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Give 'em SSPL, says Elastic. No thanks, say critics: 'Doubling down on open' not open at all

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She said she thinks that companies who, like Elastic, are disgruntled with the way cloud providers use their code, are not fully understanding what open source licences mean. “The cloud providers in my experience are using it in a way that’s acceptable within the open source licences,” she said.

Yes, obviously. That's why they're changing the licence.

The hour grows late, the enemy are at the gates... but could Intel's exiled heir apparent ride to the rescue?

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> I said earlier that Pat Gelsinger was transparently decent, a point that many godless Brits conflate with his Christianity, something he lives with an openness unusual even for an American. These things are connected but not contingent, he's not the sort who needs to get his morals from a book

There's no need to downplay his faith. Super unlikely you'd do it with any other one.

Hallowed Bugtraq infosec list killed then resurrected over the weekend: We heard your feedback, says Accenture

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Re: "Install an ad-blocker, says CISA"

> hippy lefty nonsense like security or efficiency

No one prioritises the importance of individuals and efficiency like a large central bureaucracy.

Euro cloud slingers fight for niches on their own doorstep as AWS, Microsoft and Google inhale market share

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Re: What's the definition of a cloud provider?

I love PythonAnywhere.

Vatican absolved of one financial sin after revelation of data discrepancies

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“AUSTRAC has subsequently undertaken a detailed review of the data and put immediate additional quality assurance processes in place,” the response adds. The agency is also “… considering what further processes and governance changes should be implemented into the future.”

So, this was manual work, and it's still manual work, we just added another instruction to say AND DON'T MAKE ANY MISTAKES.

Watchdog urges Tesla to recall 158,000 Model S, X cars to fix knackered NAND flash that borks safety features

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Re: Ah - the optimism of youth

Young people today eh?

Yeah the original Mini whose glove box would decapitate children in the front seat in an accident, that was definitely designed by young people today.

Netherlands minnow Red Kubes releases open-source Community Edition of its Otomi Kubernetes wrangler

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One to watch, for sure. Kubernetes-native services are definitely attractive for the reasons they cite.

Another reason: I can spin up a little equivalent on my laptop and do stuff locally, or in CI and run integration tests. Which is nice.

Buggy code, fragile legacy systems, ill-conceived projects cost US businesses $2 trillion in 2020

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Re: The role of management in software quality

they started insisting that all tasks must be estimated in two-day chunks, even the ones that can't be because they involve exploratory work and you only know that they're likely to be large and full of gotchas

Not sure I've seen that bit of the Agile manifesto.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Some potential causes

- software treated as projects that "resources" are assigned to briefly, instead of having a team of people that that build and maintain them (part/full time)

- software treated as projects where success is measured in dollars spent and deadlines met, rather than working software that can create a lot of value

- software architected by people who don't think in systems

Theranos destroyed crucial subpoenaed SQL blood test database, can't unlock backups, prosecutors say

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Re: Why 'science'?

Blood test machine is engineering, not science :)

Extreme Networks misses death-of-Flash deadline, suggests winding back PC clocks to keep its GUI alive

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Surely not

The worst of all worlds would actually be if they hadn't done all that other stuff.

Consultants bag £375m for their role in developing the UK's faltering COVID-19 Test and Trace system

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Re: Don't forget the middlemen

The big consultancies are normally minimum of 40% profit on each person.

Crowdfunded Asahi project aims for 'polished' Linux experience on Apple Silicon

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Re: I don't see why Apple would stand in the way of this

Given they're a luxury good, a single action that grows the number by less than 1% is still pretty useful.

React team observes that running everything on the client can be costly, aims to fix it with Server Components

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Server Components are not the same as server-side rendering and there are no ugly screen refreshes as users navigate a page

Server-side rendering doesn't imply screen refreshes like that. SSR is an initial server-side render of React (or equivalent) code into HTML, with all the events etc attached, but still works like React (or equivalent) once it hits the browser. You're thinking of old-school request/response full page refreshes.

Open-source contributors say they'll pull out of Qt as LTS release goes commercial-only

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Last year Knoll said: "None of these changes should affect how Qt is being developed. There won't be any changes to Open Governance or the open development model."

Cool, so still please contribute for free, you just can't use it now.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: @AC - Open source

Yikes, no.

New York Stock Exchange bins China’s three biggest telcos

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Re: China's awash with capital

Nope. If you check any news or social media source you'll see plenty of vocal opposition to incumbents. It might be different for countries who do not have open elections.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: China's awash with capital

> Huge swings across the board going against the polls. Implausible, unbelievable, unreal.

It's not a swing if it's bad polling. Shy Republicanism is a big thing.

Julian Assange will NOT be extradited to the US over WikiLeaks hacking and spy charges, rules British judge

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"Free speech does not comprise a 'trump card' even where matters of serious public concern are disclosed," said the judge in a passage that will be alien to American readers, whose country's First Amendment reverses that position.

It does not reverse that position. The US want to prosecute him under US law.

Google says it’s the cleanest cloud, also reveals deal with Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company for new cloud region

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Sounds like the article did its job.

North of England NHS buyers name IT consultants who got in on £200m framework deal

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Re: not chickenfeed but hardly whopping

Nowhere did that comment mention that the amounts were insufficient.

Elon Musk says he tried to sell Tesla to Apple, which didn’t bite and wouldn't even meet

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Tesla is driven by Elon Musk's charisma and little else.

I'm pretty sure it takes more than that to launch a line of electric cars. This was ludicrous even only 15 years ago.

Ethical power supplier People's Energy hacked, 250,000 customers' personal info accessed

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: And who believes any unsolicited phone callers these days?

I'd suggest making sure you have an app you can push official comms through

Google told BGP to forget its Euro-cloud – after first writing bad access control lists

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Re: Clouds are great!

