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Periodic table enjoys elemental engorgement

Stephen Hunt

113 and 118

113 - Unluckyforsomeium?

118 - Directoryenquirium?

Mystery 'doughnut' materializes in front of Mars rover: 'OH MY GOD! It wasn't there before!'

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Probably just shadows

Looks like the two views are from slightly different aspects, and on the first picture a faint shadow can already be seen.

My guess is that these are just shadows and that the landscape hasn't actually changed, the camera can now just observe the shadows.

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

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Ok - so now fix the app store model.

Remove the hurdles to devs to create apps and the Windows 8 thing might succeed. (E.g. remove the iOs-style pay to play and switch to an android-style free to innovate on your device.)

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls

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Re: removed

Also here:


3:30 for the impatient

Google’s privacy policy: Incoherent and confusing

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Other search providers are available.

I would list them but it is just as easy for you to Google them. Er, wait, hang on...

Oceans gaining ACID faster than last 300 MILLION YEARS

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Climate change

I am reminded of the story of the group of men in blindfolds who were presented with an elephant and asked to identity it.

Google befriends Microsoft with WinDroid tablets

Stephen Hunt

Come on Google...

The .net platform on android would be win all around.

Windows Phone 8 to get NFC, HD and Skype

Stephen Hunt

And Swype..


Five ways Microsoft can rescue Windows Phone

Stephen Hunt

Obvious fix needed:

Get Swype, or similar, on the device. The move from Swype keyboard input to tap keyboard input is painful.

Outside-the-box thinking literally can't be done inside a box, say profs

Stephen Hunt

Next I would like them to investigate...

Whether you can really see further by standing on the shoulders of giants.

HP, RIM, ARM among thousands in ICANN dot-brand ban

Stephen Hunt

I'm looking forward to...


First private-sector space station docking delayed

Stephen Hunt

"presents a terrible threat to a lot of American jobs"

Short-term maybe. But if this opens up a new stream of technology and a new competitive market then long-term it will be massively jobs-generating.

Swiss boffins produce working cloth made of GOLD

Stephen Hunt

Ties and hankerchiefs?

I think they are missing a trick. They should be making golden snoods for lowly-paid footballers to go with their gold boots.

Get out there and take some risks, says Woz

Stephen Hunt

I agree with Steve

As one who has 'taken the risk and failed' I still wholeheartedly agree that people should take risks and be willing to fail.

The commercial landscape, especially the tech sector, understands that taking risks and failing is not the same as making mistakes.

Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz

Stephen Hunt

"browsing applications categorised in a tree structure"

I'm no Apple fan, and have a Galaxy S myself, but a patent on a tree structure?

Whoever issued this patent needs to actually sit at computer before just putting the piece of paper into the 'accept' pile.

Apple snubs Samsung's Oz patent peace offering

Stephen Hunt

"The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch and maintain the status quo"

Forward thinking tech firm?

The current generation of smart phones is not the end game. They may make a lot of money now, but there are uncountable leaps of innovation still to be made.

Start making those leaps instead of trying to stagnate the market.

Hospital data boob: Records left in bin room got binned

Stephen Hunt

Hospital data boob

So this isn't some new form of wearable storage device?

Schoolkids learn coding at GCSE level in curriculum trial

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More of this type of teaching.

Apple ejects FT app from iTunes

Stephen Hunt


I assume Apple has some stonking HTML 5 patents up its sleeve - as it seems to be pushing all content providers away from native apps and towards HTML 5 with its revenue grabbing schemes.

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush

Stephen Hunt

Cost of water...

So 8,000,000gal = $28,500.00

Meaning that 1,000gal = $3.56

Why are my water bills so high?

Sky combines, revamps internet telly services

Stephen Hunt


Hopefully this service will be a bit more robust than their last offering, and they have sorted out the confusion the client used to encounter causing it to forget already-registered devices.

Acer to dump 3 million laptops onto European market

Stephen Hunt

Be sure to buy two..

As the first one will probably go caput within 6 months and you'll need the spares.

New 'liquid smart metal' can go hard or floppy

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If they built an extruder for this for a 3D printer, then we'd be talking.

Yanks officially recognise the word 'boffin'

Stephen Hunt

A sentence containing all these words?

Is it even possible?

Steven Moffat fumes over Doctor Who plot leak

Stephen Hunt

So don't tell the press the plot

Like most people I don't like spoilers, but an easy solution is to not tell the press the plot in the launch parties.

And get rid of all the spoilers for next weeks episode that are tacked in before the credits while you are at it - these just give to whole plot away.

Swedish newlyweds enjoy lively honeymoon

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Book deal...

...then film, please.

The Microsoft mobile reboot needs rebooting

Stephen Hunt

Win7 mobile

I waited for Windows 7 mobile before buying a phone, then bought an Android. Rightly or wrongly I perceive W7M as too closed - too like Apple. Not what I was expecting from Microsoft.

I do most of my coding in .Net so was hoping to easily jump to this platform, but the closedness made me choose to learn Java (which is pretty simple for any other .Netters out there) instead of be locked in.

Average Brit has three mysterious keys

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Sounds about right

I have 8, or which I'm not sure about 3.

Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers

Stephen Hunt
Jobs Horns

In case you had forgotten

Never buy Apple products.

Lightning catches up with Thunderbird

Stephen Hunt

Thunderbird and Lightning?

very very frightning...

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless

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I think a few Troll's may be inhabiting these Avatar forums (along with some PR guru's.)

