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'Spam-friendly' domain registrars named and shamed

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Is 83% really a big number?

register.com and NetSol are both huge and I believe eNom is pretty large also. These three being included makes me ask the question what percentage of all domains are registered through these 10 services? 83% sounds high but if 83%+ of all domains are registered through these services it's not that they are really doing any worse than the industry as a whole. Would I like to see them drop spammers? Well yes. Do I think they are more incompetent because I saw their name on this list? Not really.

PC maker Micron MPC files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

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Gateway Pro and the slide into MPC

Actually Gateway and Gateway Professional were handled as completely different companies. Gateway Pro was a very good company for support. Less than 2 minute hold times most days and always less than 5 or 6 minutes and next day parts really meant next day. I have no idea what their diagnostic ability was. I always just called and explained what was wrong and asked for parts. I never had any arguments with support and the "diagnostic" phase usually lasted about 2-3 minutes while I talked.

Having said that since MPC took over it has been a downhill slide. I canceled all my MPC orders this year and was told by my sales rep at the time (September I believe) they had not shipped any product for several months at that time.

I'm still requesting part on the off chance I might eventually get something but I'm also purchasing spare parts on the open market to keep system up.

In related news MPC closed their LaVergne, TN plant several months ago to move all production back to Mexico. They claimed it was a problem with quality and the quality out of that factory was bad but oddly enough the Dells I get out of LaVergne rarely have assembly issues. The Mexico operation never got up and running but On October 28 they sere served notice by their Mexican assembler that the contract would be nullified because the Mexican facility didn't trust MPC to be able to pay. I see MPC nos shipping any product unless the execs decide to build a few in a conference room.


MPC has been shedding employees like crazy. The last batch was November 6. One estimate is that they have less than 100 employees left.


I was a happy Gateway customer but now it's time to get my coat and move on. Hurry up and die MPC.


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