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Western Australia rushes out legislation after cops access contact-tracing data to investigate serious crimes

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Big Brother

Not shocked

As a Western Australian I have to give the WA Government top marks for keeping Covid infection numbers near zero.

But defo not shocked by the predicted over reach.

It's safe to leave your bunker: Blame that Chinese nuclear plant alarm on fuel rod faults

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Re: A new movie perhaps?

Well played sir

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released in "accordance with regulations,"

Hey somebody open a window!

McDonald's AI drive-thru bot accused of breaking biometrics privacy law

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Ransomware-skewered meat producer JBS confesses to paying $11m for its freedom

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High Steaks

This just emboldens the bastards.

Perhaps they had no practical choice?

Biden cancels Trump's bans on TikTok, WeChat, other Chinese apps

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In a strange kind of way I miss Trump


Would-be AWS bomber pleads guilty, faces 5 to 20 years behind bars for plot to take out government servers

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Seth Aaron Pendley

Or just sap for short

'Condolences on the death of your conscience' says card from Indonesian delivery drivers to local Uber clone after payments slashed

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The workers, united

Will never be defeated!


Chinese app binned by Beijing after asking what day it is on anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre

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Tanks a lot!

I'd almost forgotten the Tiananmen Square Massacre

"Incident"? - Really El Reg?

Australian cops, FBI created backdoored chat app, told crims it was secure – then snooped on 9,000 users' plots

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Rozzers: 1, Ne'er-do-wells: 0

Own goals all around too!

Uncle Sam recovers 63.7 of 75 Bitcoins Colonial Pipeline paid to ransomware crew

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Black Helicopters

OK, I'll go first

All your Bitcoin are belong to us

Indian government to Twitter: Stop offshoring and outsourcing – or risk losing legal protections

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How about setting up an Indian office to monitor and shut down India’s largest cottage industry.

>>> Telephone/internet scams <<<

They are a national disgrace to all Indians.

G7 nations aim for global 15 per cent tax on big tech and bin digital services taxes

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Too soft too weak

And who do you think will end up paying this 15%?

That’s right, consumers!

Give yourself an A+

Biden expands Chinese tech and military blocklist to 59 companies

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The only amazing thing here is….

…that Trump may have gotten something right.

Shocked, shocked I am!

Tiananmen Square Tank Man vanishes from Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, other search engines – even in America

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Big Brother

Human error

Yes, someone at Microsoft accidentally leaned on the Bing button marked “Chinese oppression”….

Now that Trump is useless to Zuckerberg, ex-president is exiled from Facebook for two years, possibly indefinitely

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The less I see and hear from the fetid fool, the better.

Snakes on a Plane meets The Simpsons as airline creates ‘whacker’ to scare reptiles away from parked A380s

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Re: Each whacker is, however, labelled with the name of the A380 to which it is dedicated

There was a special on broom handles at the hardware store.

The *fork handles* weren't available...


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Call that a snake?

People in tropical Australia often get pythons in their toilets.

That’s why it’s best to knock before entering.

JBS Foods ransomware gang: White House 'engaging directly' with Russia about attack on massive meat producer

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Police were called in

Sargent Jones: “Now, is there anyone who has a beef with you?”

Space junk damages International Space Station's robot arm

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Machine that goes Ping!

I’ll bet the Canadaarm said “sorry” afterwards…

Amazon warehouse workers are seriously injured more frequently than those at similar companies – unions

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It’s the whips

They need to stop using the whips!

If a kiosk borks when nobody is using it, can it be said to have borked at all?

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Hell will be like that

Nothing to eat but greasy fast food, ordered via broken touch screens crawling with crud.

Four women suing Google for pay discrimination just had their lawsuit upgraded to a $600m class action

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Boy named Sue

In other NEWS, men form a class action to litigate over the clearly sexist term “sue”….

Former IT manager from Essex pleads guilty to defrauding the NHS of £800k

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Tears before bedtime

And I don’t fancy the bed he could end up in.

Russian gang behind SolarWinds hack returns with phishing attack disguised as mail from US aid agency

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Re: This is what happened, when The Register pushed propaganda the last time

Steady on now Ted!

Boeing fined $17m after fitting uncertified sensors to 737 Max and NG airliners for 4 years

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$17 million

That’s about the same as the annual budget for Boeing Execs leadership meetings*


NASA to return to the Moon by 2024. One problem with that, says watchdog: All of it

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Hurry up guys

I’m not getting any younger.

Apollo was such a long time ago.

