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New hacker peril for older IE versions


As a work-mate has just pointed out

Its clearly Microsoft trying to get people to upgrade to their IE 8, considering IE8 is considered to be in the clear but not 6 or 7

Docs press for probe into 'designer vaginas'


Docs press for probe into 'designer vaginas'

invasive labiaplasty?

The innuendo is strong with this one

Spanish region teaches kids how to crack one off


Did the €14k campaign

include the distribution of man-size tissues? Or were they also trying to teach 14-17 year old teenage lads to clean up after themselves as well?

Do lasses actually use/need tissues to clean up?


and he probably enjoyed cracking it off too...

Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA


revolution, rly?

This attempt at mimicking a popular symbol in an attempt to punt their wacked ideals that you shouldn't have a choice if you want to be veggie or not is actually.... Painful

Are PETA members edible, can we devour them when they launch their revolution? The normal vegs are okay in my books so they can stay.

I know she's PETA but I wonder if she'd like to nibble my carrot? (sorry, couldn't resist- its friday afternoon!)

PETA pronounces on Obama fly-swat


Why oh why

I shall resist flaming over the concept of an animal rights group becoming an animal/insect rights group protecting a certain variety of insect that through many years of evolution has gained the ability to breed faster then predators can off them, though i suspect that PETA just want the publicity to try and make themselves appear in the right, as usual, silly peta.

Killing cattle and such for no reason i can understand, one 1cm large fly in a congress hall is really pushing it for an excuse to cry Blue(bottle) murder

eCard scammer avoids jail



Wait, i have a friend in the UK called Thomas Taylor. Wonder what will happen if he tries to fly to America?

Oz man collared with pigeons down trousers


something shady and feathered down under (also hairy)

I still haven't forgotton the incident involving the Oz and the pasta jar incident, or the violation of Jungle Jane, this is next on the list of weird crimes going on in the land of Down Under i thinks.

As for the man's Leg Hair Index he rates worse then a rainforest, if the pigeons were infact proxies for parrots to go with his leg jungle or something similar then it is a sad fail indeed...

Extreme pron vigilantes are after you


-howls at the server-

Its a case of the Wolfman; the torrent vigilantes become (have become) what they have hunted passionately for so long; chain smoking coffee tanked torrent junkies with a taste for all things to do with the combined words 'extreme & pr0n'

Besides What manner of privacy craving pr0n addict would expose themself to the prying eyes of a torrent admin?

Geeks re-invent breakfast



Clearly the world is in the grips of Toast fever- an intense craving to discover new and quirky ways to burn slices of bread till dry and crispy and then apply generous amounts of butter/jam/honey/cheese/scrambled egg (some people are known to enjoy fresh sliced banana on toast!) in some sort of crunchy tasty mess of crumbs and topping...

The flame because thats the element that makes toast, toast.

Fake plane death businessman cuffed in Florida



I have to pity this unlucky duck's lack of originality regarding being in a canoeing accident when it would of been wiser just to disappear into the swamps after crashing his plane into a canoe. If he's somehow found in the swamps alive then he can claim he's a clone and his actual self did indeed die in the flames and has tragically become BBQ Gator feed, so he can rejoin society and technically get the life insurance payoff he so desperately desired. But what do i know?

Star Wars brainwave toy blows in

Black Helicopters


I have to whine about the spelling on this article of 'board' when its actually 'bored'

As for device seems like a slight re-design of Mattel's Mindflex game which was likely a rehash of that Harry Potter maze game. And that little sucker thing just next to his left temple invokes thoughts of ROTM...

PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest


re:Re: What if there was a PETPV

No but they do have feelings and go into shock when someone abuses them. Plus there was something else but i can't quite put my finger on it but its based on PETA going from Animal rights that you can get behind to a brainless propaganda machine.



[Activating Rant Matrix]

After nailing a score of 1152 i must be more evil than a room full of Hitlers! But that aside i must wonder what monstrosity i wrought when apparently "thanks to me" Cooking mama now loves animals and instead makes a turkey out of TOFU after butchering an 'innocent, defenseless animal'. Oh yes PETA, this is the 21st century and its called -survival-

Also if PETA had their way then the whole world would likely be at the very least be forced into becoming veggie. Then you'd have the problem of growing enough plants for more than a few billion hungry people, plus pests, drought, thieves trying to feed their malnourished family and although there are vegetables that provide iron, i'm to understand that you'd need to eat way more in order to match the protein levels offered by a Tender steak. Unless vitamin supplements are added but thats similar to a draw full of pr0n.

[Deactivating Rant Matrix]


Smut email hubby claims iPhone glitch



Good thing i don't have an iphone :)

Mines the one with the ordinary mobile phone in the left pocket

Oz driver pulled with todger in pasta sauce jar



Quite the coincidence that the police decided that he must of had a weapon because his hands were on his lap... Also quite a coincidence that he decided to choose a place nearby Nobby Beach with a jar of what has been mutually agreed as a Dolmio jar.What they also neglected to mention was the bag of Nobby's Nuts in the glove compartment, most likely salted.

