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Hitchhiker shot while researching 'Kindness of America'

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Re: Huh?

Pink pistols is an LGBT group in California that teach marksmanship. You want to know why I carry a, it's because in America you have groups of people that think being transgender is some you should be hurt for. Even in California I have cops that snicker at me. if you are transgender and some hurts you don't exdpect the cops to help you. You have idiots that might find me attractive but then find out I'm Trans. Then they are like I'm no fag so I got to go beat that fag up to prove my manhood. When you have people out there that think you should be eradicated, hunted down and killed like vermin, tossed in to mental wards and kept away from kids you might see things differently. I don't carry a gun to feel safe. I carry one so if some puts me in a position that I will be harmed or killed I can get out of it. Before you say I'm over reacting, I had friend that some put a bomb on her drive way.

Americans stand against UN internet-tax plan

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I highly doubt that. Almost all health insurance plans exclude SRS. In fact City of SF is one of three employer based health insurgence plans in the country that covers SRS. oh and SRS is not frivolous.

Microsoft's master stroke: Pay store staff per WinPhone sold

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Sales mangers have no clues and can't get one if you shoved it up them. I was doing sales at an electronic store. The sales gru was like you are not selling enough of printer X so no commission on any other printer. 2 months later he was like why are you not selling the other printers.

Oracle settles with Feds over price gouging

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It could happen. I never thought I'd see a black president with a Muslim name, but I think the chance of the US actually electing a Muslim or an openly gay president would happen first .

Job creation better than expected in the US

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You still have guns and land mines made the US.

IE security hole sewn up for Patch Tuesday

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They could be like FF a release new features and before fixing the old ones and crank out new versions of IE for no real reason. Oh I'm sure that FF fixes all of their bugs in their past browsers right ? Whats that you say they don't give fixes for a 10 year old browser ? what that's it case close MS should not provide support for soft ware older than 5 years old .

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral

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Ahem folks

It has been brought to my attention that the twitter announcement was posted using an Iphone . Seriously they used a freaking Iphone .

LibreOffice fixes virus-friendly Word import flaw

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Is big one. Unless I'm doing a massive update I don't see any thing that big. My last office up date was 23 megs.

SpyEye banking trojan: now with SMS hijacking capability

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No thats called a pick pocket or bank fees. Only difference you can protect your self from the criminal err wait protect your self from the pick pocket .

Judge offs ivi.tv

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Re:so what is the definition of

Compiling with local regulation and making sure you have permission to sell the channels that you have.

Microsoft gives Kinect SDK to 'academics, enthusiasts'

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I'm thinking

That MS had planned to release a Kinect SDK for the PC . I believe this because MS moved very fast to release the SDK after it was hacked .

Oracle debuts carrier-grade Sparc T3 servers

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could be worse

Like an Oracle, Apple merger .

Unprecedented domain seizure shutters 84,000 sites

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And which law are the making retro active to go after Assange ? Because those laws on leaking classified data pre-dates the net .

Albuquerque shopper samples free man oysters

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The victim had of been a man we would be reading about an assault case . If proven the guy needs to be forced eat the same yogurt then a few kicks to the nuts.

Netgear CEO says 'closed' Apple is doomed

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Up next

SCO calling MS a patent troll and a company with no vision.

Oracle promises to obey own OpenJDK rules

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A community process we can believe in

Till we don't and then we will make MS look like a good player with standards .

Chaps tolerant of girl-on-girl cheating by other halves

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title why ?

I would be pissed if my women cheated on me with a man. I'd still be pissed if she cheated on me. To the guy that thinks lesbians dont get STDs, there are things that can live both on the mouth and vagina. like genital warts, Syphilis,Chlamydia.

Wounders if mMs Bee is availble

Job application scam fleeces company of $150,000

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Why would accountin be using the same computer as HR?

Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue

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She needs the money

She is on trial for 5 counts of credit card fraud(she used a co workers credit card) , reciving stolen property. This also make her less sympathetic to a jurry.

Carly Fiorina unleashes 'demon sheep'

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Thatcher is reincarneted before she has even shuffled off the mortal coil!

No we just clone her . You can have them both back

UK moob jobs rocket 80 per cent

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have any of you looked up gynaecomastia . Its not due being fat .

Oh and Lukewarm do I've never heard of transgender person wanting boobs calling them self a man

Pizza-making ATM hacker avoids jail

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@ac 13:07 GMT

"It's hardly a hack when you have physical access to the ATM machines and no prizes for guessing which OS they ran on ."

Nice anti MS rant, but I hate to break it to you . The OS is irrelevant when you can find the default password on line.

THis was not a hack.

US senator demands clamp down on Obama ticket touting

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@Hud Dunlap

Show me proof.

"Obama is not the President. He is the President elect. And he has already stated that he is going to use Executive Orders to bypass Congress " because it is too slow".

Swedish transsexuals offered prosthetic todgers

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@ E_Nigma

None of the "replacement parts" people get during a sex change function like the real thing. Breasts don't lactate, don't feel and often don't look like the real ones, reproductive organs are useless for reproduction, vaginas don't moisten like they should... Nothing new here, really..

Um do some research. HRT has give me real breast, yes the feel real. Some trans women do lactate . Take a look at post op pics of srs, done right it does look the same..

@Daniel Palmer

Oh now lets have some. There is a classification of women that are XY. There were born XY and developed as female do to lack of DHT during pregnancy. SO are they not women ?? Never known the life of a male.