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Fusion reactor eats Euro science budgets

Noel Coward

Not fully funded by Europe

Europe contirbutes less than 50% of the funding for ITER. So in reality, that little corner of France is attracting significant non European invertment which will create many European jobs and generate tax revenue to prop up your ailing economies.

Also, if it works it will be the single most important thing that has happened to the human race for a long long time.

Brown apologises for 'appalling' treatment of Turing

Noel Coward
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How about....

an apology to all the other human beings who were "forced to undergo experimental chemical castration"?

Or is that only wrong for famous people?

Bezos begs forgiveness for Amazon's Big Brother moment

Noel Coward


Amazon has just shown that they are incapable of being trusted with your information stored in their cloud.

Congratulations Amazon you just gave me a very cheap and useful insight into your morality which has led me to cease using any of your products which I can no longer trust will not compromise me or anyone I expose to them on a website.

What is wrong with text file ebooks anyway. They still work for me. Kindle is just yet another cash induced information power grab from a big multinatioinal. This has to stop.

Google remaps interwebs real estate listings

Noel Coward
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For once, thank you Google

This is very welcome if it facilitates private sales in Australia. The two big real estate sites here in Australia are hand in glove with the big real estate agents and have created an artificial situation where it is very difficlt to sell yor house privately. Down with realestate.com .au and domain.com.au they are both useless ad infested services run by estate agents for estate agents. Good on you Google I'm not surprised realestate.com.au is not cooperating, they must be pooing their pants. Funily enough both these sites have used Google mapping services to geolocate their wares for years, wonder how long that will continue.....

Collecta - real-time search in real-time

Noel Coward

phpBB has it

phpbb3 can use xmpp and is a very widely used forum app. I would say on the whole it is responsible for managing way more volume of content than Wordpress.

I wonder if Collecta has thought of this: 600 million squillion forum posts a day all containing just one smiley not to mention the spam abuse frequenly pesent on many forums.

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

Noel Coward


Sick of hearing people talk about configuration files and difficulty in Linux. It's just not true any more. I do support for both Windows and Linux PCs and I can tell you that the ones that demand the most attention (screaming child kind) are the windows ones by an order of magnitude. The only configuration files I ever touch any more in Linux are for LAMP environments (as is normal and not needed by most) the rest is just easy and works. Oh and Linux has far more backward compatibility with older hardware than Windows that will spit the dummy with a lot of drivers/hardware over a certain age. Once people eventually transfer to and become educated in the use of online applications the platform will cease to be important.

Microsoft teams up with US gov on double 'ard XP

Noel Coward

Why not...

just use Ubuntu? It has all that security out of the box, and is significantly cheaper.

Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'

Noel Coward
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When will you British ever learn? The real rulers of your country are your non elected Oxbridge infested civil service. These are the people who this scheme really benefits and you can't vote them out by any legal method. Believe me Jaquie is just a puppet for much greater interests than a mere government.

When you inevitably elect your Conservative party next year you will see that nothing will change.

IBM fingered over early Linux mistakes

Noel Coward

Linux install easier

Well Linux installs are easier, way faster and less problematic on all my IBM hardware than any MS OS. And that's not just the servers either. Everything just works.

If that is the end result then so be it.

Gnome answers Linux critics with 'big' vision plan

Noel Coward

Gnome not Vista please

This better not be an exercise in vista like bloatware. I like Gnome's uncluttered simplicity. Please keep it that way.

The Pirate Bay punts BitTorrent cloaking device

Noel Coward


There were times long long ago when actors, artists et al got paid less than a normal living wage. Ironically these periods coincide with periods of great human creativity.

Many of the great artists and musicians society venerates were little more than paupers during their lifetime. Many of these artists would also have argued that the accumulation of wealth and capital only serves to distract one from one's ability to create.

An artist should love the things she creates not the money they generate.

It is time these huge corporations are stopped. They monopolize the channels of distrubution and encourage an explosion of material of dubious worth created solely for the generation of cash.

Go TPB and Vive Les Situationistes Internationales

Advertising watchdog okays 'gaming equals early grave' ad

Noel Coward

Boring Ads

Why oh why can't these agencies produce ads promoting the benefits of a healthy life rather than this grey boring drivel that no-one will ever look at or pay attention to.

The ad shows a severe lack of imagination and should have been banned on grounds of taste.

I am now off to ask my government to place it on our censored list.

Gadget Show competition spews text spam

Noel Coward

Too loud.

Whilst watching TV I generally have to turn the volume down when the ads come on as they are twice as loud as the show I am watching.

Why is it that this is the other way around with the gadget show?


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