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Symbian Anna makes her debut


Red sky in morning. Nokia take ....

Windows is 4% of the global smart phone market, even if it doubles and Nokia grabs 80% of the Windows market (which it wont), Nokia smart phones will be lost in the tsunami caused by Android and IOS, and even the old ripple waves of Symbian. Thus proving to all that Ellop must be a graduate of new math, an idiot, or both.

The N9 is by far the best phone Nokia has ever made. Even as a 1.0 release it has proven itself of being able to stay a float behind the wake of the IPhone super cruise liner. This is the platform to be on. Yes it might be an unknown, but better to be in unknown waters and still control your ship, then to try and get through the perfect storm of disaster waiting for you with Windows.

Message to Ellop: Reverse Windows course fast! All hands on deck! Your heading into iceberg territory in a single hull ship. You have some rather experienced seamen on the Nokia ship, listen to them and let them guide you to a save and prosperous harbor. And stop acting so smug, show some humility.

AutoCAD LT arrives on the Mac


Need IPad version

According to all the pundits - desktop computing is dead. Autodesk needs to come out with a new version for tablets ASAP

Linus Torvalds dubs GNOME 3 'unholy mess'

Big Brother

Linux Desktop in need of real leadership

Not sure how this could come to pass as RedHat and Oracle (Sun) are vested into Gnome Desktop. KDE I can understand those people have been drinking the kool-aid too long.

Message to Linux Desktop Groups - give us a interface that is usable, and doesn't stand in the way of what users want. Before you do another release, rework, or add a new feature, somebody please do a usability study. Forget the eye candy, forget the semantic desktop. Stop the "This, is cool, it can be done, and I can hack it in week in 1000 lines of crappy code" mentality. And for God's sake stop the dependency hell and oceans of code bloat.

AMD readies Bulldozers to ship next month

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Why rock the boat now

Keep the interim CEO in there, he seems to be doing a good job. A new CEO means massive payout and to many unknowns. Keep it going boys your firing all all 8.

DEC founder Ken Olsen is dead


VMS + 1 = WNT

PDP, CDC, Cray - those were the days when computers had a certain art and elegance to them. Ken Olsen was a true pioneer and innovator. Thank you Ken for giving me my career.

Intel pumps $100m into university research

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Hope they give to those at the bottom

Hard to call this charity or goodwill when you see the likes of Stanford and Harvard at the top of the list These two combine have endowments more then most third world countries. If they really wanted to help out the US educational system they would have started at the bottom giving money to state colleges and community colleges

NFS smackdown: NetApp knocks EMC out


Long live VAX

I thought VAX computers died in the 90's.

Nokia to cut 1,800 jobs

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The right move

Everyone knows Nokia has grown to big, so this is really a positive step to help get them a little leaner. The exodus of key execs is also very cathartic, since it was on their watch when things went bad for Nokia.

Keep going Nokia. Go balls to the wall as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Symbian Titanic heading for iceberg



Nokia doesn't have a plan, it has several plans. Meego. Maemo, S4. They just throw it over the fence and see what the dog likes most. Nokia already lost. Sure they sell more dumb phones then anyone, but you might as well replace dumb phone with transistor radio. In a five or ten years smart phones will be what customers are demanding, even in third world countries. In that time frame Nokia be putting dumb phones in boxes of cereal with NASCAR stickers on them.

Nokia management is at fault here, more so the stock holders. They only hire Fins for top management positions which really limits their gene pool. When it comes to development Nokia should emulate their competitors- Google and Apple. Both of which have phone teams smaller then Nokia's janitorial department. The rules of the free market are rather Darwinian - adapt or die. Nokia chooses the latter.

RIP Nokia

First MeeGo Linux needs love and scrub up


Meego a no-go for developers

I downloaded the SDK onto my Kubuntu Linux machine. And found out it would not run. The reason being is that you have to have an Intel graphics chipset. All my computers have a ATI or Nvidia graphics chip. So I and and a 100,000 other self respecting Linux developers without Intel graphics can't use the SDK and therefore can't develop apps for Meego.

Steve Jobs spotted not hating Eric Schmidt


I hope Eric is sipping a non-fat drink

Eric, with all your billions can't you afford to go to the gymn or find time to walk? Really Eric what good will all that money do you when you loose your health ?

- your mother

Beijing erects giant pong-away sprays at rubbish dumps


Thats a really big deodorant can

That's the second largest deodorant applicator I've ever seen

Obama scraps Constellation moon mission


NASA needs to get back to its roots

NASA used to be a great organization dedicated to science but based upon my experience working at NASA, science took a back seat some time ago. NASA is more akin to the US Postal System with a bunch of people waiting for retirement. NASA has become a bureaucracy where science is solely done by the contractors while NASA employees push power points and spread sheets around at nausea. What I saw with the space station and every NASA program I worked on had a minimum waste of 50%.

Time for NASA to get back to its roots

Google open sources flash-happy Chrome OS


1980 all over again

This simplified OS that basically runs one application and sits on an anaemic piece of hardware sounds like DOS running on a Pentium. Next thing you'll tell me is we are going to emulate a VT100 terminal and have no local storage.

Obama CIO a confessed petty thief


Once a thief...

... always a thief

Intel sues Psion over 'netbook' trademark


Put me down as 1 in 30 million

If there is any money in it for my emotional distress, you can put me down as a person instigating one of the thirty million searches on "netbooks" and getting confused.

Sun slashes up to 6,000 jobs


Get rid of the pony tail

The first to go should be pony tailed CEOat the top who has not shown any competence at all. The decline didn't start on his watch (or did it ?) but he has only managed to accelerate Sun's decline.

Sun market cap slips below $3bn


Government bail out

I think their strategy is to go through all their money as fast and as reckless as possible than stand in the bail out line in Washington.