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Apple analyst: fruity firm set to shift 75 million iPhones

Eric Hood

Given the best Apple have done is to ship 52 million phones in a quarter it may very well be attempted stock manipulation.

Or he is a time traveller telling us to buy now whilst it is cheap.

New iGasm: Apple to unveil not one but TWO iPhone 6 models on 9 Sept

Eric Hood

So the same as last year then, as the iPhone 5s and 5c were introduced.

The earth did not shatter last year. I doubt it will do so this year.

Apple SOLDERS memory into new 'budget' iMac

Eric Hood

If you have a look at a new 21" iMac you will see the thickest part of the case is in the middle at the back. This is where the heatsink is located. A large and chunky heatsink. Twice as thick as an Apple laptop. Thermal constraints will not be an issue unless trying to do something it's bigger brothers should be doing.

Eric Hood

Re: wtf?

Power down the iMac. Disconnect the cables. Turn it on its side and tap the side of the case to make the SD card fall to the slot.

Then take a knife with the thin extendable snap off blades and see if you can slide the SD card out.

I have done this successfully a few times. You may notice the dust cover on the slot deform after shaking the SD card loose giving you an indication of where it is.

Good luck.

PC makers! You, between Microsoft and the tablet market! Get DOWN!

Eric Hood

Re: @Eric Hood - Dare I say differentiation

If these apps are your bread and butter and you work in an area with no internet connectivity you fall back to plan B.

Plan B is get ripped off with outrageous prices by scalpers for one of the remaining disk copies of CS6.

Eric Hood

Re: Dare I say differentiation

I will take it slowly and use small words for you.

Creative Cloud lets you put apps on your surface as it runs Win 8.1. It is a full PC. CC only needs to phone home once per month.

We would agree about online storage issues. It is a different thing to an app phoning home.

Eric Hood

Dare I say differentiation

The feature that is different to everyone else is the built in Wacom technology. The 13" Wacom screen is $1300AU this makes the surface quite interesting if you are an artist for example. You can load your Creative Cloud apps and work wherever you are.

Nokia Camera guru: I'm finished being Finnish, and off to 'the company you're thinking of'

Eric Hood

Nokia 1020

I have a 1020 and it is an excellent phone. First and foremost it has excellent call quality and signal reception. The excellent camera is the icing on the cake.

I like the win phone OS, will I buy another? Hmmm, it will all depend on the quality of the MS Lumias after the takeover is complete. I have long been a Nokia fan and this is Microsofts' chance to make me a Microsoft fan.

Nokia still hold a lot of patents for the cameras so there will not be exact copying. Not that the Apple

design aesthetic would let them have a large lump on the back of a phone.

Telstra to kill CAPTCHAs

Eric Hood

Telstra has around 17 different billing systems that cannot talk to each other. How about they fix that instead of putting lipstick on a pig.

SLAPPING an iPhone out of a corporate drone's hand: You're not the only one who longs to do it

Eric Hood

Windows Phone 8 is not yet ready

I have a Nokia with Windows Phone 8 and it almost ready for business.

The biggest issue I have encountered so far is Exchange calendars. You cannot see shared calendars which you can see on IOS and Android.

Yay Microsoft.

That said I like the phone overall and prefer the way it handles contacts and incoming calls. If I select a contact I am asked if I want to ring them, email or SMS and even IM if set up, this is much nicer than IOS just trying to ring the contact.

The same applies in the dialler app. When I select a previous incoming call it asked me what I want to do not just auto dialling the number.

EU move to standardise phone chargers is bad news for Apple

Eric Hood

I like the lightning connector on the newer Apple products. It is reversible, so in the dark there can be no mistakes plugging it in.

The connector is small and there is excellent physical connection when inserted. A much better experience than mini or micro USB.

Apple do make a Lightning to micro USB adapter. At worst they could include one with the device.

Intel reveals new Haswell-based Chrome OS kit from old, new partners

Eric Hood

I have a 14" HP Chromebook. It is very good. Not had it long and a little envious of the new models. I have gotten 6 hours on it twice now when not using the power adapter and rated time is 5 hours.

