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Pandemonium at NYC 'Top Model' audition

Paris Hilton

From other sources

You can see a car over heating and smoking someone yelled "bomb" or "fire" which started the initial wave. From there it all broke loose. Another Source stated a gust of wind came through.

/Paris Cause she knows something about modeling.

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

Black Helicopters

what happens

If he happen to have forgotten the password? Just to play devil's advocate what if I use a key/password generator and failed to write down what I set as the key/password then what?

/that ruling is full of a whole lot of fail!!

Paris Hilton scoops triple Razzie dishonour

Paris Hilton

Bless Paris

She will be immortalized on here forever...

/Paris cause its her time.

Circuit City goes titsup


good riddance

They were horrible. I for one am glad they are gone and as for J's post there is competition in the form of WAL-MARX or the internet. And if you are lucky there is a Fry's in your area like there is one in mine.

/will have to go to the one by my place to see if there is anything worth pilfering

Microsoft raises anti-piracy posse

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"Piracy rates for Windows XP are much higher than for Vista, which Microsoft credits to Vista's anti-piracy technology rather than its popularity"

You really want me to believe that this is true?



"One recent survey shows that by the end of 2008, the majority of businesses will have 9 percent of the PCs running Vista, increasing to 28 percent in 2010. Microsoft needs to realize that Windows Vista is a lame duck and their recently unveiled $300 million ad campaign crafted to instill confidence in the flailing operating system probably won't achieve the desired results."


"A new survey by KACE, a systems management appliance company, suggests that 60 percent of those surveyed have no plans to deploy Microsoft Windows Vista, a 10 percent rise over a similar survey administered by KACE in November 2007. A full 42 percent of these are actively exploring Vista alternatives, with 11 percent having made the leap to alternative platforms like Mac OS X or Linux."

Paris ups sticks to London

Paris Hilton

She's Pretty much....

screwed anyone that matters in the US of A why not take a jont over the pond and spread the goodwill....

>/ She knows all about goodwill!!!

Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

Black Helicopters


Why is this F*cktard AG going after the websites? Second why is this Judge even hearing this case? OK im from Texas and even we aren't that stupid!!! This is just another example of some bible thumping rednecks trying to impose their values on the rest of us. I am a God fearing person myself but even I know that when to keep my beliefs to myself. If they really want to do it right they need to get in contact with the Record ASS. of Amer. and get in on cracking down on the users in KY that use these sites. Will generate BILLIONS in revenue will create jobs building prisons and guards for all the people that get caught using the sites.

Gates predicts 'significant' US recession



Just like he predicted the VISTA was the future of computing OS's. Will believe it when I see it.

>/ TUX cause he knows whats really going to happen.

Robot vacuum cleaners - now with grenade launchers


Boy that....

Can suck a shell like nothing else!!!

>/ Mines the flack jacket...

Trigger-happy Welsh cops taser sheep

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Should give you an example

Heres a good example of what probably happened



I think they are...

pulling the wool over the whole situation

>/ you all have been fleeced now!!!

HP loads PC with nonexistent web browser

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need a consumer version now

as a user of norton 360 2.0 they need to create a module for the home pc that would be great!!

EA in Spore DRM climbdown



EA is about to F*ck there whole franchise up with Sh*t like "saying in some cases users would need to purchase a fresh copy to play Spore. Classy!" Why the hell are these twats even worried about piracy they own the largest portion of the gaming market overall. I mean come on WTF seriously is money that tight now you need DRM I would expect that from Micro$oft or RIAA and MPAA but seriously im about to just give up on all of it. Looks like we might be starting the very painful death of the gaming industry as we know it!!


>/ tux cause he knows all about open source and freeware

Study: Vast number of cyber attacks 'Made in the USA'

Paris Hilton

File under obvious

So the story states that the most attacks came from computers within the US well as the story also states most are controlled by hackers outside the US so all this shows is how lazy us Americans are in protecting ourselves. my question is why haven't the ISP's throttled those idiots? why should i get throttled because im downloading something when those douches can't even update their antivirus and basic system updates.

>/ Paris cause we all know shes been compromised!

Comcast reveals it is protocol agnostic

Paris Hilton

Bad for pr0n

To quote another story on this issue:

"To run afoul of these limits, Comcast said, customers would have to do one of the following: send 50 million e-mails; download 62,500 songs; download 125 standard-definition movies; or upload 25,000 high-resolution digital photos."

So does this mean spammers will have to find another ISP? Hmm i can see some advantages for the bandwidth cap but throttling is just completely wrong, I pay for "High Speed" bandwidth and if im within my limits its not my fault that I happen to be on itunes for hours at a time getting the lastest Britney and pop music and what about netflix and their on demand. Seriously why don't they just light up some of the dark fiber and stop this non-sense. They are just angling for a better payoff from what I see. Less for more seems to be the model now days.

>/Paris cause she knows all about max bandwidth!

Miracle airship tech sustained by DARPA pork trickle

Black Helicopters

still has military application

maybe not for taking troops into a battle zone but still could be used for moving troops and gear around the US. could be easier to use the trucking them or putting them on railways. would like to see that can just imagine looking up and seeing that monster floating by...

