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Labour MP denies calling Tories 'scum-sucking pigs' on Twitter

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You can't edit a tweet. You can delete but not edit. He's been caught out and rather than fess up and say he'd gone too far he's coming out with the "I was hacked/it was edited" bollocks.

From Twitter Help pages:

"[Can I edit a tweet once I post it?]

Nope. Once it’s out there, you can’t edit it. You can delete an update by clicking the trash icon..."

Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling

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No way jose!

Erm. No... if I read the patent correctly their patent does not cover what the iPhone OS does, at least not any part of the iPhone I have used.

Seems to me what the patent describes is a sort of overlayed thumb image representation of the new zoom or scroll position if the user releases the touch at that point. That isn't what the iPhone OS provides by default. (Although apps developed by third parties might I suppose)

Tenuous imho!

Firm touts bendy, wearable OLED screen

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And please no one notice the enormous lump of not particularly flexible or compact hardware that actually drives the thing!!

Dogs and arson feature in top 10 data recovery disasters

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Number 8?

Surely, they just, you know.... plugged a new one in???!?

Tiny iPhone en route?

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Yeah and you'll be needing nano-scale fingertips if, as it looks in the pic, the thing is just a smaller scaled down screen as the keyboard will by teeeeny... it's already fiddly enough on the full sized phone!

Not convinced!

MacBook Air owners get laid

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Paris Hilton

"Never bu(y) version 1.0 of anything"

Except... the screen problems are only with the latest revisions of MBA...

Paris... laid... etc etc!!!....

Tragic Twitterers tweet goodbye to family life

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Re: Uh huh!

Well it's a shit joke then!