It is excellent as a secondary unit. The only thing I need a "real" computer for is iTunes and photoshop elements.

I am looking into music streaming services so that may not be a problem soon. The Chromebooks come with 100GB of cloud storage for 2 years. If you buy the Pixel Chromebook by Google it is 1TB for 3 years.

Keep on truckin'... Qualcomm sells OmniTRACS for $800m

Eric Hood

Re: Eudora

The only mail client I currently like is Outlook for OS X and it does not handle filter creation and management as well as Eudora. The whole Eudora experience was nicer. Of course it could be that everything was simpler then.

Microsoft caves on Xbox One DRM and used-game controls

Eric Hood

I am not unhappy with the prices, the previous generation was close to $1000 AU at launch with games and accessories. 18 months after the PS3 launch I spent over $900.

The current prices are better than the past. I traded in a bunch of games and received $400 so that covered most of the PS 4 asking price. Games prices are cheaper now than previously too, I remember paying $120.00 AU for a SNES game.

There may be some price discrimination but it is not as bad as in the past and we are getting the console at launch not 6-18 month later.

Applicants sought for one-way trip to Martian Big Brother house

Eric Hood

Self sustainability will be key. I would not like to be waiting for supply ships. There will be a need to import a whole ecology. Psychology experts could probably tell us the minimum amount of people needed to stop them going mad too.

Hmmm, just a thought, if no one had a cold or flu when they arrived would they be free of it forever more?

Jennifer Lopez gets you more Facebook friends than Iron Maiden

Eric Hood

Re: "Jennifer Lopez gets you more Facebook friends than Iron Maiden"

Somewhat appropriate for a band that peaked in the 80s

Groupon CEO Mason sent packing as shares continue to plummet

Eric Hood

Re: I have to admire his honesty

Investors should do research before investing otherwise they are mug punters gambling not investing.

Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for just one PC, FOREVER

Eric Hood

Re: So if the PC dies

The motherboard is the PC as far as Microsoft is concerned. New MB = new computer.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

Eric Hood

Re: Bill Gates

I think you are wrong.

John D. Rockefeller is known for oil & not usually remembered for his funding of research for Boll weevil or for his funding of the teams that found cures for yellow fever, meningitis, and hookworm.

If Rockefeller is not remembered then Bill Gates probably will not be remembered either.

Hey, Apple and Google: Stop trying to wolf the whole mobile pie

Eric Hood

Re: Interoperability

You need a little more information. Apple patched iTunes to stop Palm devices from identifying as iPods and iPhones and syncing as such.

Any company can write their own software to use the iTunes library. Nokia and the N95 is a good example. Install the Nokia software and it will look at the music library, sync your existing custom playlists, it is a Nokia application not some kludge trying to pretend it is an Apple product.

Why dilute your own brand by making someone else's software treat your phone like an iPod when you can use the iTunes data in your own app?

Do users have enough power?

Eric Hood

With power comes responsibility

There is nothing wrong with giving users more power though I would say that I was giving users more responsibility.

The more capable the person the more responsibility they can handle.

Responsibility and authority are two sides of the same coin.

Google expects Apple to block its not crap iOS maps app

Eric Hood

Why would they stop the App being released? There are any number of paid mapping apps that are already there. I had one before the iOS 6 thing because I wanted turn by turn voice guided navigation and google maps on the iPhone does not do that.

If you want a first class map app use the one Nokia has on the N8, the iGo Primo app is the one I am using on an iPhone and it is good just not as polished as the Nokia app.

The new Mac mini eviscerated with ease

Eric Hood

It's refreshing to see an Apple product with user replaceable/upgradeable RAM,"

What an absolute load of rubbish. Every iMac from the 15" CRT model to now has been able to have memory installed by the user and the Mac Pro too.

Granted the new 21" iMac does not but with the new memory spec requiring soldered memory soon enough everyone else will be similar.

