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Chap charged with fraud after mail for UPS global HQ floods Chicago flat

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Re: MKaybe the post office didn't questions it...

Hmm... FedEx comes to mind. well maybe not less motivated but at least to the same level.

FBI boss James Comey was probing Trump's team for Russia links. You're fired, says Donald

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Comey being fired doesn't change things

The investigation is still going on. The agents handling the investigation were not fired. Nothing to see here but fake outrage.

'I feel violated': Engineer who pointed out traffic signals flaw fined for 'unlicensed engineering'

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When Cameras Areinvloved, It's not about safety.

He forgot the main reason traffic light cameras are there. To make money. Pure and simple. There have been studies that have show that the yellow light times are shortened when red light cameras are put in place here in the States. Several different entries on Google for those really bored or didn't know that. In Columbus, Ohio there were a couple of city council members who had to resign due to taking bribes from a red light camera company and all the cameras were removed.

Coming to the big screen: Sci-fi epic Dune – no wait, wait, wait, this one might be good

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Re: Can't be a single movie

Speaking as an American, why would you screw up the presentation of the Fremen that way? Stop painting in broad strokes.

CES 2017 roundup: The good, the bad, and the frankly bonkers

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Re: Project Valerie

I'll second the being able to have the extra screens when working remotely. Plus it would be fun to see the double-takes when firing up a project Valerie-type system at Starbucks when I get called on the way home because someone did something wrong and it has to be fixed ASAP. You can get two external monitors for a laptop but apparently it depends on the docking station (YMMV) so you're still stuck with one screen when you travel.

US election pollsters weren't (very) wrong – statistically speaking

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Re: They lied

Low education <> stupid or ignorant. They will have, in general, at least a high school education.

Samsung are amateurs – NASA shows how you really do a battery fire

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Re: Priorities

So then it's robotic turtles all the way down.

Watch it again: SpaceX's boomerang rocket lands on robo-sea-barge

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It's not racism, it is nationalism which isn't necessarily the same thing. And given the number of people shouting I would say it appears to be a majority of Americans working there and it is an American company. Let them enjoy their moment and go be a wet blanket somewhere else.

Original USS Enterprise model set to boldly go… on display

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On display - Again

I basicly grew up in the Washington DC area and remember when the Air and Space Museum first got the Enterprise model. They had it hanging from the ceiling in the experimental craft section and then moved it to the gift shop when they moved the gift shop. I was disappointed that it wasn't on display the last couple of times I was there. Now I know why.

'I posted winning race ticket in Facebook selfie ... and someone stole it!'

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Maybe it's for the best...

She probably would have spent it all on more so-called hats or head-wear like she is wearing in the picture.

The VMware, Nutanix mud wrestle is hilarious, but which one is crying with fear on the inside?

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VMware has already worn it welcome out at my company

They tried fining us for being out of compliance with our license (too many VM hosts according to them) but they couldn't tell us what exactly our license was. We have one VMware stack left and when that system gets upgraded it bye-bye VMware. So I'm all for what's happening and seeing new competitors show up.

Help Australia's PM and attorney-general to define metadata

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Don't know how to go about it?

Why don't they just get their people to work with the NSA here in the states. They've probably already got the info they're looking for.

Mars, bringer of WAR: Quatermass and the Pit

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I remember the movie...

Five Million Years to Earth. Scared the daylights out of me as a kid when I saw it on TV. I think of it as one of the classics of SciFi films. Growing up in the States I never knew about the Quatermass series until i saw these articles.

Watch quantum entanglement – IN REAL TIME

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Re: FTL comms NOT

But if you time your measurements to do a Morse code reaction on the other end you could. Pauses between the scans would be the dots and dashes (or ones and zeros or whatever code you devise). The photons that are entangled become the transmitter not the information.

NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN

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Warp 10 TOS and NG

In TOS, the warp scale was the warp number cubed equaled the number of times the speed of light so warp ten would be 1000 times the speed of light. (I think, it's been a while since I cracked open the technical reference). In Next Generation the warp scale was recalibrated to where warp 10 was how long it would take to cross the galaxy edge to edge in 1 year. Obviously Scriptwriters are notorious for playing fast and loose with the rules if the rules get in the way of a story. (i.e Paris' warp 10 journey through every point of the quadrant)

I'm sure there's a table out there somewhere in the internets that someone has put on a webpage.

BOFH: The Cloud Committee Calamity

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@Reality Dysfuntion

You should have seen his earlier stories from when he was in college/recently graduated.


It starts off slowly and builds to offing service techs and pushing grad students to suicide or at least arranging circumstances that lead to death.

Rapture postponed as world inexplicably fails to end

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@EvilGav 1

Apparently you haven't read the bible either. The 144000 thousand in Revelation refers to the numebr of Jews (12000 from each tribe) who will be gathered (post-rapture) to witness to the world during the last 3.5 years before the final battle of Armegeddon[sp?]. It's not that hard of a read, why do so many people insist on taking things out of context?

Fail icon for obvious reasons.

Electric cars not as 'green' as advertised

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But then the obvious solution is...

build an electric car that can genereate it own electricity. You still have to have a battery to get it going but then it genereates enough to power itself. Why haven't we seen any cars being developed along those lines (obvious theories ,conspiricy or otherwise, aside)? Then the only green house emissons comes from the manufacture of the car itself and the starter battery.

There's always going to be cost for obtaining the raw materials. The Leaf would never work for me because my cross-city drive would leave me stranded one way or the other (maybe for others who live within 10 miles of their workplace and few accidents slowing things down between). The head engineer at Nissan said the best milage you can get with 1 180 lb driver and no passngers with air or heat on would be 68 (winter with heat) or 54 (summer with air) and no cargo included. Oh yeah and that was at a whopping speed of 35 mph (sorry can't seem to locate my mph2kph converter right now). So did they test drive these with some small Asian woman who weighed 80 pounds soaking wet and not using any of the accessories and not carrying any cargo.

EV's are a joke until they become self-powering.

New laser raygun tech: Our sharks kick the tyres

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You're missing the obvious way to re-use the energy released as heat

Hook it up to a sterling engine to recycle some of the heat energy and help power the laser after you've fired it a couple of times. Granted I'm in IT and completely unfettered with any engineering/physics know-how but sounds like it would work...

Super 'sun-hot' plasma rocket in fullbore bench test triumph

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IT Angle

@Face it by jon72

HP-UX of course. Linux would be second choice. Both Apple and Microsoft are right out except for some networked laptops for games.

British troops get nifty techno-gunsights

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@AC RE:@Jeff

Actual I was pleased to see Sarah Bee...

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Re: common sense ???

Pacifism only works if everyone does it and that is not going to happen. Ask the Dali Lama how that worked for his country.

Mine's the one with the pistol in the pocket just in case.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

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My report did't print!!!

My personal experience was Gabbie, an expeditor for a home building company here in the states.

We had added a custom screen to the sales order screens for adding miscellaneous items to go out to a job site (extra lumber, brackets, etc.). At least three times a week she would call saying that her miscellanious item report didn't print. That had never happened even during development and testing. I came to find out that when she had printed the report was during the printing of work orders to go out to the shop floor. They got sent to the printer as individual print jobs, all 150 - 200 of them. Her report was in the middle of the stack. The days she didn't call they either had no extra items to send or she ran it before or after the work order print.

She went on maternity leave for two months. Two months of no calls. The person subbing for her would go look through the work orders. The day Gabbie came back I got the call "My report didn't print".

Morning voting in America

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Socialism = redistributing the wealth. See France. Or most (if not all) of Europe.