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Facebook to offer vanity URLs


Shouldnt they..

... Charge for it???

eBay fees rejig will still hit casual auctioneers


Well I was going to put something on there for sale... but...

This is another reason why I aint going to bother with ebay anymore... ebid.net I aint too sure about but popped my item on there for a try and hope it sells (happy with free listing and 3% rake on the sale)

The end is nigh for fleabay, wheres my hammer and nails??? Oh yes in my coat!

UK spectrum map uncovers mysterious emissions in Cumbria


it'll be...

our Alien friends taking to Cambridge university....

NASA gets cold feet on Moon base plan


Conspiracy theory but...

Theres already a moon base! EBE's through the Serpo project helped them build it as part of the exchange program on how to conquer space!

Action games 'improve eyesight'


May improve eyesight but......

........... already wear glasses and I am still going to blame my poor Insurgency mod K/D ratio on lag!

Mines the one with a non-gaming mouse in the pocket.

Street View ghost spooks Cardiff medium


IT'S A....


BT names first 29 exchanges for fibre rollout



BT deserve to be bailed out like HBOS, Lloyds... just for lack of enthusiasm

Taken back to being owned by the public and then let gordy splash out some ca$h on upgrading the entire UK as some side project for 2012 Olympics! And get the UK's telecoms backbone upto a modern standard with fibre ran into everyhome in the UK wether is it rural or not! Then on this give everyone a VOIP phone with the option to keep the old PSTN whilst it like Analog TV is switched off over 5 years...Its the way to go for the UK economy blah blah blah......

"BT's Openreach division will handle the rollout. It will be required to offer wholesale FTTC access to BT Retail's competitors on equal terms.".... worked for BT back in 2001 when it was rolling out ADSL and I expect that BT will only play fair once they get caught or are blown the whistle on!

Pirate Bay prosecutors get jiggy with charge sheet - again


Should not have gone to trial....

... if the prosecuting side didnt have any idea of what to charge them under... Should be thrown out of court and pirate bay paid for their time being wasted! They shouldnt be allowed to mess about like this....

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword


Who cares...

if it was a ba'leth or a 'normal' martial arts sword? Both are just as sharp and I think the klingon weapon will do some serious maiming!

Mines the one with the phaser set to maximum yield in the pocket!

Iranian rocket puts satellite into orbit

Thumb Down

UK Rockets

The only problem is that youve as much chance as the UK re-launching their own sats as you have spotting Doctor Who's tardis strapped to the back of a stampeding elephant..(unless you live in norwich)

Is there anything we actually do ourselves anymore??? What happended to this country???? I am off to ask the US for indefinate right to remain... They seem to have a plan unlike Brown...

Vladimir Putin bitchslaps Dell-boy


Putin vs Dell - mano a mano

One word says it all.... PWNED! I would pay good money to see that cat fight!

Spy chief to Obama: Let DARPA fix economy


Time to spend money on space and flying deloreans...

Well I want my flying delorean and skyways to replace the motorways but that aint gonna happen soon enough.....

Forget the world economy... a space economy is the way to go........

Bugger it - lets just have a couple of years sorting out our infrastructure and get our butts on mars and not the moon again... Why? Not because it is expensive, but because it is hard!

DARPA seeks spraycan wound-polyfilla* for injured troops


Time for a commercial break!

presented by Dan Ackroyd from the SNL days...

419ers take Canadian for $150,000


I word springs to mind...

..... D'OH!

Mines the one with common-sense in the pocket!

US lawmaker wants health warnings on video games


Well I reguarly play..being 31

CS:S, DOD:S, Nascar 2003 Racing, GTA, Call Of Duty, Rfactor, Rogue Spear blah blah blah.. But I dont feel the need for speeding in RL or wanting to jump headshot the n00b in the street.

I admit that I get a kick out of playing such games but I know what RL is, even though some these days seem to struggle with that concept.

I wont be allowing my little madam to play such games until I feel that she is able to separate RL from games.

