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iPhone beta OS cracks before release

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They are getting there

Stolen / Jailbreak issue aside, I can see where you're coming from here. Looking at my icons of JB software I can see a MMS app, a video recording app and a GPS route map icon. Hidden away is the excellent SBSettings app also.

It looks likely that with 3.0, the need for a MMS app will go. Then possibly TomTom or whoever will bring out their route application. Video recording has also been mentioned in some reviews of 3.0

That takes out three of the four apps I've been using so I have indeed already wondered whether I'll need to JB the 3.0 version when I upgrade...

Noted that I'm on O2 so don't need to unlock.

Twitter breaks Jam Festival record

Paris Hilton

Title Here

No - but it could still be read two ways.

Their goal is 20K

They have received pledges of 4180.50 of which 68% have been paid (i.e. they actually have 2842.74).


They have received 4180.50 which is 68% of their total pledges (er.. 6147.79 maybe?)

Perhaps Paris is better at figures...

The Boss bitchslaps Ticketmaster

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Personally, I find the fact that TM have their own inbuilt marketplace for (usually non-transferrable) tickets a worse problem than their fees.

Trying to get a pair of tickets for a concert is nearly impossible when every other bugger is buying up 4 or 6 and selling their unwanted tickets back through TM at 200%+ face value.

No wonder concerts sell out in 60 seconds now-a-days.

Group Test: Blu-ray Disc players

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@ Len Goddard - region free?

I have the Sony 350 (picked up on a Lasky's misprice for £130 recently - smug). Anyway, this can be made region free (for DVD) with a simple remote control code. Sadly, it's not the BD players remote you need, but one of those all-in-one remotes.

Nice player though.

Brits allowed in to OLPC's 'give one, get one' scheme

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Group Test: Universal Remote Controls


@Psymon - flat surface remotes

Don't you think that the flat topped remotes are harder to use?

I found my pronto more frustrating to use in the end as I had to keep looking at the device to see where my finger was in relation to the button. One of the big selling points for me of the MX500 was that most of the buttons were moulded and therefore were useable without needing to look at what you were doing. The tactile response to the button press means, to me anyway, a less error prone operation.

The MK1 does look very nice though.

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MX-500 FTW

Originally had a Pronto, still using it now for the more unusual codes that I can d/l from the net. But I now use the MX-500 from Home Theater Master. A good mix of macros/hard moulded buttons/programmable slots/learning remote.

Wouldn't be without it now.

I control TV/HDDVD/BLuRay/Amp/V+/Tivo/Media PC all from the single remote.

Virgin Media accused of shafting customers on upload rates


Still behind the times

My cabling (Virgin ex NTL ex Encom) is so out of sync with the rest of the system I cannot get call-waiting from Virgin as the lines in my area are not compatible. One day maybe...

Is Amazon censoring anti-DRM reviews?


Others too

Perhaps we should keep an eye on the PC versions of Dead Space and Red Alert 3 as they too are suffering the same fate at the moment.

I'm sure there are some others too.


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