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Webhost denies poor passwords led to catastrophic hack


disaster recovery

...you needs it! And perhaps you should let your engineers practise with live data to test servers restorations once in a while.

No servers are invulnerable. It only takes one 0-day exploit or a slow patch to destroy years of work.

Daily backups. Learn it. Use it. Test it.

Pirate Party wins seat in European Parliament


something about pirates pwn vikings?

shame there were no ninjas

Tesla recalls Roadsters



I thought he sent his back?

Tom Tom flags down 'live traffic' XL satnav


I want one...

...I guess I'll have to buy a car >.<

Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details


@The Dorset Rambler

The taxidermist :) I was referring to the pelt.


lack of facts

How said animals died would have been investigated and any wrong doing prosecuted. Spouting unsupported 'truths' like Andrew Moore (above) is the reason why she later published 'Dear Tinkerbell'. If she did strangle it and there is proof, then she will get what she deserves - probably a fine.

If you were going to kill a cat breaking it's neck would be the most humane approach - you'll also receive a lot less scratches and bite marks!

I would happily bet a pint of beer that it was put down at a vets and then cured professionally.

Author: wheres the NSFW tag for the boobs and penis shots at the bottom of that link? :]

MP expenses leaker may never be found


"misuse of Parliamentary expenses"

Should be considered fraud and treason - sacking isn't enough, bring criminal proceedings! They should all be audited.

When there's only 1/2 of the parliament left, hopefully they'll do what they should have done over a year ago and hold a new election.


Slimline PS3 pic publication prompts legal threat



it's been out for ages, it's wwwwaaaaayyyyy over due a facelift and respin of the chipset.

OpenOffice 3.1 ready to lick Microsoft's suite?

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ODF is now supported by MS office 2007 SP2

Most issues should slowly fade over the next 5 years... we're getting their slowly.

Mozilla invites all comers on post-tab future


tabbed browsing is the win

Been using it since opera was adware. If you can't keep tabs on the multiple tabs and windows you have open... close a few. Don't spoil it for those that have an organised mind!

What they could do now that display real estate is getting to the point that running a browser maximised destroys readability on flowing sites (those that fill the window), is have a little sidebar with thumbnails/gallery of every open tab irrelevant of the window.

I'm sure someone could make a extension that does that. 2 secs of google reveals 2 exposé types but no side bar - maybe its a little deeper.

Still they could bundle one of them in with the core after a little spit and polish to integrate it nicely.

Take-Two sues over death of Duke Nukem Forever



That's more than enough budget to make a game like this. You have to wonder what dodgy stuff was going on in the background.

Ballmer email kicks off second round of Microsoft layoffs



"Thank you for your continued hard work, commitment, and focus"

ROFLMAO - productivity will be down 50% unless it's intel sweatshop-esk in there, in which case they'll only working to their metrics.

With a cash pile as big as microsoft, you'd think they'd keep people on and write a decent version of windows or office or something :]

Satellite to offer 10Mbit broadband to entire UK


All weather

or pointless in Scotland? :D

Department of Homeland Security to destroy swine flu victims

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wonderful typo

well placed and just the right one too :D

LoTR fan film set for net premiere


a title

looks good but they could probably done better than using frontpage to make their website (am I just being picky?)

To save themselves a fortune in bandwidth I hope they release it on bit torrent too.

Will Oracle kill MySQL? Who cares?



is it really necessary to swear? It turned a mediocre article into a waste-of-my-time-reading-it article.

Also, ditch the gamer speak as it proves your IQ.

kthx bye o/

Sun says it's time for MySQL 5.4


open sause (must be kept refrigerated)

If Oracle cobble MySQL then some of the non-sun developers will fork and produce a variety of MySQL without the artificial hardware limits.

Budget reaction: Credit insurance good, all else bad


£2000 car subsidy

They should have limited to cars of 1L engines or less, hybrid up to 1.5L and alternative energy cars only.

Would have been nice to see it for all motorbikes that do 60mpg+ or use alternative fuels too, but I suppose that's asking a bit much.

Judge sends Blockbuster to court over Facebook Beacon Borking

Paris Hilton

was it porn then?

"Your friend debbie69 has been watching 'Big Black German Meat Products 5' and rather liked it. Click here to >rent it!<"

Something like that then??

Paris because she has a rather large collection herself, starring... herself.

