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Virgin Media network goes titsup in Brum



It went titsup about 4 hours before the analogue tv signal went, on the 1st - Bolton and Derby areas, and didn't come back until midmorning of the 2nd.

I was still having minor problems last night, and their customer service line was completely jammed.

It's a bit of an improvement over NTL, but given that the customers they inherited from NTL are paying a lot more for the service than new customers, I'm feeling a tad short-changed and thinking of defecting to BT.

US woman to drop sprog live on internet

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I wonder how "empowered" her child is going to feel when it grows up enough to appreciate how its being exploited as a teaching aid?

Spinning the war on the UK's sex trade


re: Spinning the war on the UK's sex trade + its typical commenter

I've seen a similar article - and comments - to this on the Guardian. And I find it really disturbing that people can actually object to the idea of making it illegal to visit a prostitute.

Newsflash, all you MEN: women have been jailed for centuries for working as prostitutes. Why are you only screaming about it now, when the suggestion is made - long overdue - that the people who use prostitutes should be prosecuted, either as well as or instead of them?

Please don't patronise us further by suggesting you object to this legislation out of sympathy FOR women. You couldn't give a damn about women: if you did, you'd be content with a sexual relationship of mutual attraction with a women on equal terms; not in treating a women's parts as a commodity to be bought like an MP3 player. And suggesting that's a mutually consenting arrangement?!! You must be really desperate for a fuck if this is your idea of mutual consent.

And to think that an awful lot of the commentators in here are men I might actually work with (in I.T., not as a prostitute, in case you were hoping). Men who are "normal", seem quite pleasant, maybe even attractive, possibly good colleagues, who yet... will always look at me/women generally as potentially purchases. My skin is crawling as I type.

Starlust: love, hate and celebrity fantasies

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Fascinating article... have you read fanfiction.net? The Harry Potter and LOTR sections are a scary education (but it was the Blackadder fanfic that really made me gag).

Interesting point about the British constitution, wispy little thing that it is.


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