I can remember a time whilst working for a play for cash service only to recieve a call from a parent who's child was 8 and playing CS:S and didnt realise what his son was playing at the time with his friends! Some parents should be doing a much better job and making more informed decision with what their kids have access to, but some just dont give a monkeys... If this helps, then good - I really aint bothered as a parent about seeing another warning sticker on a box. But going out an buying an '18-rated' game as it is currently displayed and giving to my 7 yr old just aint on really, common sense out of the window! Its their fault if that child turns into a axe wielding physcomaniac...

Parents just need to take responsibility

Mine the one with the parenting handbook in the pocket

Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals


Ah well

Its the end of patientline and the 50p or so a minute to call in to your relatives! £3.50 per night for a TV 'service' and only 5 channels if your lucky! Even Pr0n is cheaper on a nightly basis!!

Mines the lab coat with the unlimited talk/text tariff, ipod and mini TV in the pocket.

Obama may militarise NASA to save money


Theres always...

that crashed UFO sitting around doing nothing... Modify it a little and bobs your uncle!

Makes you think they arent taking this whole space thing seriously though.. Or are they??

(Mines the coat with the ticket to the pleides star group in the pocket, ready to welcome our gray coloured - big eyed overseers)

ITV to write down Friends Reunited value, says report


FriendsReunited is dead

I think it will be sold off again by ITV or closed - Its needs development big time but I dont think ITV will want to do this and possible close the site... Its leagues behind FB and I have better contact with school pals through FB than FriendsReunited... It was good for 2000-2004 but I think private ownership by ITV has started the ball rolling.. Just waiting for the obituary now....

Norfolk children get £310,000 of free laptops


I agree with most of this but...

Will they run Crysis???

Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions


IF you can read this sticker

"If you can read this bumper sticker, your not tailgating - your drafting!"

If this thing does the same stunt that restrictor plates do for NASCAR on the big ovals - I can see alot more clumps of cars banding together as they cant overtake as much... bigger crashes will result when it all goes wrong!

A simpler thing to do would place a mechanical limiter on all cars at 70-90mph.. And GPS limiter on all new UK cars from 2010 for areas with 20/30mph limits. Anything else the police can look after?

So there is less clumping of traffic on the dual carriageways and motorways at 70mph. If you surpase 70mph for more than 5 secs. You get blasted with warnings from the incar stereo...

Photography: Yes, you have rights


Captialism is......

.... slowly becoming communism.

Let me be the first to welcome our communist overlords!

In the ditch with DAB radio

Thumb Down


Will never convert to DAB.. Too much compression up in the upper frequencies, the cost of shelling out again.. Or am I the only person who can hear it?? Its like watching freeview when the screen gets busy and the compression in the video is very noticable....

I have an FM reciever in my mobile and it hardly uses any battery life..

Analogue rules. period

Getting animated about a 6,000 core Soho supercomputer


@Ah Contrast

(Pixar CG movie strategy: Screw the big name actors. In fact, screw the dialog entirely if necessary. Make a movie about something nobody could even conceive of, and make it *absolutely fucking fantastic*.)

...Err hangon a sec?! --> Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Sigorney Weaver, Owen Wilson, Paul Newman RIP, Tony Shaloub, Michael Keaton, Peter O'toole, John Goodman, Billy Crystal......... Not big names??????

Bring on Cars 2 - Why Pixar rule - cause they put 4 yrs or more of development into a movie and not just 2......like everyone else!

Last Xmas for CDs, please, researcher tells music biz


Ah bugger it!

I am 31 and still use my cassette tapes and Vinyl.. Hell I hope the new prodigy album comes out on Vinyl again next year so I can play it on my 1210's! If I then want an mp3/wma or whatever quality for my ipod then I have Wavelab for that... I have that choice.

I can see alot of people not being happy about losing the ability to purchase music the old fashioned way, me for one also! Nothing like cold hard plastic/paper in a hmv plastic/paper bag.

