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MEP plans EU build ban on cars faster than 100mph

Owen Cooper

Engine limiters

Hmm... I own a Japanese grey import car that was engine limited to 111mph (180 km/h) in it's Japanese domestic form, and it was the work of ohhhh... minutes to undo it when it arrived in the UK. It was even quicker to do on my cousins motorbike. And I imagine the original owner delimited it the moment he bought it and only put the limiter back on when it was time to sell it.

Cornish separatists torch abandoned brewery

Owen Cooper

Tax Discs

Attacking cars with tax discs issued outside Cornwall? Presumably the modern convenience of paying for your road tax on-line hasn't quite reached that corner of the country yet...

I used to tax my car in a different county to that where I live simply because I worked there so I did it on my lunch hour. I imagine many Cornwall people do something similar.

Who star to make beautiful music with girlfriend's dog

Owen Cooper

That girlfriends dog...

As a long-standing Who fan I have to ask - does that girlfriends dog keep licking his nose and chewing up all those letters?


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