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T-Mobile socks it to O2 over BlackBerry launch


It is £35 on o2 uk

Just noticed this article and would like to confirm this is also free on £35 per month with o2 uk

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head



I though the gag was one of his best, probably the only bit in the show that made me actually laugh out loud!

Virgin cuts broadband to a fiver


Its not broadband!

Im sick of people winging about how their 'mobile broadband' is no good. when are they going to realise that its not designed to replace home broadband, its for retrieving e-mail, light web use and instant messaging.

I think that now coverage is increasing, prices are dropping and operator competition is increasing in this market, that you could pick up a pretty good deal, providing you understand that you cant just go and download a pirate copy of harry potter in 1/2 an hour and its probably gonna cost you a few extra £££ in overage charges unless you go for something like o2s new 10 GB package.

Well done to O2 who have bothered to go out and see why customers are so unhappy and rectify their deals to reflect customers needs!