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Futurama back from dead again

Hanin Elias

stop the madness!

the movies speak volumes about the class the new series will run at... stale and boring is putting it lightly...

as for the firefly whiners... that show should never have been put on the air. the movie was like sitting through every movie ewe boll ever made back to back... all in 90 minutes... i feel humanity is far worse off for ever knowing of it's existence...

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

Hanin Elias


great actor... sad to hear he took the easy way out. you'll be missed!

Thai court jails 'swirly-face' paedophile

Hanin Elias
Paris Hilton

@Druggies - Jason Clery

why do you insist on pointing out the effects of issues rather than to tackle the root of the issues? first it was blaming drugs for things and now it's blaming 'chavs' for crime. why not blame bad parenting for the existence of chavs... or materialistic advertising schemes for making 'chavs' think that certain insanely priced crap is worth stabbing someone for? why does it always have to be anything but the real problem? guess it's just easier for you to blame something than to fix it.

Paris... because atleast she's ok with reality.. even tho she doesn't understand it...

French high court thumps Google Video

Hanin Elias


performance artists need to stop asking us to pay for every rendition of some crap they've done. if you don't like people sharing the "fruits" of your labor.. get into a different career! why do we have to support the careers and lifestyles of others? there's no law saying you must be paid for doing anything. so... if you're not getting what you expected... stop doing it and find something else! most healthy businesses thrive through diversity of product/service and innovation. if you can't produce/provide a product/service that people are actually willing to pay for because they believe it's worth buying, then find something else to make/market. it seems that since so many appear to be cashing in on the gullibility of the masses, others believe it to be their right to reward for their abilities to make people pay for junk!

Microsoft wireless keyboards crypto cracked

Hanin Elias

Desktop sets in question don't use BlueTooth?

the 2 desktop sets, Optical Wireless Desktop 1000 & 2000, don't use BlueTooth... and having used both sets and a bluetooth set... and being the owner of various mobile fones and other bluetooth and 802.11 kit, i can tell you that if someone wanted to listen.. and was able to pick out just 1 particular keyboard signal stream out of all that mess... then... well.. that person is... something else. i have a hard time keeping each device from interfering with the other that i couldn't imagine that any signal getting out would be of much use. i don't know much about signal targeting and the abilities of equipment to filter out everything else except just 1 targeted range... but i can't see this as being practical at all unless theres nothing else in between the target and snooper.

Giuliani: Eye-O-Sauron™ border scan-towers are top idea

Hanin Elias

Racism at any cost?

why do people like to pretend this is about anything other than racist motives? they like to throw out ideas like 'this will stop crime' or 'it will stem the tide of drugs flowing over the border'... how so? when it appears the majority of drugs are being smuggled in bulk by semis and ocean container ships... what about canada? what about all the meth being made within the border? crime? stopped by a border fence that only extends a few hundred miles.. if that? all of this makes no sense. the only thing they could possibly hope to achieve by any of this is to try to limit or demonize southern immigrants (mostly latinos). do people actually still believe that social benefits are still only consumed by minorities? did these racists actually think they could keep this country to themselves? surely you can find a reason to hate people that actually makes more logical sense than simply hating the color of their skin. this is the only logical conclusion anyone with half a brain could make, since there are no plans to make our northern border secure. i'm a 4th generation US Citizen about 10 miles from the border in the Rio Grande Valley working for local government... none of what appears on TV or said to be happening in the news actually happens with any more regularity than it happens anywhere else. RACISM IS NOT WORTH THIS MUCH TROUBLE!

Daily Telegraph rattles legal sabre at Google

Hanin Elias

Me too! Me Too!

this is yet another case of attention-wh0reism. i don't agree with the idea that anyone has a "right" to be the only one to report on a story. but that's neither here nor there. i don't know how popular that news site is, but i'd be willing to bet it wouldn't be half as successful without google and the other search engines. if it's not google, it'll be another search provider. these guys just can't come to terms with the reality of the service news aggregation provides them... and for free! the greater majority of "their" stories wouldn't even get read nor would they get any advertising revenue if these search providers did not get the word out for them. i work in several different offices and while shoulder-surfing, i see that all of the bored office slaves use google news and other news filters, that use varying levels of advertisment, rather than be locked into just 1 news source. this even for the utterly boring local news from this remote sliver of land! it seems like people believe they should profit from absolutely any use of anything they "produce". these days will soon come to an end, i just wonder wot they'll be charging you for then......


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