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Web hosting

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Re: Web hosting

I'll second hetzner.de - we've rented a dedicated from them for 5 years or so now (OpenSUSE).. Excellent support who all speak English and responsiveness is very good too, even on weekends.

Teens break up with Facebook

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Re: You've nailed it!

I'm exactly the same (apart from being 41), shuttered it because of this and numerous other reasons (join us on FB, blah, blah).. :(

The Facebook job test: Now interviewers want your logins

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Re: Unemployable

Possibly - and another reason to work for yourself :)

On a more serious note, I "deleted" my FB account a while back - far too many corporates wanting you to 'like' their product on FB, meaning they see loads of your personal data..

Years ago, I read a book (or saw a movie) wherein the lead baddy said something like: "It's not the money, it's he who controls the information" - prophetic, IMO

BT fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout penetrates 73 more exchanges

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Those in Canary Wharf area, have you looked into Hyperoptic? They were rolling out in an around that area, I believe.

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Re: Devon?

Nope - I live in South Devon. Dartmouth was already on the list & Brixham, Paignton & St. Marychurch in Torquay are part of today's announcement. I checked my postcode on that site earlier and those exchanges come up.

Kevin Saunders

No they don't, and no one appears to know why. Some cabinets are subject to planning (conservation areas and the like) and some cabs get delayed due to issues of blocked ducting and problems with contractors getting power installed.

If you know where your cab is, keep an eye on the ELGIN (www.elgin.gov.uk) web site for local works.

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Re: No FTTC Cabinet for me

Your cabinet can be up to 1000m or more away. I know of someone who is 1500m away and gets the full 40Mb/s down, but it's almost guaranteed they're on .5mm copper.

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Re: I must be one of the only ones

No, FTTP is (mostly) underground or fed from poles. FTTC cabs are within 100 metres of the PCP you are connected to and about twice the size of a PCP.

Kevin Saunders

Re: Anyone actually have Infinity

I know a number of people that have it (I used to have it, but moved to a different town that is in the list announced today). My mate has had it for over a year and it's astonishingly fast. Currently he gets around 28Mb/s down.

The other thing to keep in mind, the March/June/September/December dates are placeholders in the checker - firm dates only arrive a week or so before the cabinet goes live.

ISP Be admits crippling iPlayer demand burst its pipes

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Re: Errm...

Actually, O2 customers have been affected (me for one) and plenty of others if you read the O2 forum on Thinkbroadband. After much messing about, people noticed that it was restricted to certain blocks of IP addresses and forcing an IP change on the BeBox/O2Box by changing the MAC address fixed the issue for a number of people (apart form those of us with fixed IPs of course)..

Third of Blighty stuck on snail-speed broadband

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I don't disagree, but VM is a private network (yes, I know they sell access to the mobile networks), whereas OpenReach is reselling network access to fixed line ISPs. Also, VM does not have access to public funds, which OpenReach does (not huge amounts, admittedly) , but there is BDUK money about

Kevin Saunders

Perhaps more people would have better broadband if OpenReach rolled out FTTC to areas that need it first, as opposed to those areas that are already served by VM. And a number of new estates are being missed because VM don't serve them either, even though the surrounding area has FTTC rolled out.

Bung a tenner to a mate's mobile number with new Barclays app

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1st Payment

Done - sent a payment to the wife to test it. Quick and easy and saves me having to log in to give her dosh.

Kevin Saunders

Re: Question about linking to the bank account

You have to verify using PIN Sentry, ATM on in branch.

Mobile networks told to sniff punters' privates for profit

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Re: Time for the vpn

Agreed - but it's even easier than that. My Windows 7 box at home has the ability to accept PPTP VPN connections (and has one set up) as does a friend of mine. And my phone (iPhone in my case, but Android phones too) has the built in ability to use said VPN (and I do to get around the office WiFi blocked sites list).

O2 quietly cans gratis Cloud Wi-Fi connectivity

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Yep, I definitely got both text messages about this too.. It's a shame really, as The Cloud hotspots are much faster than the BT ones. :(

WD updates video streamer for Netflix, iPlayer

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This is one of the things I really dislike about WD - older models just get left behind and don't get updated, not even bug fixes (I work in software, so I kind of understand). That said, the last firmware release for the Live HD works a treat, so I'm not that bothered..

Kevin Saunders

Right, he is in the UK, but bought his unit 2nd hand and it has the American model number, so no iPlayer for him..

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A bloke on a forum (the modern day "Bloke down the pub") says he's just updated and there is no iPlayer to be seen - not hundreds he's in the UK, though..

I also picked mine up for £80 - to go with the 2 original Live HD units we've already got - absolutely love these devices..

Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home

Kevin Saunders

I use mine daily - office has free WiFi and it means I no longer have to lug a laptop around just to surf the web and read email..

Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S

Kevin Saunders

Optional title? Wow!

All very nice handsets, but there is one thing that stops me buying an Android handset: Android upgradability. A vast number of handsets are locked down by the manufacturer and cannot be upgraded to the latest/greatest version of Android (whatever the current flavour may be) or cannot be upgraded because they are too slow.. In contrast, the wife's iPhone 3G (yes, a 2nd gen unit) is currently running iOS 4 (4.21 IIRC).. Okay, no iOS 5, but still the unit is ancient in phone terms and yet still works beautifully with this OS. Any Android phones around that can boast the same thing?

Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

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Quickest in Leamington?? Must be loads of people doing tests on FTTC connections to average that kind of speed as it was never that fast when I lived there..

Splashtop Remote Desktop

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2X Client

Is what I'm using on my iPad - free and works a treat!!

Next iPhone to sport thinner, lighter casing, says paper

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The iPhone 4 looks like the iPad, so if I was an analyst spouting bull about Apple products I would venture forth that the next gen iPhone will sport a look similar to the iPad2..

Microsoft warns on support scams

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"Redmond said 79 per cent of those tricked suffered financial loss – the average loss was $875 (£542). Losses ranged from just $82 (£51) in Ireland to a whopping $1,560 (£967) in Canada."

That would be why they keep calling, even though I keep telling them to F*** off..

Paris: because a lot of people have been shafted, but not in a good way..

Ten... DAB kitchen radios

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Tune In

Personally, I'd rather spend my dosh on a stereo iPod dock and stream any of hundreds of radio stations using the TuneIn Radio app..

El Reg iPhone app rated a flaccid 12+

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Er, there is..

A mobile version of the website.. Http://m.theregister.co.uk if memory serves..

BlackBerry PlayBook Blighty debut date announced

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Seriously, why pay the same as for an iPad2 (16GB WiFi model) for a smaller, <flame suit on> probably inferior product </flame suit>???

Paris: cos if you buy one you'll know how she feels while being shafted....

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made

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Don't make me choose!!

It's just not fair that there is no "ALL" button - I loved so many of these stories I just can't choose!!!

Paris: because I feel I've been screwed!!

O2 boots up boobies blocker

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Re: No CC

Use a VPN - there are plenty of free IPSeC or PPTP options available

DARPA awards 'Deep Green' battle-computer cash

Kevin Saunders

Will it work like MultiVac?


ISPs nominate UK record industry as top internet villain

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Gates Horns


"Yes, I know what we want is impossible, but we have given Labour so much dosh they are going to force you to do it anyway.."

Nintendo confirms Wii DVD support coming

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Once can always use TVersity to play movies on the Wii, thanks to the Opera browser and some nifty flash based encoding on the fly..

Slingbox Solo TV-over-the-net device

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@ David Lurie

The Wii can do this with ease.. Just download the 'internet Channel' AKA Opera for the Wii and then load TVersity (tversity.com) on the PC from which you want to stream, and away you go..

Hackers hit back at iPhone update

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I can't resist!!

Dongme Li?? Sounds like the name of a pr0n star - and considering she's been shafted by Apple.......


Cut-price laptops coming forth

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RE: This has to be a con!

Agreed!! On Slashdot (where I first saw the story) there is much comment about it:

Here's a sample:

1) Domain name registered in april 07, for a term of ONE YEAR, how many hardware companies do you know who put up a domain for 1 year? Obviously only the companies that don't expect to be in business for a second year.

2) The contacts are at hotmail. Okay, that's not good. Usually a hardware company would register itself with a DBA company name instead of a "Valdi Ivancic valdi_ivancic@hotmail.com", leaving human name contacts for administrative and technical contacts.

3) The site hoster.... Surf-net charges .99# / year....with low setup fee, smells fishy....someone's going the cheap route about their corporate site.

4) company can't afford a fax? Interesting.

at least the scammer hasn't used anonymity services during registration.

Louisiana town outlaws 'sagging pants'

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Won't someone please..

think of the builders and plumbers?? They're all going to be broke after this ordinance makes it onto the books.. :-D

South Africa mulls reining in roaming

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Black Market?

Guaranteed a HUGE black market for phones with local SIMs will appear as soon as this legislation is passed (most of them nicked from local punters, no doubt).. :-(

Software piracy rates remain stubbornly stuck

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Do they call and ask??

How do the BSA know that 27% of software used in companies is counterfeit? Do they call a bunch of companies and ask?

BSA: So, do you use pirated/counterfeit software?

IT Bod: Yeah, please send FAST after us!!

Head of DrinkorDie cops to copyright charges

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Re: Were these guys making copies for sale?

No, none of these groups do this to make money.. It's all about the 'net equivalent of 'street cred' - who can get the latest release out first, be it movies, software apps or games..


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