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Nginx web server forked as Freenginx to escape corporate overlords


Experimental code in mainline

If you don't want the headache of CVEs & the resulting prioritized bug fixes in your experimental code, don't include that code in your mainline branch. Irrespective of the code being enabled by default or not.

nginx isn't a pet project, it's a core piece that underpins today's internet.

Canon makes 'all-in-one' printers that refuse to scan when out of ink, lawsuit claims


Standard Industry Malpractice?

I've got an Epson inkjet that's exactly the same. When *any* of its colours run low, it flashes up a warning that can't be bypassed & covers the entire interface, essentially blocking the use of any of its other features.

However...if you use a generic driver instead of their 400MB monster, the touch screen remains blocked, but you can still send print/scan commands via the OS.

They don't pull this shit with laserjet. I've decided this is the last inkjet I'll ever own. It's not worth it. When you calculate the total cost of ownership, it's far cheaper just to pay a professional printshop for the odd high res prints you might need.

Leaked Guntrader firearms data file shared. Worst case scenario? Criminals plot UK gun owners' home addresses in Google Earth


Re: "British Association for Shooting and Conservation"

I get the apparent irony in the name, but it is for the most part, accurate. With exception of fowl shooting, the majority of uses would be for the euthanasia of large livestock suffering in illness (as opposed to the methods used in abattoirs), or pest control.

I'm against hunting for sport, but with the UK's apex predators having been wiped out long ago, controlled culling is an unavoidable necessity of maintaining healthy ecosystems.

After staff revolt, Freenode management takes over hundreds of IRC channels for 'policy violations'


Re: What kicked this off?

"prawnsalad", an apparent well known community member & IRC developer, who was seemingly involved in the initial attempts at mediation between "rasengan" (the new emperor) & "tomaw" (ex-head of staff), posted what seems to be the least drama-filled & likely most impartial take on events, whilst announcing his own departure from the IRC community.

To quote:

Both sides had valid points, both sides extremely bad at communicating, both sides unable to work together.

Fast forward probably a week or so, both sides have legal involved, both sides attempt to silence each other. There is no one side doing harm here - both are actively involved. The biggest difference is that one side has expensive lawyers, the other side has a thousand+ strong echo chamber.


TLDR; Stubborn nerds on a power trip, more interested in "winning" a the cost of the community, than finding compromise for the good of the community.

But now the damage has been done, I'd put more trust in those who have been maintaining the community for the past 20 years than the new emperor insistent on imposing his "best intentions" on everyone else.

Ok Google, please ignore this free tax filing code so we can keep on screwing America


Re: Still using Google?

Sales taxes/VAT disproportionately taxes the poor & encourages the hoarding of wealth

Think about it, those on the breadline who live paycheck to paycheck, will be taxed on 100% of their income, in comparison to someone who earns above their needs & is able to save part of their income. Those savings could then be transferred & "converted" in more favourable jurisdictions.

Airlines in Asia, Africa ground Boeing 737 Max 8s after second death crash in four-ish months


Oh, China's response is totally in retaliation for the games the US is playing with Huawei.


According to the BBC...



The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee indicated that Lion Air flight 610 experienced "erroneous input" from one of its sensors designed to alert pilots if the aeroplane is at risk of stalling.

The sensor and connected software work in a different way to previous models of the 737, but pilots had not been told that.

Within days of the Lion Air crash, the aircraft maker Boeing issued an operations bulletin to airlines.

The US aviation regulator then issued an "emergency" airworthiness directive to US carriers about this sensor - a so-called Angle of Attack (AOA) sensor.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the sensor "condition, if not addressed, could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the airplane, and lead to excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain".


You're on a Huawei to Hell, US Sec State Pompeo warns allies: Buy Beijing's boxes, no more intelligence for you


If everything's encrypted, what's the problem?

Even if they didn't strictly audit the src & dst of all the packets traversing their networks, if all communications are strongly encrypted end-to-end, especially those carrying critical &/or top secret information, then what does it matter if the network gear tries to syphon data?

