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BitTorrent net meltdown delayed

Russell Heilling

Evil bit?

"Why not go the whole hog and create PDG (Pirate Datagram Protocol) designed for P2P apps instead of using UDP?"

Why invent a new protocol? RFC3514 compliance should do the trick ;)

Google plugs first Googlephone flaw

Russell Heilling

But when do we get it?

I'd been following this story for a while and was hoping that when I took my G1 out of the box on Friday it would at least have a relatively recent firmware. The patched US version is RC29. My out of the box G1 in the UK has RC7 and no sign of an update being available yet...

This seems to be one are where an open source mobile OS is a bad idea - the patch has been published and makes the hole fairly obvious for anyone who wants to write an exploit. So now the black hats could quite happily write code knowing that there will be exploitable handsets out there for quite some time due to T-mobile's staggered push updates...