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Buffer overflow in Unix mailer Exim imperils 400,000 email servers


Thanks for the sudden panic!

Then I realised I'd updated for this on Feb 11th...

LinkedIn's training arm resets 55,000 members' passwords, warns 9.5m


"Please know that we have no evidence that this data included your password"

So from the sound of that they're stored in plain text then. Nice!

Chrome OS to get Android apps via the magic of containers


This is great!

I have an ARM chromebook - the battery life is lovely, but I have to use crouton for Firefox sync and I can't do things like TeamSpeak, Skype or dropbox.

I'm very happy with this decision!

Ding-dong, the cloud calling: The Ring Video Doorbell


Re: low attention span reader (LASAR)

I got confused and assumed I was reading a draft where all the C&P hadn't been taken out yet

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


"Older" posts

Couldn't find this mentioned in the last fortnight and it's still a bug, so...

When you click "Older posts" you get some more posts to read. Great! Click one and click the back button after reading and you're looking at the front page without any older posts listed, so have to click "older posts" again to see the rest.

Apple SILENCES Bose, YANKS headphones from stores


Re: I guess it's for the best

A bit of gaff tape will hide the "b" quite nicely

Firefox, is that you? Version 29 looks rather like a certain shiny rival


Re: Nearly

Sticking a forward slash after the hostname was a workaround last time I used chrome

RBS MELTDOWN LATEST: 'We'll be the bank we should be ... next YEAR maybe'


First Direct

I've been with them since soon after they opened too. I remember the special CD for dial-up (not internet) banking.

They've been great during all that time. Recommended.

Also have no idea about who does the IT, but I've yet to hear them say "sorry, sir, the system's down" when I call them. And they call me before charging me if I've made a right cockup of my account and there's not enough cash in there for a DD,

NASA gets funding for Mars InSight mission in 2016


Re: Anyone else...

Yup, also isn't "Geodesy" specific to the rock we're currently on? I know Geology becomes Selenology when applied to the moon, so Mardesy perhaps?

Ten... e-cars and hybrids


Re: Hot swapping batteries

Just install a petrol-powered generator at the petrol station...

Dot-brand explosion will shell-shock lazy coders - ICANN


Re: Re: Re: HOW?

Exactly! My email address is x@x.gg (for non-x values of x, obviously), and it seems half the website contact forms out there won't accept it.

They do, of course, accept invalid@email.address, and I put my real address in the comment. Or just boycott them for reasons of technical ineptitude.

iPad 3 shell shots spied on web


More worryingly...

They appear to be using an admin user to access the database on that website:

SQLSTATE[42000] [1203] User admin_matthew already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

When geeks turn Green: Performance tune your energy bills


They also lock you into a 20-year (IIRC) contract, which will make it harder to sell your house if you intend to move during that time.

RSA defends handling of two-pronged SecurID breach


"However with the skill and degree of resources involved it could only have been a nation state."

I would suggest it could only have been anything but.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56


death, not that big of a deal. Sent from my iPhone.

RIP Steve, you mercurial visionary.




was doing this sort of thing YEARS ago

Google opens Chrome Web Store to world+dog


And if you google for "chrome web store"...

...this message serves as the summary in the search results:

"Sorry, we don't support your browser just yet. You'll need Google Chrome to install apps, extensions and themes.Download Google Chrome."

Guess they didn't add their spider to the list of supported browsers...

Google plugs your surf history into ad money machine

Thumb Up

I love ads

Well, I hardly ever see them (various FF plugins), but if I do have to see the buggers I'd rather they were about things that interest me rather than cialis and that ilk.

Sometimes maybe I would actually be interested in a new canoe paddle, if it's a good deal at the right price :)

E-voting glitches hamper elections in seven states


It's democracy!

Just not as we know it, Jim.

Believe your own hype - always


Nice rant

Keep it up!