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Virgin sacks the Facebook 13, BA customers stink



Now we've all been in a horrible job, such as retail or customer service. It is a tough time and sometimes you have just a bit too much of socialising with people you don't know. Sometimes it gets the better of you, and obviously your going to have friends where you work. Now, they are all friends via the BA, so they are likely to name the group after the place they work, not expecting anybody else to get into their group. When you get home from work you need to ventilate, and thats clearly what they have done. Now admitedely they haven't done the smartest act in the world, but everyone does it! How many people would have heard about this story before it was publicised? And now the whole country knows about it. This is just one of the many times that the media should stay quiet and let the company and employer sort it out between themselves.