Carry On producer Peter Rogers dead at 95


95 is not a bad age :)

Rest in peace all of you who made me laugh as a kid. Good memories.

Ready or not, IPv6 is coming

Paris Hilton


I think most system admins and general IT bods would be happy to use IPv6 at home and work as long as their ISPs supported it, which they don't, so well, meh.

OFCOM should give them a quick poke :) Once Bloody Terrible (BT) and Vermin Media are forced onboard, then the rest will follow.

Paris; cause she can could show OFCOM how to...

Fable creator: How DLC ruined my summer vacation

Paris Hilton


if you look at the bottom of those icons you'll see an ie html icon, so that points to his default still being ie. Personally I think that's worse ;)

Paris; because she's good at noticing small things

Supercar maker pitches 'leccy sportster with stunning spec


5.2s ?

not so much a supercar as an averagecar ;) Still, anything that has money going into 'green tech' R&D is money well spent.

Google jacks up fees for Checkout service


Do More Evil

yay for business :D Don't take it personally, its a business eat business world out there and consumers and small businesses are at the bottom of the food chain.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

Paris Hilton


...sack all english people and hire people from places where the cost of living is less. Surely that's the 'pc/equality' approach? They cost less after all.

If men are paid more, the chances are they are better at their jobs. There's nothing sexist about that, this isn't the 1700s.

Good female employees are as appreciated as male ones in this day in age but they have to work to the same standard. Same as if a male was not working to the standard expected he'd be paid less than an efficient 9-5 person.

If you really think you are as good as a higher paid person on your level then go see your boss and ask for a pay rise, explaining why you think you deserve it. He'll either tell you why you aren't so good as you think and deflate your ego (the u have something to aim for), or start negotiations (or obviously be fobbed off as most bad bosses do).

Paris; because she gets paid far more than her male equivalents.

Ofcom plots out wireless mic future


money grabbers

but where does the money go?

Zhao 'C' - Chinese police computer says no


WTB UTF-8/16

However I love the racist attitude of the Chinese state. What happens to nationalised immigrants? Do they have to change their name too?

KTM: electric dirt-bike out next year



I want one <3

Windows 7 fast track alarms technical testers


vista sp5

it is only service pack 5 for vista. It won't need that much testing :]

Unix world braces for geekgasm



is universal time coordinate. ie. UTC aka GMT. It's the satellite and atomic clocks version of saying +0. When it is in fact + ;) Which I believe is the best they could with synchronising atomic clocks in the 1960s. (yes, a whole 1.5 seconds off GMT)

Street View vehicle kills Bambi

Paris Hilton


As long as it was a clean kill then there's not much to be done.

If it's a twitcher with no antlers and is beyond saving (ie. broken bones, smashed face or jaw) then go break its neck or smash the base of it's skull. Screw driver to the base of the skull works too.

If it's got antlers then stay away unless you're packing heat and can (legally) humanely dispatch it safely, else phone the police (in the UK not sure about US policy). In the UK they'll send the local deer man to end it's suffering and get a nice meal out of it :] If he gralloches it (guts it) there and then, the carcass will be used for food, ask for a cut :D

Lastly some species of deer are tough buggers. They'll go down and stay down, but then 10 mins later get up and wander off as if nothing happened. Saw a muntjak do this after a collision with a car at 60mph. The car took more damage!

Paris; works like a muntjak

Carbonite nabbed with hand in review jar


not the only people

The other day I noticed that HP had copied their reviews from one site to another independent site (or vice versa). Does that count?



Extreme porn law goes live - are you ready?




can I have the executive summary version please? :D or maybe some pagination?

USAF cops seek netflinger rifle to down ultralights, paragliders



Like bean bag guns? Tennis ball launchers? Or maybe expanding foam pellets from a pb gun?

Cow poo launcher?

Or if the person is endanger lives or about to... shoot them.

Internet to Obama: 'Pass the joint'

IT Angle

@Suburban Inmate

Your logic is so flawed you should perhaps stop with the mind altering substances.

US doc demands $1.5m for donated organ


not a chance

The kidney was given the wife with no other implications. If he wanted something more, then he should have sorted out a contract at the time.

Believing in people and feelings is a failing point of many (business) relationships. If you expect something but it isn't in the contract, then you can't reasonably be expected to receive it. He should have slapped it in as an amendment to his marriage contract :)

Life is emotion, but money is business.

