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There she blows! Mid-October release date for Windows 8.1 sighted



I didn't buy a windows 8 tablet because it had Windows 8 on it.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of

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Windows 8 is crap. Allways was, allways will be. End of. I can't use it easily. People I know can't use it at all and I've had to install w7 for them. Utterly garbage. I'm a Microsoft fan - I develop Microsoft applications for a living but Windows 8 along with the lack of desktop application developer certifications for Visual Studio 2012 has pissed me off. Get a grip Microsoft or you are going to end up freefalling soon.

Tape is sexy again - so why can't Quantum stop drowning?


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If there was a better tape API available that was easy to use, then tapes would be popular. It's just too tricky to write software to use tapes. The API you get with windows works but some functions will work with some devices and others don't. It's kinda like programming DirectX! The API is also too low level - we need something that gives us easy access to removable/serial media which has a higher level layer we can write applications with. Something which can give us an index of the files on tape easily too. I guess people like symantec have these APIs but they cost money ;)

Steve Jobs bans all apps from iPhone (or thereabouts)


Monopolistic - nothing to do with quality

This is purely a move to block platforms like .NET Compact on iPad/phone. Novell and mono nearly have .net compact working well and Apple are a bunch of scaredy cats. If .net worked on iPhone then nobody would bother using objectiveC or learning any new apple APIs. iPhones and iPads would start to look and feel like windows platforms. Personally this kind of greedy negativity is really awkward for developers and ultimatelly users will suffer. A phrase springs to mind - You know when you've been jobbied.

Mixed reviews for semen-based recipe book


Shit pie

Shit pie - the sequel

BBC clarifies location of England


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Someone should now tell the BBC where Scotland is. They clearly don't know.