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Antarctica frozen out of internet revolution

Don Gosney

Ya gotta know how to read the figures

Of course the United States would dominate the rest of the world as far as the number of IP addresses. And of course, less empowered areas such as Africa would be dragging up the rear.

What should be noted, however, is that lowly Antarctica, which has but 15,000 or so IP addresses probably has but one quarter that number of actual residents.

If you work out the number of IP addresses per resident, Antarctica should rank up there near the top right after the USA and Europe. And let's not foget that getting the internet down there is a bit more difficult than just having your local cable or phone company hook you up.

IBM prepared to break knuckles of low-income students

Don Gosney

Let's Stay Focused

It doesn't matter whather the computers purchased were state of the art or obsolete. It doesn't matter that the West County School District has absolutely no money. It doesn't matter how many salaries or supplies or cans of paint this money might take care of. And it doesn't matter whether former Superintendent of Schools Walter Marks rots in the lower depths of Hades for all of eternity.

What does matter is that a bona fide authorized representative of the District made a deal and his successors renegotiated the deal. The District is obligated to stand up and fulfill their obligations. If the District tries to weasel out of this deal--no matter how bad it may have been at the time--what kind of message will they be sending to the students in their care?

This is yet another bad decision made by a con man nearly twenty years ago. The children of West County were shortchanged by this dastardly person back then and now the children of these children will continue to pay the price.


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