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US game plods deploy robot enforcement menagerie


What we really want to know is...

Who would win in a fight, a Robot Grizzly or a Real Grizzly?

Police charge suspected Craigslist murderer


Agree with David...

The headline makes this sound like some sort of craigslist serial murderer

Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet


Sounds like lies, damn lies and statistics to me

"dangerous alcohol and tobacco are regulated but permitted, and comparatively innocuous substances such as ecstasy and cannabis forbidden" - where do they come up with these things? Sure tobacco is dangerous but then they reckon cannabis even smoked pure has the same carcenogenic effects. And as for ecstacy well considering the increased heart rate, blood pressure and effects on the brain I fail to see how that has no dangers either.

Microsoft claims Firefox- and Chrome-whopping IE8 speeds


faster but why?

Probably got something to do with all the security checks they forgot to put in...

Developers more 'satisfied' with PHP than other codes


To everyone harping on about Java, C#, C++ etc

The survey was about scripting languages and while most of the above have add ons or builtin scripting components they are more fully fledged languages.

You can write fantastic code in PHP and make it as neat and as OO as you like (see things like Zend Framework, Symfony, Code Ignitor, Magento), you can also write messy code because there is a very low barrier to entry (OScommerce and the code of a number of companies I've worked at). However the community is huge and I believe the main reason for that is how easy it is to pick up and run with.

Prime Minister out-nonsensed by Conservative Wikifiddler


Classic case of Wikisalting...

The BOFH would be proud

DARPA seeks Hitchhikers Deep Thought program


I might be sprouting philosophical crap here but...

The workings out of an answer are probably more important than the answer itself so the machines results would probably make very little sense to anyone, just like the #42 answer which is, incidentally, the correct answer. You just have to look at how it was worked out or something...

Apple tells Mac users: Get anti-virus


@Everyone on at Steve Adams ...

"I use Linux... and as we all know.. there have never been and there aren't ever going to be any viri/worms/malicious code anything for *nix systems.... ;-)"

I think it was sarcasm, they really need to invent tone of voice in ascii. Sadly though I think alot Mac users actually beleive this statement.

IT departments VAT-whacked


@myself... Math FAIL

Erm make that, I lose 1% not 0.5%

Mines the school blazer, I'm going back to Math class.



"Such firms have effectively been hit by a 2.5 per cent cut in revenues." - Not true they have also updated the flat rate payout schemes, I am in my first year of trading as a contractor through a limited company I now only need to pay out 10.5% (I used to pay out 12% so have lost 0.5%)

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


nevermind garage...

what about acid skiffle?


This just in...

Coldplay in secret terrorist gig gathering

Morning voting in America

Paris Hilton

@"voting result" By Anonymous Coward

I think you are thinking of Big Brother

Paris because as soon as her profile drops she'll be on there too.