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Microsoft unveils paid SkyDrive options


Useless still?

When I tried SkyDrive las year it you couldn't upload folders, which in practice made it completely useless.

Have they fixed that now?

TuneIn Radio Pro


Why no forward hopping?

Why is there is no way to skip forward to a specific place within a podcast?

Quite often the phone loses the stream and the app forces you to start from the beginning again, which is annoying if you've listened to half of an hour-long podcast.

My old Nokia had this feature years ago. It's not rocket science.

Gadget Shop kingpin cuffed in nightclub 'toilet sex' incident



Only time I remember people bring arrested for having sex was in the middle east. But that was on a beach. Surely a toilet stall is private?

Facebook's Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law



Ironically, this won't affect those of us who live in Sweden, because our data won't pass the Swedish border.

Facebook triple stuffs Swedish data center


Heat going to waste?

As far as my research tells me, they are letting the waste megawatts of heat dissipate into the environment instead of using it as heating for local housing, for example.

Does anyone know if there is a technical and/or economic reason for this?

Seems to me that 120 meagwatts could heat quite a few flats.

Ultrabooks vs tablets: tablet demise greatly exaggerated



I want a touch tablet with a proper keyboard. In fact I believe they are the future.

Google erects master API for linking web apps


Jolly good

It baffles me that Android Intents (a.k.a the Share option in the menus) are rarely, if ever, mentioned in the press, as they are a godsend. One of the top ten features of iOS 5 touted by Apple was that some of the built-in apps now talk to the Twitter app. Compare that with Android, where all apps (built-in or not) have always been able to talk to any other app.

If Google do a good job of the web API it will be an indispensible addition to the web ecosystem.

Google field tests (yet another) Facebook rival



I'm thinking Google would have more success with a Trojan Facebook app that adds missing features to Facebook, like more customizable profile content.

Alternatively, open up the whole social network thing with semantic network tools.

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined



...upgrade to iOS 5 where the camera app can talk to the Twitter app!

Alternatively, upgrade to Android where all apps can talk to any other app.

LG whips out dual-core Android smartphone


Core blimey

Humble featurephones have had dual cores for years - one core for the OS and one core taking over multimedia duties from the DSP that used to be common in phone architectures.

And smartphones have had three cores for good while - one for multimedia, one for the phone OS and one for the Application OS (Symbian, Android, whatever). Not sure what's new about LG's phone.

Opera shrugs off Google Native Client


Chrome OS

I think Google will be quite happy if nobody else uses Native Client, because that will give Google's own Native Client web pages an edge over the competition.

Google have said they will use Native Client a lot in Chrome OS. Mind you, it remains to be seen if Chrome OS will sink or swim.


Not even remotely like ActiveX.

Google's pNaCl code is designed to be delivered in LLVM format and run anywhere that has the pNaCl plugin regardless of CPU or OS. That's Intel or ARM , Windows or Mac, and potentially Android, Symbian, or anything else. The pNaCl plugin will include an LLVM compiler and a security checker.

Ten Essential... Symbian Apps

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Symbian is dead

The iPlayer only works on a very few Symbian models, and only works in the UK. Contrast that with the fact that the BBC recently cut off support for RealPlayer - which is standard on all Symbian phones and worked outside the UK (at least for radio). This suggests that Symbian is a dying OS, with dwindling support.

Google does an Orb



Considering the drain on batteries to stream over the net, and with 32GB memory cards soon available to store music on phones, I wonder if Google isn't just a bit too late with this idea.

Video would be good though, if Google could get that working. I could never get Orb to work for more than a minute or two.

McKinnon family awaits final, final extradition decision



Can someone explain to me why McKinnon should be subject to US law when he committed the infringement while in the UK?

Welsh police come down hard on Octopussy porn


sushi porn

What was the film where a japanese dude ate sushi off a naked chick? Does that count as sex with dead fish?



I literally "ate" a hamburger yesterday. Does that count as oral sex with a dead cow?

Google to be bookseller by summer

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Google's ebook store may not make any money but it will make Android phones more attractive. More Android users means more Google search users which means more ad revenue for Google, as any fule kno.

'Google TV' plants Chrome on Android set-top



It is quite astonishing how long it is taking to create a universal standard for on-demand TV.

I remember writing a report about on-demand TV in 1995, thinking it would arrive in a couple of years.

Toshiba BDX2000



Plastic discs! I remember those.

Gmail to get realtime with Web2.0rhea makeover?



@Tom_ interesting point. In Facebook you have to ask users if you can add them. In gmail you just add anybody's email. I wonder if Google add a "friend" function?

I for one would welcome more nuanced categories like "friend", "aquaintance", "colleague", "professional contact", "family".

Nokia posts proposal for next year's smartphone UI



The words "horse", "dead" and "flogging" come to mind.

Popcorn Hour C-200


Media PC.

Media PC? Don't make me laugh. Imagine being halfway through Avatar when Windows decides to download updates and reboot.


No YouTube

By the way, YouTube was removed from the Popcorn Hour last month at Google's request.

Sex in the Noughties: How was it for you?



In spite of this journalist's assertion that there is no evidence that necrophilia exists, a bloke in Sweden was found guilty of it a few years back. Evidence enough, I would have thought.

Doing the maths on Copenhagen

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Bleedin obvious

Tim's suggestions are fair and don't let any country wriggle out of their obligations.