And from my own limited experience working on a low-level MoD network, the job came with a 600 page manual just for the encryption & security requirements alone. I recall 4096-bit keys were a minimum.

So phar, so FUD: PHP flaw puts WordPress sites at risk of hacks


Re: Good alternatives to WordPress?

"If it didn't have a long history of security problems, this might not be such a bad thing, but..."

Don't conflate reported issues found because of good auditing, with weak security. For the majority of cases, using a lesser audited or DIY platform attempting the same level of functionality as WP will run the risk of having *more* bugs & holes. The problem is when you start running all sorts of poorly audited third-party plugins.

As a SysAdmin, I've had far more issues with developers' in-house DIY CMS than I have with a properly configured WP.

Cloudflare promises to tend not two, but 65,535 ports in a storm



The world's favourite MITM!

Is there even a way to use a service like this without creating a gaping hole in security?

Backpage.com cops to human trafficking, money laundering


Re: You'd have thought..

On paper, Backpage was owned by a German shell company, which in turn was owned by 4-5 layers of US shell companies. It was apparently a poorly executed attempt at masking the true ownership, which was the obvious aim, as it provided no tax or other financial benefits. He still ran the day-to-day operations of the company from within its HQ of ~120 staff

DNS lookups can reveal every web page you visit, says German boffin

IT Angle

A bit short on details...?

Come on guys, this ain't the BBC, where're the technical details?

You rope us in with a headline about supposed privacy leaks in DNS, and then spend the entire article talking about old-hat browser fingerprinting & behavioural analysis. That was news 15 years ago!

“Many websites produce a so distinctive DNS retrieval pattern” that requests can be recognised “more or less unequivocally.”

How does the content on a *website* produce a distinctive enough pattern to identify specific pages?

"IT?" 'cause who the freud do you think your readership are?

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS arrives today complete with forbidden ZFS


Btrfs is *not* a stable filesystem & shouldn't be used for critical data. ZFS has a big history, albeit on other arquitectures. I've not seen any good data on the Linux port.


Re: Priorities?

"For me having ZFS is a major useful step in it provides both data checksums and file system snapshots. Though it remains to be seen if this is well-used (e.g. can you snapshot the OS partition/share before any update/upgrade to allow roll-back without also rolling back your own data? Is that the default option in the upgrade manager?)"

In this respect, just as with LVM snapshots - you can only snapshot whole partitions. However that shouldn't be an issue if you partition your disks properly. User data & sysem data are best kept to their own FS'.

Mozilla's ‘Great or Dead’ philosophy may save bloated blimp Firefox


Firefox still the best choice for tabaholics

I'm absolutely terrible with opening endless streams of tabs throughout my day at work. I tend to leave a tab open, but "unloaded", as a way to keep a note of something I'll need later in the day. This means it's not uncommon for me to have up to 100 tabs open by the end of the day.

I'm much better now, I used to average over 200!

Firefox still handles this relatively well, however open 20 tabs in Chrome & it'll chew up all your RAM & then freeze.

Cisco spraying $1bn over the UK, hipsters set for well-earned cash injection



Internet of Everything?

That just sounds like something some clueless middle-manager barfed out, trying to make his re-invented wheel sound edgy.

"We won't just connect thingz! We'll connect EVERYthingz!!"

Will rising CO2 damage the world's oceans? Not so much


Not news?

As far as I was aware, no one ever doubted that plankton & algae would survive. Quite the opposite in fact, the concern is that the increased CO2 would cause it multiply & turn the oceans into a green soup.

Super Cali signs a kill-switch, campaigners say it's atrocious


Re: Hold on a second... IMEI Blocking?

AFAIK, the IMEI can be changed by flashing the phone or some such. I don't know the exact details, but I know it's a very old technique.

Oracle cold bath shrinks Larry Ellison's pay package


Re: "something doesn't add up"

They (Gates & Buffet) did agree to give away a majority of their wealth, however not all in one go. The payments are made in instalments, dependent on certain conditions & goals being met. It's a protective measure to make sure funds aren't squandered.


