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Facebook goes TITSUP across WORLD! Who will look at your cousin's baby NOW?

Inspector Clouseau

The Dow Jones dropped by 2 points, however the IQ of the interwebs rose by 3.

Google stokes hype machine over Project Glass robospecs

Inspector Clouseau

@Derek Acorah

Yeah, but that was more to do with his funny walk than what specs he wore.

Apple gives green light to Eton solar cell iPhone case

Inspector Clouseau


Now we just need transparent pockets for this not to make us look stupid.

Vulture falls asleep in front of Christmas TV

Inspector Clouseau

Let me be the first

To welcome our new non-Christmas working Overlo.........aah fuck it.

I'll get me coat.

Mine's the one with the cloakroom guy emptying my pockets.

Nazi soldiers pose for Red Army calendar

Inspector Clouseau


“We are young and we didn’t see the war. We don’t know what fascist soldiers looked like," said Prisoner Svetlana Somova as she boarded the train for Siberia.

As for the captions, Ian Hyslop would be turning in his grave...........if he was ........well,........ you know.

New cleaning products erase murder stains

Inspector Clouseau

Are we soon to be witness to...

Bush and Blair sneaking through Iraq wiping everything down with Vanish.

Mine's is the clean one......honest.

Michael Crichton dead at 66

Inspector Clouseau

@Stephen King?

Have to agree with you Mr Coward. Stephen King must be one of the world's worst authors.

I would rather read a cornflakes packet. Far more substance.