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How the Feds shook hands with an internet pedophile

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No back doors

ZeroFool the simple answer is, you are mistaken, I never backdoored Digerari, regardless of what he has told you, he was never backdoored. not by me at least, and not by any member of SSGroup.

Its no longer a matter of discussion of whether he participated in these activities. That's already been determined. This story hopefully brings to light the failing system the US has in matters of plea bargaining with child predators. the system needs changing and that can only come from awareness of the problem.

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""Cool Mo Fo - remeber when you ran that 'beta' client with a backdoor bound to it? I sure do.

I remember people saying it was a practical joke, and they didn't mean anything by it.""

Well John actually no I don't. i have never been backdoored by anyone, ever..And anyone with a shred of knowledge in the field could avoid being "backdoored" as well.

For you to start with your claim that I have, pretty much indicates that you aren't too researched on this whole thing.

I don't dispute that Digerati was a helpful person, most pedophiles are very nice and helpful, and sometimes even very well respected (hxxp://www.capemaycountyherald.com/article/39293-pedophile-judge-faces-disbarment). Pedophiles are judges teachers policeman firefighters and your regular everyday scumbag. The point is that your method for character judgment is flawed, as it is completely obvious that Ryan/Digerati was caught red-handed with not just a few pictures of child porn, but thousands of them, therefore its completely obvious as well that he engaged in this activity whether you thought he was a good guy or not.

you then further state :

""If anyone has any actual evidence or is a witness to any of the stuff that's been mentioned, then they can have a say.""

I am a witness to the actions outlined in the above story, I do have/did provide evidence, and would testify to that extent in a court of law.

and :

""ZeroFool has been known to talk to Digi whilst all this was going on - and if he says that Digi wasn't as bad as he's being made out to be, then that's enough evidence for me.""

Yea, who cares what the federal government, the judges, the prosecutes, lawmakers, law enforcement, federal investigators, computer forensics specialists, and judicial system say, as long as ZeroFool (now around 16 years old) says its not so then it must not be so, even considering the fact that his words may be tainted by partiality, as is indicative of his responses here, i.e. "child porn is not legal in some countries." I'm sorry by that sounds more like a justification than a defense.

@ AC

I agree with your position, but maybe you should check your replies direction, I believe your response there should be aimed at ZeroFool and not me lol as the replies you cite are his and not mine...

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LOL Conspiracy?

A few comments to help clear up your confusion:

@Lance Baker

<quote>Neither the DOJ press release nor the indictment (which was later downgraded to an information) mention a word about child pornography. In fact, there are no government documents that say anything about it.

Interestingly, the only information about child porn comes from a single Philadelphia Inquirer reporter (her article was picked up by the AP, ...). It's strange that the only source for this article is other (probably rival) hackers, who have a clear interest in disparaging Ryan however they can.


Are you kidding me ? If that's the only mention of the child porn that you can find concerning this, then you obviously didn't look hard enough. Its in the court record, it was discussed by the judge at his sentencing, it was confirmed by the FBI. Are you to claiming that the federal judges the FBI, El Reg and the prosecutors are all in this huge "conspiracy" against Ryan along with these "rival hackers"??

Additionally, the indictment was acted upon. He was convicted and sentenced for the actions mentioned in the indictment, how again is that "downgraded" to an information?

@Zerofool2005, you of all people know this about Digerati, as you participated with the webcam "chats" of his on multiple occasions, you were 13. Even though you consented to participating on your own free will, you were 13, a child, that fact remains no matter how you try and sell it. You were even present for the 25th birthday "cam-party" mentioned in this article.

Additionally, his computers were analyzed by the FBI, not by some crackpot that doesn't have the resources or the equipment for data forensics, by the FBI an organization that employs some of the best forensic investigators in the world. Do you propose that his computer(s) (he had more than one, he used university computers as well) were compromised by a trojan hacker that planted all this evidence and then made a deal with AKILL all to frame Ryan/Digerati and that could not be discerned by the FEDS?

Surely you see how ridiculous this sounds.

Its interesting to note, that you mention Digerati backdoor'ing you. The story was that Digerati didn't trust you (at that time) so as a show of trust you ran his backdoor so he could monitor your compliance with him. Again, I'll say this so others can let that sink in...you were 13 at the time.....you my friend, are a shinning example of why these types of people should be removed from society, you may not see it or believe it, but you yourself were taken advantage of, by this very person.

That's the scariest part, through grooming, these individuals will attempt to convince their victims that their actions are perfectly normal, that its everybody else that's out to get them.

Often there is a strong bond much akin to infatuation and dedication, this serves two fold, first that the victim will remain quiet about the whole thing, and second that if needed, the victim will often offer a denying story or completely lie in order to protect the offender. This could sometimes take years of therapy to recover from. This is just one of the unseen consequences that are faced by victims of pedophiles.

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awareness, the interwebz need it

Correction again, it was reported up the chain of command so to speak, and the three reports weren't after a year, they were more of DURING the course of that year, first to the local authorities then to the internet providors and the the uni and finally to the FBI.

This person was a very dangerous individual. He was very calculating and determined. The damage that these predators inflict on their victims is mostly out of sight and out of mind. This mindset allows these people to continue thier activities and inflict more damage.

It is surprising and sickening at the same time how many people feel like this activity is ok. with statements trying to defend him and even still put off like this is one huge conspiracy, all perpetrated against Mr Goldstein.


""I, unlike most people in taunet and ssg, actually knew Digi quite well. I used to spend a lot of time talking to him about computer security. You might even say that he was somewhat of a mentor to me.""

<end quote>

I'm sorry but you don't seem familiar at all, you might have been more of a tuanet member than an SSGroup one I think.

Seems that you don't know him as well as you thought....

Remember (Previous poster John especially) that regardless of your impressions of him during your chats, he was still caught with the child sex images on his computer, he was still caught paying someone to attack various sites and servers, he was a shady character, that hes admitted himself in open court under oath.

Those are facts and go a lot further than the glowing (although completely inaccurate) review you leave for him. He is well known to post comments on the articles that are about him on the internet and try to paint himself in a good light.

Remember, as long as we don't take a stand against these filthy child molesters, they will be able to continue, and next time if might be somebody that you care about that gets victimized.

ps Mr Goodin, congratulations on the article it is a very good recollection of the events surrounding this whole exchange. I know you worked very hard to verify the information you gatherd and took you a few months to get it all together. thank you for helping shed some light on a subject that affects the whole of the internet and not just some "hacking" corners.