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BBC releases MYSTERY RIDDLE poster for Doctor Who anniversary episode

Stephen Blake

Re: Dr Davros?

Well they fight for the purity of the Dalek race, and it should be clear that Dalek and Kaled are genetically distinct. While Davros is identified as a Kaled, this could be a deception on the his part, it's not like he has never lied!

The Daleks have always considered Davros inferior and probably would kill him if he didn't keep proving his usefulness.

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Re: Old who

Someone at the BBC actually burned the tapes on a bonfire. They were going to destroy the lot, but some were saved at the last minute

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Re: Ninth Doctor?

Maybe the Docotr's real name is actually "Davros" and the reason he hates the Daleks so much is that he cannot face the fact that, no matter how much he changes things, he is destined to be crippled and stranded on Skaro by the Time Lords, then create the Dalek race to stop the them from taking over the galaxy. The John Hurt incarnation is the Doctor who finally accepted his fate and set out to become the necessary evil that would save the universe from his own race.

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly

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Despite any arguments about better floating point support, etc, lets face the facts; Apple user's are not smart people, they are people who want gadgets. This is a typical case of marketing: Bigger number means better!

Yahoo! web! traffic! BIGGER! THAN! GOOGLE! in! July!

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Stop! making! this! joke!

It keeps being said, this "joke" of putting an exclamation point after every word is deader than Paris Hilton's eyes. This site used to serve up fresh articles with witty humor. I have to say when I look at my feed now it is stale puns interspersed with product reviews for phones; hardly food for the mind.

Japan's unwanted IT workers dumped in 'forcing-out rooms'

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Re: browses the web and reads books all day...

...which would mean that the company owns all the intellectual property and revenue you generate. If you had personally banked any of this money you could be arrested and face a prison sentence.

Stick to facebook and adult friend finder ;)

Yahoooo! - Activist! investor! leaps! overboard! jingling! with! cash!

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Dead! Horse! Being! Flogged!

Seriously guys, the whole "exclaim every word" joke is so far beyond dead it is annoying me to see it pop up in my feeds. Find some new material before we get bored and leave to try other news sites.

Yahoo! thanks! Asian! equity! for! 36! PERCENT! income! boost!

Stephen Blake


The Yahoo headlines with all exclamation points "joke" has run it's course.

First time was funny, after a few it was a groaner, by now you sound like the old guy who makes the same joke every time you see him.

NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec

Stephen Blake

not the end

Even the Mayans used dates after Dec 21st 2012!

If people are too stupid to realise that we can add digits to a date then they are too stupid to be taken seriously.

Frankly if people want to find a reason to worry themselves to death, suicide or otherwise, then they should be left too it and not have NASA waste their time wet-nursing them. Good riddance to their stupidity!

Flatscreen makers fined €649m for price fixing

Stephen Blake

Fine the rich who rob the poor... and keep it?

Maybe we should sue the EU?

Where is Robin Hood when you need him?

Artificial 'black hole' generator fashioned out of circuit boards

Stephen Blake

not a good plan...

Putting this on a spy plane would be worse than painting it with fluorescent paint.

Converting the radiation to heat means that to a sidewinder or other IR based system, this plane will be illuminating itself, thus making it an easy target.

Erotic trojan keelhauls Japanese pirates

Stephen Blake
Paris Hilton


Anyone so stupid enough to give over their email password should have their computer confiscated for their own good.

Icon: Paris, because she is so dumb rocks pity her

Light bulbs inspire boffins to find fast data transfer trick

Stephen Blake

bug-zapper torrent

I'm looking forward to the day when my porn download can give mosquitos a seizure

Magic Mice cast energy-sapping spell

Stephen Blake

Throwing good power after bad...

Great, so to compensate for short battery life they have included an inefficient recharge system! The genius of Crapple

Facebook goes live with privacy revamp

Stephen Blake

To whom it doesn't concern...

I only want my friends to read this

Apple Magic Mouse

Stephen Blake
Thumb Down


Time after time Apple produce poorly designed gimicks... and still the morons lap them up.

US Navy aims to make jetfuel from seawater uranium

Stephen Blake


So, you complain about misrepresentative headlines, and then subtitle yours with "Vampire-lust tales will rot your brain"... mild hypocrisy or underplayed irony?

Apollo 11 vets urge Mars mission

Stephen Blake


No-one else thinks the reason for re-visiting the moon is part of Deuterium mining plans?

Only downside is America won't get to attack anyone over fuel rights ;)

Time to axe Microsoft's Zune

Stephen Blake

Zune: why do you hate it?

I have an imported Zune (I'm form the UK), and have used both the Zune and iPod side by side. Honestly I can't see why so many uninformed people are slagging it off?!

Compared to the iPod it has better sound quality, clearer screen, more intuitive controls (why go clock-wise for down!?!?!?!?!), the software is easier to use than iTunes, It doesnt bug you with DRM crazed sync issues, It supports more formats (excluding own-brand formats).

Sure, the first gen (30GB) version had issues. But then who hasnt heard of iPods breaking down. My ex-girlfriends iPod locked up and had to be sent off for a solid month to be fixed. Most my 80GB Zune had was a firmware glitch, fixed by reset and automatic update. 5min vs. 4weeks.... you do the maths!

The reason iPod outsell all other brands is because of the branding! People dont go out to buy an MP3 player, they want an iPod! Why? Because they fixate on the brand that shouts the loudest, not the most appropriate player for their needs.

What about iRiver? Very good player died due to ignorant public.

People need to look at what technology is available and pick sensibly, not just wander zombie-like towards the bright lights of Apples minimalist shops