.ac.uk:443@tees.ac.uk/ ?

BT's ball-juggling routine can only go on so long


If Openreach was separated out, wouldn't a large chunk of the pension deficit also go with Openreach?

Security gurus get behind wheel of driverless car debate


Could be a good way to steal 100's of cars in one go.

1. Find a vulnerability in a particular make of self driving car.

2. Deploy malware to all those cars

3. Set the malware to automatically drive all those cars to a specified location

Why do driverless car makers have this insatiable need for speed?


Re: Descisions

But what happened if your car swerved and you got killed instead. You would be very happy about it.



Even if they perfect the driverless car so that it can get you form A to B there are plenty of issues to consider. For example

Suppose the car is driving along a road and a pedestrian suddenly steps out into the road. Now the car would normally react by slamming on the brakes and coming to a stop. But what happends if the car calculates that it's not going to stop in time to avoid hitting the pedestrian? It could then also swerve to avoid hitting them. But if there also happens to be a car coming the other way and swerving would mean hitting the other car in a head on collision then what's the "best" option. How does a driverless car some the ethical dilemma of either breaking but still hitting the pedestrian or swerving and crashing into the other car? Either way someone gets hurt.

Microsoft: Hey, you. Done patching Windows this month? WRONG


Re: Is this library even mandatory?

Just follow the workarounds in https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/MS15-078 and never be bothed by the OpenType Font Driver ever again.

YouView loses YourView trademark fight, may have to pick new name


How about YewView ?

It may be ILLEGAL to run Heartbleed health checks – IT lawyer


You don't need to set the payload length to 64k to test a server. Setting the length to 2 bytes would do for server testing, so all you would be getting back is one extra byte.

What do you mean WHY is Sony PS4 so pricey in Oz?


Not just Australia


Office for Android and iOS to ship by March 2013?


Probably subscription only

I'm going to guess that Office mobile will only work if you've gone for the subscription version of Office.

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?



I'm just using Skydrive at the moment to share out photos with a few friends. No matter what online service you use to share & store your photos, it's always a sensible idea to keep your own offline backups.

Firm applies for .sucks domain


.home is not going to be much use for some people. BT home hub overrides the .home domain.

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


Get rid of Miles per Gallon. We need Miles per Litre.

DMOL proposes Freeview EPG shuffle to pull in IPTV


It's a shame they are not moving the shopping channels to a separate range.

Crap PINs give wallet thieves 1-in-11 jackpot shot


Only certain types of date of bitth work as a pin.

If it's ddmm then only Oct, Nov & Dec with the day >=10 work.

If it's dmyy then only Jan-Sept with day <= 9 work.

How does everyone else with a birthday that doesn't fit those parameters decide what to put in their pin?

Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft



why are all those people all moaning about the ribbon interface? It can be bidden & I bet most of those posting on the Windows blog don't even use the current toolbar on explorer. Most of them probably use the keyboard shortcuts so won't make an difference to them.

Where the ribbon will be reall useful if for all those occasional users, rather than having a crypic toolbar of icons, they will have some text which will help them to workout what they need to use.

Mozilla showers Firefox, Thunderbird with updates



Did you see how many font bugs the OTS font sanitizing library fixes on the OSX version. (See blocks section on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=527276).

Rim tempts tablet coders with freebie PlayBooks


No fart apps


4.1 ... the following categories of applications are specifically excluded from eligibility for the Offer:

(c) Applications that provide a simple, single function, such as playing noise or displaying a graphic.


That's a shame.

What will Google do with NFC?


Payment history used for targetted advertising?

All that payment history will be useful for even more targeted advertising delivered directly to you on your mobile phone.

Samsung's Android tablet: split and eviscerated



The size if fine for a portable video player.

Yes, a bigger size is defintately more useful if viewing webpages, but if you are after a portable video player then the iPad is a bit big to be really portable and a phone is a bit too small to watch videos on, so something in between those two sizes is ideal.

Steve Jobs chucks Apple server biz from pram


Windows or Linux will do

Some Windows servers or Linux servers with Samba and the some client software such as Dave would do instead of Xserve if all you are doing is using it as a file server.

Apple TV: Third time unlucky, Mr Jobs


External Boxes

Eventually, there will be no need for external boxes as all the functionality will be built directly into each TV. So even less of a need for Apple TV.

LucasFilm sets lawyers on Jedi nameswipers



There's always Jedikiah who appeared in the Tomorrow People TV series in 1973, slightly ahead of the Star Wars film


Independent bigs up the 'Wanky Balls festival'



Now that it's in the Independent, it could be cited as a source and kept in Wikipeida forever.

UK supermarket starts contactless payments


multiple cards

How does it decide which card to use if you've got more than one in your wallet?

Booby-trapping PDF files: A new how-to


PDF Viewer

I'd like to see Microsoft produce a free PDF viewer. At least it would more secure than Adobe's version!

Barclays heralds new wave of wallet-waving

Thumb Down

More than one card in my wallet

Just wondering what happens if you've got more than one contactless card in your wallet. How do you know which card will be charged?

Norway mobilizes against IE 6


thecounter.com stats

If you look at thecounter.com stats, they are for hits between 1 Feb 2008 & today. So they are a little historic.

Thaking the total figures for each month & doing a few calculations given the following %ages.

IE 7 44.4%

IE 6 26.7%

Firefox 20.5%

Street View vehicle kills Bambi


Google Blog


What if computers went back to the '70s too?


Prime Computer Ads

There's some Prime Computer adverts that you can see on one of the Doctor Who DVD's.

Also on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJeu3LCo-6A

Mobe number middleman turns old sims into gold


0's & 1's

If you've got 0's or 1's in your number then it doesn't quite work as well.


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