Hurricane Ike snuffs out Galveston webcam


In Austin

we have alot of the evacuees still here. One guy reported that he rode out the storm in his neighbors third floor jacuzzi

"Michael Geml has braved other storms in his bayfront neighborhood in Galveston, where he's lived for 25 years, though none quite like Ike. The 51-year-old stayed in the third-story Jacuzzi of a neighbor's house, directly on the bay, with family pets as waves crashed across the landscape.

"I'll never stay again," Geml said. "I don't care what the weatherman says — a Category 1, a Category 2. I thought I was going to die."

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage



Maybe a new goo-hoo! icon and get rid of that sissy flame icon bring the old one back!!! bring back the REG vulture icon. Some vintage kit icon. oh and BOFH icon!! yes yes..

Judge: Breath test firm must hand over source code

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"Secret Sauce" Works For me

Texas now is trying to bypass the right to refuse and is just doing both the breath test and blood test. so basically what they are now saying is that rights of the people no longer matter but being this is the state that the "dubya" is from goes to show. they are also implementing street cameras as well though they are not lawful here they use them under the civil code and issue you a civil fine which you dont have to pay under penalty of law but they put a lein on your house or car.

Ivan O'Toole? That's nothing, snorts Hugh Jass

Paris Hilton

I think we need a contest

Who has the best name and can provide clean and clear evidence may get some prizes from cash n carrion?

>/Paris cause well you know!!!

Joost ditches P2P client for the web

Paris Hilton

When it does pigs will fly

The RIAA and MPAA and Major network TV will never get it. they are just that STUPID!!! They have this huge coup to get DTV here in the states (which is just the back door they needed to get people to pay to watch TV) and, now they have that why can't they seem to figure out that in this digital age people are more prone to be in front of a desktop pc or laptop then in front of a TV and with that being said they could have some much more with all the interactive crap they try to push during the TV shows...FU**TARDS seem to be in charge maybe when I'm about 60 we might have it by then cause my generation will be in charge...that being said also might not have anything left as well....

>/Paris cause she knows what people want...

Site guesses your sex via age-old web flaw

Paris Hilton

fifty fifty is what i go

apparently im not surfing enough pron?? Or maybe it counting that as gynecological??

/> Paris cause we all know shes 100%

PS. can you fix the title bar to recognize numbers as and symbols as a title?

Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters


Pot meet Kettle

So let me get this straight that would make me a patio heater? I'm the third kid in my family. Second, seriously is it any better for someone in a developing nation to have 5 or more kids as they are less of a carbon foot print then 3 kids in a developed nation, what are they on cause I want some of that. Also begs the question how many brothers and sisters do they have.

John Guillebaud - Wife and 3 kids

Pip Hayes - Husband and 2 kids

>/ just doing my part to add to the carbon foot print.

CherryPal launches $249 mini PC into ad-backed cloud

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starting a pool

Based upon what was just written im going to give this company 4 months. You would have to be and idiot to think this is actually going to work. Didn't MSN and several other try this.

Mini-Me sues online celebrity muckraker over 'stolen' sex tape


I think we need some pictures of this

REG could you possibly dig up some exclusives for us? or some re-enactment ones?

Paris Hilton


Which begs the question: what price for a mash-up? for mini-me probably a really short stack! as for Paris thats a hot topic!

eBay Terror Ambulances of DEATH menace UK - top cops

Black Helicopters

Really are you serious

Here in texas they resell all of the old police vehicles of course absent are all of the bells and whistles that make it a cop car and its pretty damn obvious that the boys in blue are riding around it.

China sacks officials over faked big cat snaps

Paris Hilton

I saw this

Here's the tiger that the farmer found..


>/ Paris cause shes always photoshopped...

US Senate to probe Goo-Hoo!



if you google my YAHOO! it becomes a very goo-hooey mess...

American auto dealer offers free handguns


US of A rocks!!!

This could totally work. I would take the gun and then not register the car and that way i could get free gas well it would require a stick up or more but still works.

And thanks to Barack "chicken lovin" Obama for continueing the stereotyping!!

>/ Mines the one with the Lynard Skynard emblem on the back and the holster on the inside.

Legal experts wary of MySpace hacking charges


agree with Kevin

The state could have and should have gone with a harassment charge or even child endangerment. This day and age the state just couldn''t see its way past the way the law was written but they still apply. This also sets very dangerous precident if this actually goes through because right now I am violating my works usage rules.

Microsoft and Yahoo! renew their marriage talks


Beast vs. Super Beast

The Beast from Redmond is trying to get into the fight and on the level as the Super Beast from Stanford. Everyone knows that Ballmer has Google envy he's just trying to get up to that level.

/> Tux cause he's good for everyone.

Canuck faces life sentence for nude girl webcam scheme

Dead Vulture

Real Justice

Possibly take him a bit further north and do some seal clubbing justice on him?

/> Icon cause its the closest to a clubbed seal.


