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Ten... top iOS games

Marc Spillman

What about Bejeweled?

I know it's been around for yonks, but the current version which now includes 'Butterflies' is bordering perfection in terms of a touch screen phone. The original match 3 and possibly the best. If it gets the Poker add on in the next update, it'll be even better still - and only 69p.

Ten... Portable USB 3.0 HDDs

Marc Spillman

Dell Vostro

My Dell Vostro has a USB 3 port on it. I purchased it a couple of months ago - it's a Dell Vostro 3450 (standard Core i-5 [Sandybridge]) . You can find it here: http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/vostro-3450/pd

I haven't got a USB 3 drive yet but may well consider one now after reading these reviews - should make backing up a breeze without killing the laptop whilst running.


Nokia C7 smartphone

Marc Spillman

Alternative to the standard QWERTY keyboard

Anyone with a Symbian touch screen phone should download the Swype app from the OVI Store. This literally revolutionises texting and emailing with it's great usability. That alone would push up the score another 5% and I don't get why it's not standard on all Nokia touchscreen phones.

I have an N8 for personal use and an iPhone for work. The N8 is at times frustrating when compared to the simplicity of the UI of the iPhone, but the iPhone can't touch the N8 for call quality, sound and dropped call ratio. If Nokia were to update the 'it's a lot of hard-work', the N8 would be a true gem. Roll on February, or when we get the proposed changes.

Nokia E72 smartphone

Marc Spillman

Facebook for E72

is FINALLY available (for E71) as well. Check out Ovi Store from your mobile (search for "Facebook for E71/E72")or via your desktop browser http://store.ovi.com/content/7935613C5E89247DE040050A85326153?clickSource=search

This is great news - I was contemplating forking out £23 for Kinoma Play, just to have a Facebook app, as opposed to the URL we're given out of the box on the E72.

Marc Spillman

Headphone jack

Yes, it's 3.5mm and it sits on the top left of the device - so you can have your headphones plugged in and still have the phone tucked inside the cutesy side loading leather look cover.

I mentioned Podcasting before with an app called Escapod - my apologies, the actual app is called Escarpod and can be downloaded from: code.google.com/p/bergamot/wiki/Escarpod

It only seems to be able to download full Podcasts over wireless though (but this makes sense as data costs would be high via 3G for those on limited data accounts).

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First hand experience

I've been using this for over a week now and am suitably impressed. Having clung onto my N95 8GB for dear life, it was hard to wean myself off it, but the jump from 'N' to 'E' certainly wasn't an issue - they're basically the same to use, things are just jigged around a bit.

The flashlight on the 'Spacebar' is really handy when you're looking for your keys in the bottom of your bag after a night out on the lash. Internet browsing is easy, mail is easy and texting is simplicity in itself with the QWERTY keyboard.

The handset feels solid to hold, and looks a lot more 'classy' than the all black encased Blackberries. I do miss the Podcasting application (but in fairness there hasn't been a significant amount of development on that app for a while on S60 v3 phones) and I found an application called 'Escapod' which could do the job.

Internet radio installs itself under the 'Radio' folder in the menu. I expected it to install to the 'Music' or 'Apps' folder, so watch out for that as well.

Sky Player hits Xbox 360

Marc Spillman

Robbing c****

I notice how even those of us who are Sky subscribers STILL have to pay £10 a month extra if we're not multiroom or Sky top-tier broadband customers. This is just another way for Mr Murdoch to steal more pennies from us. You'd think being a Sky subscriber AND an XBL Gold member would be enough, but oh no - sorry mate, that's not enough. Outrage.

Nokia N97 Mini out this month

Marc Spillman

And still no news on the E72

I wonder what's going on in Nokia towers?

Apparently the version 2 firmware for the N97 will make a significant difference to the phone when it becomes available later on this month. I assume the mini will start with that same firmware out of the box.

Nokia E55 smartphone

Marc Spillman

Enough of this teasing

When are we going to see a review of the E72, I've been holding out for this handset for ages but it never seems any nearer to coming out :(

802.11n Xbox 360 adapter inbound

Marc Spillman


Great point - I would consider myself as a regular consumer (certainly in terms of audio/video) and I would say that the X360 more than delivers what I need on my Sony 40" HD-TV. I can get full on dirty blu-ray joy through 'the internets' and my WD-TV, if I could only be bothered to waste my bandwidth on what would really be overkill.

I expect the new 'n' adapter will come out at the same price as the original one did (£50 odd?), which is fine by me. I could buy an 'n' adapter that works via USB, but I like the way that the device just fits snugly on my 360 and is barely noticable.

Marc Spillman

a bit harsh

You could argue that HD movies are taken care of with HD streaming via XBL, newer X360 consoles are improving in reliability and you can now pick up some of the older 20GB versions for £70. I'm not sure what you mean about games though, X360 has all the latest games and still retains some console exclusive stuff and the Wii and PS3 hardly have any 'killer apps' which would make you rush out and purchase.

I'm not an X360 fanboi, but I still think it's the best console in the current market - is the lack of blu ray such an issue?

Apple iPod Touch 3G

Marc Spillman

When will we see

an honest review for an Apple product, that does not appear to be written by a fanboi. For example, someone who has used a Nintendo DS Lite/DSi for the past 3-6 months, or indeed a PSP for the same time. There's no way Apple can stomp into this market and take away the chunk that nintendo and sony have. They might impact on N-Series Nokias (N-gage application) but aside from that, I can't see them having much impact in the handheld console market.

What a load of nonsense. Why would people considering this not just buy an i-Phone and have all the same functionality, plus the camera/video and call facility?

Freecom MediaPlayer II 500GB

Marc Spillman

I'll be sticking with

my WD-TV for now. Best piece of kit you'll buy for £75 this year.

Nokia lets operators screw with customise the N900

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Not so bad -

it won't be long before somebody has a piece of software out that de-brands the handset (at the risk of invalidating your warranty), like you can do with Nemesis Suite for example.

OnLive game beta enters public stream

Marc Spillman


...having friends over the pond has a purpose.

PS relatively easy to find a US zip code using the powers of the Interweb

Microsoft: Windows 7 release in August '09

Marc Spillman

@Rob Welsh

That's a really useful insight on the Windows 7 vs Windows XP debate...

You probably don't use your PC for the same reasons as me, and that's fine. I'm no techie geek but I know how to build my own PC and make it work - and it seems that Windows 7 as the OS does a pretty good job of it.

Marc Spillman

My verdict

I'm a PC enthusiast and I can't get enough of Billy Gate's products. I've been playing around with Windows 7 since the first beta, much in the way that I did with Vista. I can see a huge leap between the two, in particular the way that the jumplists work and just how effortless it is to get something done without being pandered to by little UAC warnings or speech bubbles.

As a gamer, I want my OS to boot fast, launch the game fast (without any crashes due to crap drivers or broken .exe's), connect to the internet seamlessly in-game and just pretty much work. Windows 7 RC1 is doing that better than even XP did - I can't understand why people are hanging on to XP. Granted, I can understand people skipping Vista, which has been a bit of a farce tbh, but trust me, Windows 7 is leaps and bounds ahead.

Try it on a spare partition and see what you think, I imagine you will be pleasantly surprised.

Love because I think we need to spread the Windows 7 love!

Windows 7 and Microsoft's cloud - The Reg takes a MicroBite

Marc Spillman

Retro rocks

More importantly, is that the long-awaited return of the Flying Toasters? After dark Screensavers FTW.

McAfee update classifies Vista component as a Trojan

Marc Spillman


Nuff said.

I'll just get it



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