> Stick with Einstein's dictum: everything should be as complicated as necessary but not more.

I can't tell if "no more" was the end of the quote or just the web server dying and sending that as its last message.

They were not the cloud you were looking for, insists Amazon Web Services in unsealed JEDI protest

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Re: Things that might have invalidated MS's bid

Exactly my feelings. This also means that US taxpayers pay for software running on that infrastructure that is not going to lock them into the winning cloud vendor indefinitely.

UK union pens letter to data watchdog on icky workplace monitoring systems like Microsoft's Productivity Score

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Templates...

Yeah. It conflates "using Microsoft products" and productivity. This is not accidental.

Ad blocking made Google throw its toys out of the pram – and now even more control is being taken from us

Robert Grant Silver badge

It's kind of a tech company too, but in a good-enough sort of way rather than the "hey, we invented the transistor" sort of way.

Exactly. That's why I use IE11, Azure Service Fabric, Apple Maps and Bing. Because they're just as good as Google's mediocre tech.

Linus Torvalds launches Linux kernel 5.10, warns devs not to send 5.11 code too close to Christmas

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: bye bye 2038->1901, I'll not miss you at all.

1901 was the best year anyway! Everyone knew their place, amirite?

Back to the Fuchsia, part IV: Google's in-development OS now open to community contributions

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: "Google is well known for enthusing about projects and later abandoning them."

This is the meat of the issue. Is this going to be another Google playtoy to be abandoned when it grows bored? Their track record certainly discourages me from contributing or buying their products.

I only have an Android because Apple is worse and Microsoft is gone.

I like that you think Microsoft is better having already done what you're worried about Google doing is.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Whatever.

What sort of applications are you going to run on meshed dust?

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Whatever.

> Is it really competition? I think for "real" computer users, absolutely none of them are viable options. So they can all roll around in the muck together.

Real as in human?

Adios California, Oracle the latest tech firm to leave California for the wide open (low tax) Lone Star State

Robert Grant Silver badge

I like that you think housing cost isn't about money.

Apple appears to be charging Brits £309 to replace AirPods Max batteries, while Americans need only stump up $79

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Re: Not so.

> Likewise the idiot who bought it from you

Only if that increase is inflation-adjusted :)

OnePlus founder scores $7m from iPod inventor and other investors for audio startup

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Audio Hardware?

Beats? :)

Cisco challenges the tyranny of Outlook with short, self-terminating Webex meetings

Robert Grant Silver badge

> Noise cancellation has been enhanced so that those working from home in noisy environments or using a blender during a meeting will be heard. The blender is not a rhetorical flourish: Cisco's demo literally showed off a user making a smoothie while collaborating productively.

This actually sounds quite cool. And I say this as a hater of Webex.

Life after proprietary wares: German support biz flees IBM Db2 databases for something more Postgres-shaped

Robert Grant Silver badge

So they think Postgres is just about good enough for that?

Robert Grant Silver badge

> It may be for a very good department-size database; just good enough.

What on earth is a department-sized database?

SAP's strength is the basics: Not RPA or AI, but 'consistent' data models that make sense for actual business processes

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GitHub turns on money tap for corporate open-source donations, turns off the lights with dark mode design

Robert Grant Silver badge

> "The clean separation between the two buckets is actually really important for productivity," said Schoening.

This sounds real.

Another piece comes to .NET Core: Microsoft will keep the runtime patched automatically

Robert Grant Silver badge

Docker, people

Docker on K8s, separated from human contact by an API, squirrelled away somewhere on a server only CI (or an audited, temporarily-allowed human) can access. Minimise the chances that an exploit is anywhere near reachable and you're off to a good start.

Happy silver jubilee to JavaScript, king of the web at 25 and still hanging on to its crown, for now

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Good news and bad news

Python won't have ever done that. It's strongly typed. You may only find out in production, if you didn't test it, but it won't mix up types.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Office 365 is worse than LibreOffice

If you've used the collaboration features in the native apps and seen them crash repeatedly compared to web, you might consider them to not cut it either.

AWS adds a ‘Would you like services with that?’ option to its software Marketplace

Robert Grant Silver badge

I wonder if contractors could sign up to sell services directly. What's the IR35 view on that?

AWS Babelfish for PostgreSQL: A chance to slip the net of some SQL Server licensing costs?

Robert Grant Silver badge

Yes. The basic stuff may be the majority, though. It'll be interesting to see if they start encroaching on SSIS and PowerBI next.

UK government puts £750m on the table as it looks to deal directly with cloud providers

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Re: Who has bought a stake in the company that gets the deal?

> The governments' view seems to be that we need to privatize all public money.

What does this mean? Most government spending is on private companies, and it all comes from private money.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Your analogies are off, though. Cloud isn't people renting physical servers and operating them yourself, like a freight company buying or leasing a fleet. It's outsourcing a service to someone else, like hiring a freight company. You take it on trust the company is not looking at or stealing your stuff.

Robert Grant Silver badge

The difference is that electricity is fungible and has something stronger than assurances and audits to prove it isn't exfiltrating your data.

Uncle Sam sues Facebook for allegedly discriminating against US workers in favor of foreigners on H-1B visas

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Temporary visa holders often have limited job mobility

Being able to work in a country which you couldn't work in before is not a restriction of rights. It's a conditional expansion of them.

Robert Grant Silver badge

Re: Temporary visa holders often have limited job mobility

It's a form of indentured labour that you sign up to with conditions, and can leave when you want.

Or we could call it what it is, which is "nothing like indentured labour".

'Massive game-changer for UK altnet industry': BT-owned UK comms backbone Openreach hikes prices on FTTP-linked leased line circuits

Robert Grant Silver badge

Roll on Starlink.


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