VXers slap copyright notices on malware

Paris Hilton


If this is copyright protect there is some kind or govermental agency involved? If so why the hell is there no arrests or convictions? Come on now these people have to be the biggest f@#$tards ever.

/> Paris cause she can relate to these idiots trying to copyright...now "That's HOT!!"

Canada.gov blocks sale of space company to US

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get your facts straight

@ all the replys





Armed Forces

Today: 62,000 military personnel including 9,500 sailors, 19,500 soldiers, 14,500 air force personnel and 20,000 administrative and support personnel. There are also about 22,000 reservists.

US As of April 2007, about 1,426,700 people are on active duty in the military with an additional 1,458,500 people in the seven reserve components.

In 2000, the total estimated personnel strength of the Chinese military was 2.5 million

Canada Second World War: More than one million served and approximately 45,000 died.

US 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died

Second World War: At the end of the war, Canada had the third-largest fleet in the world, after the U.S. and the U.K. 23 Canadian ships were sunk by German U-Boats in the Battle of St. Lawrence alone.

First World War: During the course of the First World War, Canada's naval service grew to a force of 9,000 men and 100 ships.

Canadians on the front lines

Oh and none of your battle equipment is Canadian. So what are you cleaning up for us now??

Paris Hilton


Canada actually needs a spy satellite?? Now im just confused.. first they let just about anyone in. Second what kind of sea movements do they need to monitor? Finally "Chief Marc Garneau has said that sale of Radarsat to America would give away technology designed to protect Canada's sovereignty." I'm guessing that us Yanks probably have more advanced tech kit then them. besides I'd like to see the canucks defend themselves against China or Russia or anyone without our help.

>/ Paris because she likes to be on top in the dark.

Dubai impounds cable slicing ships

Thumb Down

@ Kristian Nilssen

under sea cables are so deep that there aren't any human vehicals to submerge that deep so burying them is next to impossible...

@ Vikash Joshi Damn you...you beat me to that punchline...

>/ Thumbs down because its just that deep...

Australia giving snoop powers to employers

Black Helicopters

took them that long

You mean that until now what you did at work was still private?? everyday I log on to my PC states that im being monitored. D'OH now ive gone and done it...will be posting from home now....

Area 51 drug test victim crashes flying car


wow no ones said it yet


IBM hopes to patent 'dealing with chaos'

Paris Hilton

IBM patents

....the patent!!! Hell they no longer seem interested in building new kit or actually intventing something....I can see the future headline now

"IBM in bitter takeover bid with the US Govt over patents."

>/ thinks I will patent a way of patenting useless/obvious patents. then i can take IBM for all its got.

and Paris cause patents are hot...

Microsoft to Yahoo!: Surrender or else

Gates Horns

Shotgun! wedding!

My thoughts are why isn't AT&T taking any interest in this? I mean they have partnered up with Yahoo! to provide internet based applications. would make sense after looking at their strategic partners list.


Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics



apparently this couple has never heard of a fence?? from what I can see there was no invasion of privacy....what a "Boring" case this is going to be...

Google cops to puppeting Great American Wireless Auction

Jobs Halo

@ AC

The Jesus phone does have the capability for 3G they just didn't add the chip because of the battery life. do some reading before flaming on.



Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

Gates Horns

Then they need to get a move on

What about all the "home brewed" drivers for Linux? when are they gonna get a move on those people? This is another asnine attempt by a company to get in good with the beast from Redmond. Second it does not specify if he wrote his own code or just modified their code? Third and what everyone fails to see is that how is he stealing the IP? did he charge for his driver? Those F#@ktards at Creative need to pull their head out of there a$$es and realise that all he was trying to do was to get something to work on an OS that doesn't work!

BillG because high powers forbid something actually work on VISTA!!

Japanese boffins could save UK from economic doom

Thumb Up


Im suprised no one in the US researched this? But they do have a thing for the saki over there. Full speed ahead!!!

Lonely Paris Hilton seeks new best friend


rule 1

So according to the website.

(1) You must be 18 years or older (and should appear to be between the ages of 18-24) and a U.S. citizen to register as a hopeful.

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster

Gates Horns

very simple explination

the lazy bums in the military are using M$ outlook at their email client and the idiots probably have autocomplete set up which is defaulting to .com.....Military Genius at work!!!!

>/the picture if you scroll over says it all...

Lindsay Lohan sweeps Razzies


As I stated before

Now that it has been confirmed WE NEED an icon for our new favorite sweet tart Ms. Lohan. I, nay the public, DEMANDS one forthwith!!! inaction on this issue will result in severe consequences (i.e. you will be forced to watch the movie and listen to her cd's on loop)!!! Going forward we must afford Ms. Lohan the same coverage of our Ms. Hilton.

FBI screwed up, spied on entire email network

Black Helicopters

help getting my email back

Anyone know what the NSA email address is, I lost some emails from a while back that I would like to get back. Welcome to 1984...

Teen hacker re-unlocks Apple's iPhone

Thumb Up


17 year old kid 1 Apple Iphone developers 0...at some point wouldn't it be easier for Steve to give this kid a job/money then lose the quoted "1 billion dollars"?



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