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Hitachi quietly slips in new, big hardness

Glen Graham

Just need 3 to make a brain

Within the last year, I read an article speculating when 5TB drives should hit... and the article obviously dove into what needs that much storage...

To illustrate the capacity, it compared it to a human brain - which apparently is estimated to be about 10 terabytes.

It makes you think - sure, the brain is not a perfect recall, but think how much imagery *is* stored in your brain -- you can recognize beyond countless pictures, people, landscapes, etc. Enough to "know" if something has changed. You can recall extensive details about movies, etc. Pretty cool.

Now I want an SD slot in the back of my head so I can store photos directly from my eyeballs :)

Porn breath tests for PCs heralds 'stop and scan'

Glen Graham
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On the surface, with the negative and fear here, it sounds like people expect this would "catch you".

I say go for it - I loathe kiddie-pron, and as a father of 2 daughters, would fully support all attempts to curb abuse of kids.

The program is a simple concept, and I feel a good balance. It creates a hash of each file, and compares that to a hash of *KNOWN* kiddie-pron pictures. No match, clean PC. No human looks at any files. If the file matches, it snapshots the area for a court order.

I, for one, would like to see a way for regular folks to run these programs - I do NOT want any kiddie stuff, but could imagine that with past years of copying files from people, there is a chance any of us *ACCIDENTALLY* have one or more. Give us a chance to say "delete all illegal stuff, please".


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