I’d love to watch a (fe)male astronaut put up the Moon’s first National Park sign at the Apollo11 landing site.

Where leaving footprints would be banned.

Insurance startup backtracks on running videos of claimants through AI lie detector

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Unless tech

lie detectors


ouija boards

water ionisers

Google employee helped UK government switch from disastrous COVID-19 strategy, according to Dominic Cummings

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What shocks me the most

I’m shocked that this shower of shites were as bad as I suspected.

Snowden was right, rules human rights court as it declares UK spy laws broke ECHR

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Big Brother

Only illegal

If you get caught

Otherwise, carry on citizens

China announces ‘crackdown’ on Bitcoin mining and trading

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It’s just Jack and the beanstalk

Without Jack, the beans and the rest…

Google to venture where Apple soared and Microsoft crashed – physical retail

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No need to register at the counter

The sales droid will have your details automatically whispered to their ear piece.

Oh hi, Mr Johnson.

And what can we do for you today?

How’s that rash?

Australian Federal Police hiring digital evidence retrieval specialists: Being a very good boy and paws required

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Got ya!

But if you rub my belly I could sniff the other way….

Microsoft sheds some light on perplexing Outlook blank email incident: Word was to blame

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Do you want this web content via Word HTML?


Notepad is just fine thanks.

This week in AI: Man arrested after cops say he rode in backseat of Autopilot Tesla

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Tesla should open purpose-built tracks where these idiots can “self-drive” themselves silly, in safety.

'Biggest data grab' in NHS history stuffs GP records in a central store for 'research' – and the time to opt out is now

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….your records have been sold/leaked/exposed/left on a train….

NASA pops old-school worm logo onto Orion spacecraft

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Re: Watching at the time?

Watched every second that I was allowed to.

Even touching the TV set required permission when I was a kid.

Thankfully my parents indulged me. It helped that Dad had been a jet fighter pilot.

Watched the lunar excursion from school. The whole school, 100 kids, around a single 26” AWA B&W set. The TV was bought in specially for the event. I remember seeing the men and the van that delivered it.

Needless to say, I was riveted to Apollo, and always have been since.

Facebook Giphy merger stays on ice after failed challenge to UK competition regulator

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Everyone wants a piece of you

Except Facebook, they want it all.

Blessed are the cryptographers, labelling them criminal enablers is just foolish

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Remember: Australia is currently lead by a Pentecostal loon

Who also thinks that locking up small girls for years is good Government policy.

Read more: Biloela family

Beijing twirls ban-hammer at 84 more apps it says need to stop slurping excess data

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Big Brother

Because surveillance over reach is bad

Unless we do it….

App Tracking: Apps plead for users to press allow, but 85% of Apple iOS consumers are not opting in

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“impacting the $189bn mobile advertising industry worldwide”


Train operator phlunks phishing test by teasing employees with non-existent COVID bonus

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If you’re going to tout a bonus via such a scheme

Make sure there’s a genuine bonus for all at the end.

WhatsApp: Share your data with Facebook, or we'll make our own app useless to you

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And people voluntarily sign up for this clusterf*ck?

It should be called sociopath media.

You can listen right here to the whir of a robot helicopter flying on an alien world

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Black Helicopters

Great flight

But they managed to lose the luggage

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all: El Reg takes Twitter's anti-mean algorithm for a spin

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Social media sewer

Sewers perform a serious function.

Social media, not so much.

I don’t hang around in either.

China sprayed space with 3,000 pieces of junk. US military officials want rules to stop that sort of thing

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If another space faring nation sent up something and it was designed to re-enter earth’s atmosphere, why not let it fall on a remote part of China?

Turn-about is fair play after all.

I’m sure old Pooh Bear would be fine with that.

Facebook: Nice iOS app of ours you have there, would be a shame if you had to pay for it

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It’s free, sign up now!

While you look at yet another cat meme, we quietly go through your personal info and make copies!

You get hooked, we make bank.

Win / win

Big right-to-repair win: FTC blasts tech giants for making it so difficult to mend devices

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Some products are expected to display energy ratings

Why not make tech products show repairability ratings?

Make it a selling point, or at least a point of difference.

Let the consumers know.

Facebook Oversight Board upholds decision to ban Trump, asks FB to look at own 'potential contribution' to 'narrative of electoral fraud'

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Personally, the less I hear from the traitorous fool…

The better.

Spent Chinese rocket stage set to make an uncontrolled return to Earth

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Used rocket booster for sale

Free delivery, bring a large net.


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