Give it another 10 years .. The highstreets changing now! so we shall see...

Mines the one with the Sony Cassette walkman in the pocket.

Bollywood to remake The Italian Job

Paris Hilton


They seriously should not be allowed to do this to a classic movie (1968 only)

The only funny scene that comes to mind is a group of dancers bouncing up and down on the wrong end of the bus - titles roll.. You know how it ends, with them all following the bus into the valley!

Paris - cause she knows that a classic shouldnt be allowed to be turned into a joke & ruined.

Tell Santa to bring more assault rifles


Why own an Assault Rifle?

Cause not everyone in teh US can aim and get the shot with one attempt! look at the friendly fire incidents in WW2, Iraq etc.

Why only shoot one when a couple of mags will totally do the job?

(I see it all the time playing paintball! "My Angel can shoot 25 balls a second!!" LMAO)

Pirates pee on Amazon's MP3 parade


Music is free!

If you write it yourself, and on a cracked edition of Cubase, a bit of wavelab here and there. Or if you want something a bit simpler Acid by Sonic Foundry!

I will neverever use DRM on any of my own tracks

Down the Digital River, into the heart of download darkness


Whats the worry?

DL it, save it on to your HDD or Flash Drive/Burn to DVD... Job done! They dont get $ and you aint got to worry about the 2nd DL..

P.S. All the F'ing and all that aint very pro now is it? I dont think you'll get a job on Watchdog somehow but the swearing back at the naughty company would be good to watch lol...

US Army in $50m video game upgrade


Shouldnt that be liek

"We pwn gaming for the Army from procur3ment to B00m Headshot!!!"

Cuase evry1 liek runs faster with a knife, lmao!

Facebook wins record $873m fine against smut spammer


$873m!!! WTF?

Theres your business model right there... But unlikely to cough up ever though!

Teen hacker confesses three-year crime spree

Thumb Up

Myg0t deserved everything they got!

Hats off to the lad, for going after this group of, well no word can describe them.... teh drty Haxx0r5...

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


Jilted Generation

If anything, I see a future of musicians going back underground.. music will be spread via CD, tapes and partys(concerts) will be done at short notice in order to escape police attention.....

...hang on a min.... This WAS the nineties!?!

MPs (finally) debate cybercrime

IT Angle

Reads like....

British Politics to me!

I demand an election now!

Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface

Gates Horns

You could give away free money...

playing CS:S/DOD:S whilst testing a $ for play service and still the brats would complain wether it be reg or some other issue that probably just isnt that important!!!

Its F-R-E-E deal with it! But no doubt if you shout load enough they might decide to hear you.. but like someone else has already commented.... ITS FREE!!!

MPs join fight to save McKinnon from US prison


All this and....

we still arent any better off with proof that the US, actually have previously 'gray-owned' UFO's in their possesion. :(

For that he deserves to go down, but he'll be ok.. Its appearing to do something about Hackers but most of the time they get hired. So I doubt he will actually server any real hard time at all. And they know this!

All them PC's and still no proof, just shows you that the UK goverment need to learn a thing or two from the US goverment on Data Protection.. (Like proof of aliens being kept on a windows pc....yeah alright!)

Police collar kid for Wi-Fi pinching

Gates Horns

Just being good to thy neighbour

I live in a similar spot. 7 networks on display and 2 of them not secure. So I popped around and advised them to secure it and if they werent sure.. set it up for them : ) But then he should have checked with Daddy first if he set-up the laptop. But let me guess was this Vista?

BBC clarifies location of England

Jobs Horns

@ Our colonial cousins

Err.. I DO have cousins in the US and Canada especially actually.. They may be distant cousins but they are still cousins.. The only problem here is the un-inherited trait of selfdenial and world domination that they all seem to have?

Crazy Frog won't croak again


Bring back....

The hamster dance ringtone!! But surely that will be done to death too :)

Good riddance to the frog! Hooray!!