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12 of the best... travel gadgets

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Unhappily unjoyful

Oh dear, accidentally good demo of translation limitations in your note about the Franklin. Screen's last 'word' in phonetic translation, yukai, should be yukuai, 'joy'. With its many homonyms, you don't want mispronounce Chinese - you might be saying its been a _waste_ doing business with you.

Michael Crichton dead at 66

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A'viking we went...

It seems to always be true that there is more to the person than anyone sees. Unbelievable to me, there's been no mention of "Eaters of the Dead", which you may remember as the movie "The 13th Warrior". If you haven't seen the movie yet, you have denied yourself much pleasure. Such a masterful adaptation of myth that you won't recognize its humble origins. For while in medical school Crichton re-imagined an old Anglo-Saxon tale and made it live. Scholars called it a hoax ('course with a "Latin source" whose two title words meant 'hoax' you have to wonder about 'scholars'), Hollywood called it a failure, but you'll call it gold.

To Crichton, "...where the brave may live forever."