Which is precisely why the politicians will never agree to it.

Sony Ericsson admits 'PlayStation phone' woes


Update the software

Sony Ericsson phones have an over-the-air software update feature, or you can do it via a PC.

In general, everyone buying a phone of any make - especially a new model - should update the phone software ASAP if they want to avoid unnecessary grief.



One single user can't connect to his PS3 and you assume that there something wrong with the phone? Where's the massive flood of PS3 complaints?

More to the point, where's the journalism standard in this piece?

Go search the bulletin boards for faults on other phones and stop picking on Sony Ericsson!

Nokia E72 smartphone

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Dead end OS

For me a killer Symbian app - one I paid €30 for - was SymSMB, to browse and copy files on a networked PC.

Then Nokia forced it off the market, claiming copyright infringement, without offering their own alternative.

Result, Nokia shot themselves, and Symbian, in the foot.

Nokia deserve to go down the toilet, as they surely will eventually.

Symbian aims to baffle embrace community

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My phone

For the record, I have a Nokia Symbian phone, and have installed the following apps:

Opera Mini - Great web browser

Google sync - Invaluable calendar and contacts sync.

Timer - The boffins at Nokia forgot to include a timer as standard. Doh!

SymSMB - For moving files over Wifi. Nokia have now shot down this app, claiming intellectual property issues. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Nokia!

Make of that what you will. There is certainly none of the flair of iPhone apps, despite Symbian's many more years in the market. If Symbian has a future, it is in a tier in between featurephones and iPhone/Andoid phones.

Spotify scores over £1m a month from subs



"One major profit-driver for [record companies] is that this approach reduces the amounts they have to pay to song writers and artists, which are based on a % of gross income, to practically zero."

That's a very interesting revelation

That means that when internet music streaming takes a significant market share, then artists will have a huge amount to gain by getting out of their record company contracts and selling their music directly to Spotify.

Which could mean that record companies will find it increasing diffcult to sign up new artists, as the artists begin to go it alone.

Top prices, old shows - the Beeb's iPlayer goes global

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They don't even have "We Are Klang" on the iPlayer.

Google Chrome gets friendly with Native Client


ho ho

Have introduced Chrome Frame into Microsoft Explorer, they obviously want to rub NaCl into the wound.

Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave

IT Angle

Partly true

Actually there is a village, where an aquaintance of mine lives here in the south of Sweden, where about 38% of the population are lesbian.

The village only has 8 houses though, and 3 lesbians.

Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site



@Duhh..., your argument about RM having to pay the costs to administrate the Post Code database doesn't hold water.

The whole database is there to make the postal service more efficient and thereby reduce operational costs for RM.

If the post code database doesn't pay for itself through operational efficiencies, then there is no point in it.

Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results


In Sweden too

Even here in Sweden, using Google's swedish page, there's the same notice translated into Swedish about the US DMCA complaint.

This look like the US has made Google impose a worldwide ban.

Google hits Android dev with cease-and-desist letter

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Changes coming?

I can see that "Do no evil" changing to "Do less evil than others".

This won't be the last change, of course.

Month of Facebook flaws gets underway



24 hours notice is a bit mean. I wouldn't like to be working at Facebook this month.

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I wish they'd fix the non-security bugs in facebook.

Like when I choose "all friends" in the menu I don't get a list of all my friends.

And some other equally obvious bugs that I can't be arsed to remember.

iPhone rescue girl gets head stuck down bog


I wonder

Having seen her photo, I wonder...

...is that her natural hair colour :)

Nokia banks on cash transfer biz



Will my Sony Ericsson accept Nokia Money?

Man+dog plunged into 'faecal lagoon'



Ångermanland in swedish translates to "regret man land".

He certainly regretted going there.

Berners-Lee hired as gov internet adviser

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Too good to be true?

It seems to me that Tim is talking about his Semantic Web blueprint, which aims to open raw data to internet access.

If Tim gets a chance to implement the Semantic Web on government data, it will likely kickstart a global data revolution second only to the original Word Wide Web.

That's a big if, of course.

Ellison pits Sun and Oracle against AJAX and Google


Am I missing something here?

What does AJAX have to do with OpenOffice?

Top British boffin: Time to ditch the climate consensus

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I checked out the Lomborg case on wikipedia. His book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, was found to be full of errors by the Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty. The ruling was later overturned by a higher body, on the basis that the book wasn't a scientific publication anyway.

Lomborg has quite a lot of influence, even though as a political scientist he doesn't know shit about climate change.

Google puts Chrome tabs on options list

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No shortcut-shortcut

There's still no keyboard shortcut to get to the bookmark list.

That makes Chrome a no-go as far as I'm concerned.

Open-source iPhone plan to control your home

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but, you see, now you can do it on an iPhone!

And, as the Reg well knows, when an iPhone can do something other phones have been doing for years, it is BIG NEWS!

I heard that MMS is coming to iPhone! I can hardly contain myself.

Nokia Life Tools help Indian farmers get one

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Ho ho

That indian farmer coming out with the management bullshit-speak and lifestyle garbage was funny.

Having said that, great idea Nokia.

Apple sued over iPhone e-bookiness

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Shame on everybody involved

Shame on the bloke who filed this shameful patent.

Shame on the patent office for accepting it.

Shame on HP for not contesting it.