Also a coincidence that he took the 'no stopping zone' part of where he was parked too literally and continued even whilst being beaten by police with batons. Did he derive pleasure from this beating, or was he possessed of such drive and focus that it was like hitting an adult Male Rhino with a broken chair leg?

Hitler had one ball: Official

IT Angle

@ How wrong can you be?

Perhaps 1 of his little lads 'removed' them in a dramatic life/death struggle, so when he was discovered we all thought he had none?

Course if its The Sun then the only thing that they do thats interesting is flaunt page 3 models on their front cover, which in its own right is a rather lazy way of getting away with heaving up grade ZZ tripe story coverage that Tabloid newspapers are known to invent for their own purposes. Okay okay they were very close if not on the mark this time, we all know Hitlaar didn't have a complete set of Male genitalia. Could his charisma be related to his abnormal Testosterone levels attracting other men as well as women (and at the same time freak them out) as evolution intended? It must of been an awkward life being Hitler...

Mobile phones will 'cut off' Al Qaeda



Stupid people coming up with stupid solutions to problems that get worse the more you pick at it with creams and/or salves, magical healing crystals, manly bits of praying mantis etc. Basically the more random 'security' measures that they come up, the worse they make the whole problem hmmm.

Wii whacked with patent infringement claim - again



Now i'm quite sceptical about this sort of stuff, mostly for the fact that this comes out of the blue near the end of 2008 with what sounds like a very quickly thought out name to attach to the device in the arguement. I'm stopping here because i'm worried that the next sentence i churn out will be extremely unstable.

Console modders banned from Xbox Live

Thumb Up

We are now live ppl

Just think: if Counter Strike was available on the Xbox 360; Cheating would be almost impossible and not worth the effort! (nahh, too good to be true)

Admittedly, Microsoft does have its bright moments. (Well maybe not Steve Ballmer but thats beside the point.)

Attorneys for Palin email hacker: 'Don't call him hacker'


Palin fizzy drink

Palin has always struck me as bit of an oddball, don't government types have their own sneaky OS based email client, i thought they were too meeeh to use hotmail and yahoo?

As for the hacker/cracker thing: Hasn't anyone considered the possibility that Sarah Palin hacked herself in an attempt to engineer a dreadful civil war so she can rule the world with her genetically modfied super dinosaurs leashed up in her back garden?

On a completely unrelated note; the picture of Palin the way she's bunched her face up looking to the side invokes thoughts of her hissing 'ffffffffizzy drinkss!'

Texas cop tasers himself



"In the USA a cop has a gun on him , its loaded at all times no matter were they are at"

tbh i think guns are less dangerous than tasers, they're extreeeeemly unlikely to cause heart problems unless you hit something important near it (or the heart itself for that matter) with a bullet and they're probably less painful given that tasers spread their pain all over the body cuz they be electricity, an effect that could potentially make someone who might be particularly enraged/bullheaded at the time more intractable and violent. But thats ma opinion and thats just meh.

Looked like the cop was booting over the tased cop? Unless i'm ahem, failing to see which one is tasered and which ones aren't?

Mines the one with Taser-proof lining

UK's 'secure' child protection database will be open to one million

Gates Horns

Oh Dear God

Databases, databases and oh wait, more databases. A Disaster waiting to happen, a rather frightening excuse to control the general population and maybe for good measure, add some sauce to this dish by saving chunks of the database and scattering it over a box of 4 Gig memory sticks, and then proceeding to mail said box and manage to lose THAT in the mail or some similar sensitive data storage device loss method.

And much to our 'surprise' data that matches what was lost will be found by police on a Paedo web ring site. What joy.

Infact this article (especially how the 'secure' bit) took me such surprise that i fell out of my karma tree and exploded into rant mode upon hitting the ground. i'm not having children as long as this pure evil idea of having everyone and everything stored on databases is atomised and then the atoms are atomised into the atoms that made those atoms and so on and so forth until it gets to the point that it could be considered that said atoms have ceased existing all together as atoms, instead becoming true nothingness.

End rant

Love bug worm inspires Asian film

Paris Hilton

oh noes

I know the japanese are inventive, quirky sometimes with their concepts but this is really pushing it X_X

Paris Hilton. Because the love bug film's fail factor will be 10,0000 times greater then that of 'The Hottie and the Nottie'

Preventive policing? Don't even think about it


Itemser? Bah

I wonder how long it will take for the Itemiser to default to the cause of the Lizard army and come up 'red' for innocent Aberdeen people whom are clean and 'green' for those who are drugged up to their eyeballs with lord knows what.


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