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Korg NanoKey MIDI controller

Scott Lamb


I paid £35 for mine a year ago and couldn't WAIT to get rid of it, it's a rip-off even at that price.

The keys are like laptop shift keys, you can't play hardly worth a damn with ONE hand, let alone two.

If you thought that was worth 80%, you should genuinely check out the AKAI LPK25 - for £45 (£5 less than you quote the Korg), it has proper (if mini-scale) keys, and will blow your mind in how much better it works.

Korg's mixer-style nan-controller and drum-pad units are both wonderful and worth the money but they dropped the ball so utterly in making the NanoKey out of laptop shift-keys (and thus barely usable) that I'm shocked anyone who's tried to write a song with it for more than five minutes could rate it 80%.

GooTube mulls fee-TV streams

Scott Lamb

No thanks

I'd rather find the show via private BitTorrent boards later the same day, pull it down for free and watch it as many times as I like, then buy the boxed set when the season's over, like I do normally.

If you could watch a stream forever once you'd paid, or if there was a download option (if it's true that nobody cares, surely they wouldn't lose much this way?) then i'd consider it, but as the first poster says, I'm sick of being charged 99% of the offline fee for an inferior product I don't own.

It feels like some kind of crazy auction where they up the price, thinking that will increase demand.

"They won't buy it for $10? OK, offer them 10% of it for $9.99!

They don't want THAT either? Damn these pirates! Take away their internets!"

Samsung retracts Symbian support snub

Scott Lamb

Nokia A500?

I would sell my mom for phone that natively ran AmigaOS (or emulated at high speed, I suppose).

Feds break Apple's code of App Store silence

Scott Lamb

anti-competitive behaviour

@Anonymous Coward:

Under normal circumstances, sure, but there are laws governing anti-competition behaviour, which are there to keep various markets healthy. Ultimately, this is to the benefit of the consumer / public, who can wind up with a particularly bad deal if one company is allowed to sew up a whole market.

Yahoo! loses spot at Britain's biggest ISP

Scott Lamb


That's wonderful marketing speak... Congratulations! You're fired!

Mininova flattened by Dutch court

Scott Lamb

jeez, could they get more obvious?

Hey, anonymous anti-piracy / pro-prosecution trolls:

We know you're paid lackeys, astroturfing for big business.

Wikipedia to crack down on celebrity Wikideaths

Scott Lamb


bloody hell, El Reg, you got to the third paragraph without name-calling.

losing your touch?

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

Scott Lamb

haw haw haw google munchkin hate

I think there's a chance that google have the smarts to make an OS that significantly outclasses the typical netbook "friendly linux", they sort of have form in terms of making popular tasks accessible.

But what're the chances el reg would give that perspective half a second's time, when they can be packing in the painfully overplayed google-chocolate-factory metaphors. Add a dash of redmond hate, apparently == reg article.

Slashdot comments make for better reading than any reg article featuring the word "google".

You're giving "hacks" a bad name.

London gym floors hoodies with Chav Fighting classes

Scott Lamb
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They really could have avoided making the "innocent" party white and the chav assailant black.

NASA: Google Gulfstreams not science experiments

Scott Lamb
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We got the joke

Bloody hell, how many times can you repeat "Willy Wonkas"?

We get it, you hold Google in snide disdain. You could at least invent a few more jibes.