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US forces drop dead drug-poison killer mice from helicopters

Ylydxi Reclo

Even if this works -

Suppose the paracetamol works for 99.9% of the snakes. Then the 0.1% which are resistant to it survive and breed an updated generation of snakes, now also Resistant Against Paracetamol (tm). Bravo. Problem solved.

Paris Hilton canes the Brazilian lager

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Paris Hilton

By Jove

...And I was already mourning the cessation of P.H. coverage

Big Blue demos 100GHz chip

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Pray this research revives the processor speed development. In the 90s, there was a report like this every two months.

Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher

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If someone puts the brick under his pillow...

well what does he expect? That the heat will just beam itself to Arcturus? Or that the iphone suddenly works 100% energy efficient?

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

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my v sign / middle finger here

Well, f**** you, co*ksu**ing p'esident of the International Federation of the Pornographic Industry

Boffin finds gene for coke addiction

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just because of "coke addicts were 25 per cent more likely to have the gene" it is happily assumed by some terrible teuton that this gene boosts cocaine addiction? How many people were screened? If the number was fair below 100, I believe that there are MULTIPLE genes which ALL of the of the subjects share and yet have NO BEARING AT ALL with any type of addiction


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