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MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

Dean Ayers


So, I find the proms a waste of money, I find all the crapy day time decorating shows offence, ive never one in my life been intrested in radio 3.

But do I demand they be taken off air and the presenters sacked?

No, I understand that the BBC is diverse and appeals to many different peoples.

So why is it these moronic MPs and the pc brigade as a whole cant respect that also?

Why cant they realise that with such a wide audience theres allways somthing people wont like.

I mainly use the BBC for 3 things, Top Gear - Chris Moyles show - and the russel brand show (or did) And they want to take two of those 3 programs away,

So Is it okay if I dont pay my TV licence? Oh wait... what a joke.....

Study clears cannabis of schizophrenia rap

Dean Ayers


Did you hear now mps are demanding clarkson to be sacked?

We cant even have "edgy" comedy here in the uk because of the politically correct croud and the sheep that follow them.

So im sorry but no matter how many reports show how "safe" this drug can be, it wont mean a thing.

Hell, Jesus himself could be reborn with a huge weed tattoo and a note from god stating its okay to smoke it and still it would be illegal.

Deal with it, nothing will change in our life time :(

BBC's speak you're branes collapses under Brand-Ross sex outrage

Dean Ayers
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No ones doubting it should have been edited, but the facts are simple...

1) It was an interview set up with both parts and manuel didnt pick up the phone, it dont condone what was said but its not like they were randomly ringing care homes and insulting people.

2) His grandaughter is part of the girl group " The Satanic Sluts" and does glamor modeling, how can he, or she be upset with somthing as trivial as this given her day job(s)?

3) Brand is a comedian, hes said and done far worse and at the time of the show going out 2 people complained, since the daily mail had a slow news day/week and heard about the interview 2nd hand 20.000 have so far, and its a very safe bet most of those wont have even tuned in to his show, or maybe even the 5min soundbyte

The thing that really gets me is, a lot of people dont understand him, or get his comedy and this has helped thing mess snowball in to what it has and it wouldnt suprise me if he ended up geting the sack, One of the very few services/shows I use on the bbc is going to be taken away

So can I stop paying my Tv licence? oh wait no I cant, So efectivly im losing out.

I dont like the proms, I dont like opera or eastenders, but you know what? If I dont like it, I turn off, The mindless sheep and the moronic PC brigade should do the same and report and worry about real news.


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