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

Stephen Hunt


where I am.

Software engineer rated best job of 2010 (almost)

Stephen Hunt
Gates Halo

Computer programmer

I see that although SOFTWARE ENGINEER came in at number 2, COMPUTER PROGRAMMER only comes in at number 34.

I must be wrong not buying in to the typical management line that "we'll just change your job title rather than give you any salary increase."

Google demos image rec 'quantum computer'

Stephen Hunt


Now if they could only train it to identify vapourware...

Philip K. Dick's kid howls over Googlephone handle

Stephen Hunt

Not a valid claim

Although I am no lawyer, and I am a big fan of PKD. I don't think this claim is valid.

As I understand it you do not get trademark rights on names / etc. from the publication of a single book - as this does not constitue a 'source' but as a single work (unlike e.g. Lord of the Rings books or the Harry Potter series of books - which are seen as a source). And you don't get them if you haven't applied for them either.

Collisions at LHC! Tevatron record to be broken soon?

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@John Baglow

It is 900GeV.

Each of the speeding hadrons has 450GeV. When they collide they annihilate each other freeing up the 900GeV to create all the short-lived particles which are seen in the event diagrams.

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

Stephen Hunt


Obviously the woman in green psyching everyone up at the start and throughout had nothing to do with it...

Oxford American Dictionary dubs 'unfriend' Word of the Year

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@Iron Oxide

Are you sure you're not angrious?

Channel 4 to become Channel 3D tonight

Stephen Hunt

Which 3d? = ColorCode 3D

I.e. this one:


Revealed: The amazing premise behind Ridley Scott's Monopoly

Stephen Hunt

Another movie idea...

Bloke wakes up in the morning goes to buy a coffee and reaches for his wallet but all he has for a hand is a semi-circular plastic hook. He's confused and embarrassed and rightly so because the girl - who looks like she is made out of plastic - reaches across the counter and says: "How you gonna pay for a coffee with hands like that?" Bloke looks in the mirror and finds he is also made out of plastic. In fact he has just woken up in Playmobil City.

It has all the sights - plastic clip on hairdo's, plastic hats, fixed inane grins, Optimus Prime appearing to cause havoc.

GlideTV Navigator

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Not sure I'd buy one.

I've got the whole laptop hooked up to TV thing. Once you have your IE favorites and desktop toolbar set up, then all you really need is a wireless mouse - and optical mice work fine for me on chair armrests or even your knee.

Typing is a little fiddly, but with remembered IE's passwords it's easy to get on to streamed sites such as lovefilm and skyplayer. And Vista already includes an on-screen keyboard as an accessibility option. Turning down the screen resolution helps too when navigating around - while not affecting full-screened video playback.

Pull the plug on Pandas, declares BBC man

Stephen Hunt

A bad call for many reasons..

1. Ok, so saving them may be eating up conservation cash. But if they are left to become extinct, then this undermines the conservation effort in general. So people may become dis-illusioned with it ("can't even save the Panda") and so in the long run there will be less conservation cash to go around.

2. Letting a species become extinct is a one-way choice. If it turns out to be wrong in the future, there is no going back.

3. Panda's may not be that great at storing fat to hibernate, but as they eat low-calorie foodstuff and manage to survive, they may have adaptations that are unique and identifiable in terms of efficient energy utilisation. If so, understanding these may be a valuable resource for us humans.

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

Stephen Hunt
Big Brother

1984 - the film

< The guy from the film.

eBay driving world's tomb raiders out of business, says prof

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As they are created by local craftsmen, surely there will be some value in these pieces in the future. They will become the new antiques.

Where's my wallet....

Can you talk and drive?

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Load of rubbish

I tried with the volume up answering questions, failed by -2

Tried with the volume down, just tapping space, failed by -1.

Missed the 'obvious thing' both times, even though in the second I knew it was coming up.

This test proved nothing about texting.

Ask.com rehires butler Jeeves

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Tried it for a day

Well, I tried Ask for a day and came up with two observations:

1) Its results were not as comprehensive as google, I got better results on at least one search when nothing relevant was found via Ask.

2) The branding gets in the way. I do not want to be distracted by cartoon characters or highly stylised buttons / boxes when searching - I want the branding to be practically ignorable (I am not going to the site to get a branding-fix). If it has to be branded, then do that in the results page, not the query page.

So it is back to google for me.

Register readers on software development

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@David Dawson

Agree - C# should (if anything) be lumped with Java as a 'runtime targeted' language

@AC 0907

Disagree - I currently use C# as a from-scratch language (e.g. to create Windows Services / GUI-based applications). API use and windowing (WPF/XAML) is far better in C# than C/C++ (Win32/etc).

Obama science chief: Geo-engineer to save Gaia!

Stephen Hunt

Wait a few years....

Taking these actions may be popular in drawing in 'group-think' voters. But we do not understand the full dynamics of the ecosystem to even make valid predictions about what will occur.

I would give it a few years, as in all likelihood all the climate models of today will be thrown out by then as 'naive'.

Of course if you just want to spend some cash on something that feels nice to do - give it a whirl. It is unlikely that any human endeavour will have a significant impact without a huge investment. But be prepared to write off all that cash 5 years down the line.

El Reg spymobile snapper nailed on Street View

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nice game...

Here is my entry:




Dragons' Den winner infringed own patent, IPO rules

Stephen Hunt

@ Mark

These were my initial thougts, but a quick google for the two products and you can see they are very similar (if not identical).