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Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords

Philip Dagnan

Passed Words

Neil O'Neill? I wonder what his middle name is

Probably the same as his passwords

Companies line up for funding to break China's Firewall

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Could be the making of an...


Extreme porn law used on beastly Chinese DVD pirates

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Heavy petting

What like with a Rhino?

Scotland welcomes back wild beaver

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Beaver Patrol!

A whole new dimenson the a Beaver Patrol.

Swedish couple demand right to name baby 'Q'

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Gates Horns

At least they didn't call it "P".

So when it died it would be an....


Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras

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C.L.U.E.L.E.S.S. Andrew Somerville

Ok, my bag, the one I found had a much higher resolution than D1.

Though, after few more seconds on that same site I found...

Specifically D1:


This one also has a better lux rating (0.5) which should suffice in a normally lit street.

When did they spec the system? Can't see it mentioned in the article, the law came into force in '08 though.

I didn't go looking to fully specify their system, just to point out there is COTS kit out there that'll do the job, that one from a significant player.

"Designing CCTV systems may perhaps be a little more complex than you think."

Don't assume everyone knows as much as you do.

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Seconds, and I mean seconds of googling found this...


Please feel free to forward to those 'in the know'.

The Boss bitchslaps Ticketmaster

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£3 to porint 'em yourself

Hows this though...

We'll deliver your tickets for... £3

We'll let you pick up your tickets for... £3

We'll email yoiur tickets, to print yourself.... £3 !!!!!!!!!!!! fercough.

So bought from the box office, and avoided being ticketmaster, and always will.

Fiat shows solar-panel wrapped 'Panda of the future'

Philip Dagnan

oooooohhhh toy

Is Fiat italian for Fisher Price?

Grim news at Dixons

Philip Dagnan

Currys = Dixons ?

If you can find me a bricks n'mortar Dixons store (other than at the airport) I'll give you a free extended warranty.


Reap what you sow.