Deception of 'up to' broadband speeds exposed



...to 5 years ago ofcom. Pull your finger out and do what we pay you for!

UFO damages Lincolnshire wind turbine

Thumb Up


the first blade fell off and caught the second one. Next unsolvable problem please...

Picasa for fanboys arrives


@* for Linux is * for Mac surely?

Not possible, mac osx doesn't use xorg or any of the O/S windowing systems, it'd have to be programmed specifically to osx browser and windowing APIs. (Unless they used a middleware library like GTK ofc but commercial companies are not often willing too.)

Beeb names new Doctor Who


emo igor

I really can't see a young actor like that bringing any character or presence to the show, but then I also think the quality of Dr. Who is completely lost in the current iteration. There's only been a handful of shows worth watching.

UK gov to issue child boozing guidelines

IT Angle

wrong website

is this the Reg or the Dailymail?

IT, technology, security or at least something slightly related please!

City of Heroes fingered in MMO patent lawsuit


prior art

Should be the shortest court claim in a long time.

"Judge, one word; VRML. circa. 1994" - does everything that patent claims :)

Tesla takes Top Gear test to task


don't forget

[paraphrase] "obsolete due to hydrogen"

There's an excellent clip of the show on youtube or iplayer for the full thing.

55 miles + 20% = 66 miles, that's not that bad for a car going around a track.

TBH with the next gen batteries, the range and charge limit should be eased significantly. Shame it'll take 3-5 years getting here.

PS. it's "break down" not "brake down"

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008



is good, in a well executed format, and is a champion for the common man. I liked it when it came out, like a rough diamond, but now it's all a little samey.

Personally I've grown to dislike any game where the main objective is to grind mobs with the objective of getting ultra rare loot, gold, or finishing quest objectives. It's to much like a job.

I'll admit to trying just about every mainstream mmo to come out, they're all the same with different skins and minor mechanic changes.

Internet gaming was brought to the world's population by WoW. It's where subculture became mainstream. Those that played online before it will know that WoW isn't the only game where you can have friends and play as a team. WoW gives people that, and doesn't require you to have any prior knowledge or gaming skill to do it, which imho is why it is so successful.

Personally, 2 games I'm looking forward to in the new year are jumpgate evolution (Q2-3 release) and darkfall online (22nd Jan). No mainstream grind, just action and fun. Bring it on! :D

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

Paris Hilton

ISP advertising for beginners


50mb/s based on location (min 20mb)

20GB cap p/m (256Kb throttle there after)



50mb/s based on location (min 20mb)

50GB cap p/m (256Kb throttle there after)



50mb/s based on location (min 20mb)

100GB cap p/m (256Kb throttle there after)



50mb/s based on location (min 20m/b)

£20 p/m + £1 per 3GB

OMG, that was so hard to think up. No holes, no BS, straight to the point.

Pairs; coz she knows how to get to the point.


I have a solution...

VM (and all ISPs) should sell a product you can use - as per description with no small print.

not got the backbone for it? Then light up some of the dark fibre from the dot com bust or spend some capital.

ISPs are the biggest bunch of thieving liers, right next to politicians. They deserve a lot more agro from Ofcom and ASA than they get.

Looking forward to eu class action suits, just for this one exception :D

Sony sued for collecting kids' data


trolling for shrimp

bloody bunch of paedophiles!

mines the one with the daily mail in the pocket ;)

Why the IWF was right to ban a Wikipedia page



banning a page is as simple as banning an image... ie. both requiring URLs....

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover



check google cache... it's a young lady, naked, with a shattered glass effect covering her nether regions... what's the big deal?

People need to grow up and stop seeing demons in every shadow

US WMD report: Dirty bombs, chem weapons are bunk



To use a nuke anywhere on this planet against civilians would cause the world + dog to be against the alleged terrorist group - utterly eliminating any chance of succeeding in other goals. Even China and Russia would chip in because as they modernise and become capitalist countries, they become targets.

At the moment you have the US + friends with commitments in and around Iraq and Afghanistan - that'll look like a turkey shoot because governments( who haven't, like the UK) will massively increase spending on forces.

As always, the only use for a WMD is self annihilation. I can think of a million better ways to 'terrorise' but terrorism is pointless by definition, it never succeeds in it's long term goals.

Penguins, coz when the shit hits the fan, at least we'll still have lin-- penguins ;)