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Re: St3n

Complex life doesn't tend to fare so well in extreme conditions.

By the same logic, you wouldn't have any issues adapting to being dumped in a big fish tank. We crawled out of the sea after all...

Google axes YouTube attack vid after Brazilian fuzz uncuff chief

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From someone living in the country...

...the Brazilian government haven't stooped - that'd suggest this was out of the ordinary in the first place.

The entire machine is run by a bunch of proud profiteering cowboys.

US deploys robot submarine armada against Iranian mines


@Matt Bryant

Whilst I'm not entirely well versed in the peculiars of Middle East politics, your arguments have had several shortcomings.

1) You dismissed suggestions that the US was involved in any sort of proxy wars allied with Israel, as no US Army clad soldiers set foot on those lands, yet have repeatedly pointed the finger at Iran for supporting proxy wars via supposedly linked organisations.

Why can the US shirk responsibility when it (officially) funds & supplies Israeli military actions, yet Iran can't (allegedly) do the same?

I point out I'm not giving any justification for either, but you have been using contradictory arguments in what appears to be your uncritical support of US actions.

2) You've so far provided little justification for Israel's actions other than "because the other side did similar".

Two wrongs make a right?

Facebook revamps privacy settings (again)


Re: "fanbois" & "Please don't patent this"

Facebook have had the "View as..." option for, I think, about a year now. There's nothing to disagree with, they've just made it more in-your-face.

Privacy Settings -> View Settings -> Preview my Profile

Boris bikes for tourists delayed till year end

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Enjoying a Johnson

I've used the bikes a few times now & the only real complaint I've had so far is the low gearing. You have to pedal just shy of 1000rpm to get anywhere.

It would also be nice to have a proper mobile optimised website to find the nearest stations & their availability. Android & iPhone apps are of little use when I'm using a Blackberry.

Despite the teething issues, I've been very impressed with the system overall.

Re: No Oyster?

The reason PAYG users are limited to paying by credit/debit card is to insure the bike against theft & damage (which can incur fees up to £300).

London bike hire scheme suffers pre-launch wobbles


RTFA - £45/year, £5/week or £1/day


As far as I can tell, the annual just lets you take advantage of the no-hassle FOB, and possibly the free 1/2 hr?

How exactly do they stop the one-time users scarpering with the bikes?

I'm quite interested in watching this scheme in action.

Tube Deluxe 3.1


For eveyone else...

...Metro supports a large variety of phones.

Metro - http://chotto.free.fr/tatami/Metro/

I've been using this on a number of my phones, for years.

It doesn't have the GPS mapping, but it's very handy to have when planning routes on public transport.

It covers both tube, train & (night) bus routes, their schedules, details of each station/stop & it's not just limited to London - it covers cities all over the world. All for the mighty price of £0.00

One-eyed woman wants techno-vision


Re: Umm...

"I doubt that anyone would want to willingly and consensually insert an object inside their head that could explode.

Well, unless they had been brainwashed by someone of a certain religious background."

Did you hear the one about the Priest & the Choir boy?

In flames shall I burn.

US uni hacker skirts child abuse charges



He may only have provided access, but I presume he had full knowledge of what was intended? If he knew what was going on, then in my opinion, he is equally responsible.

I suspect Willams' sentence may have something to do with his publishing child pornographic images...

Now, I hate to be the antagonist here, but...

"viewed images of child pornography since he was only 11 or 12"

...does that still class as child porn, or just porn? - Regardless, he's no long 12.

Re: Did you see them?

> how do you know they were child abuse images instead of just regular child porn?

Because regardless of whether acquiring these images involved physical or mental abuse, involvement in it is pure abuse of power & trust.

Re: Digerati

> I find it very hard to believe that this young well spoken guy would be interested in this stuff

Again, being the antagonist, I doubt people have much control over their attractions. Whether they choose to pursue them or not, is a different matter.