Apple CEO: Microsoft Surface 'compromised, confusing'

Eric Hood

I am an iPad fan but I hope the Surface does well, it looks different enough to carve out its own market space driving competition and innovation which will ultimately benefit us all.

'Over half' of Android devices have unpatched holes

Eric Hood

Re: Hostage?

There will not be much pain at all if I decided to switch from the iPhone.

My music, ebooks, audiobooks are all in formats that can be read by other software. The files are organised and easy to search. Finally for media Apple allows anybody to use the iTunes library with their phone syncing app they are not allowed to make their phone use iTunes directly like Palm was doing. Nokia have been doing that for years. I used to sync iTunes playlists to my N95 and N8 all the time.

Contacts. I have no problem syncing my address book contacts with my earlier Nokias in the past and do not think it will be a problem in the future. I gave away my N8 because it is a piece of rubbish and kept my N95 which is my emergency backup phone. I have not synced contact changes for a couple of months but will do so soon.

My contacts are duplicated in my Address book and in my Outlook address book, any new phone will be able to work with one of those applications.

There is only as much lock in as you want there to be, in my case bugger all.

Eric Hood

Re: Hostage?

There is some truth in that because of app store lock in though I am extremely happy with my iPad so my App purchases can be used there. If I decide to buy something else.

I was interested in the LG Optimus Vu as much as an eReader as a phone but it is not being released in Australia. I have certainly not been irritated by little things like I was on my previous Nokias.

I have a phone that works and does what I want, it will be tough to make me switch from that now.

Eric Hood

This is one of the reasons I now use an iPhone. I am no longer held hostage by inept or indifferent carriers. My previous Nokia smartphones not receiving timely updates still irritates me.

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface

Eric Hood

The keyboard cover is very nice at 3mm thick. I would love one of these for my iPad. I hope they do well.

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s

Eric Hood

Re: Shareholders?

I loved using Symbian. The OS is stable and responsive. My last Nokia was an N8 and it has four different bugs with SMSs one for sending and three for receiving. I have had the lot. Nokia will not acknowlege the issues which happen globally or show any desire to fix it. When I contacted Nokia care about it I was basically told to go away.

So I have. I now use an iPhone. It is still being customised to work the way I want but I can at least receive SMSs and use CalDAV. Neither the N8 or the new windows phones can use CalDAV. I was hoping to use a new windows phone.

It is sad times for a Nokia fan, sad to see them go. I suspect the end is near.

Boy wrecks £22k worth of MacBooks by weeing on them

Eric Hood

Schools tend to buy a power cart that can hold and charge 20 or so laptops at a time, I suspect the units were in one of these.

Rock'n'Roll Racing

Eric Hood

One of my favourite games too. A friend was overseas on holidays and picked it up 9 months before the Australian release we spent weeks hammering it.

Lots of beers, good times indeed. We also played an imported Clayfighter too. Perhaps that could be a review.

Small pile of cash, dying platform: 2011 is bad news for Nokia

Eric Hood

My N8 does that but I know it is my email downloading. I am still using "Anna" and I am very happy with the phone. Great call quality and reception.

WD's MyBook takes a Thunderbolt to the chest

Eric Hood

I sell the WD My Book drives and have sold lots over the last few years. Almost every customer with a new computer buys one for a time machine backup. I have had 3 to 5 failures one of which was a power supply. I am very happy with them.

Duelling anecdotes for the win. :)

Apple CEO: 'Amazon Fire didn't dent our sales'

Eric Hood

One of the improvements over the iPad is the on screen keyboard. The top row has numbers. YouTube also works better.

Alcohol DOUBLES LIFESPAN, helps resist stress

Eric Hood

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers.

Apple launches three-pronged education assault

Eric Hood

I buy a lot of electronic textbooks. The prices range from $9.99 to $50.00 and quite often pearson has a special where if you buy multiple books there is a 50% discount.

Skyrim update makes dragons FLY BACKWARDS

Eric Hood

Installed to 360. Textures fixed. At least things look better now. Sadly did not find any backwards dragons. Kinda disappointed. I was hoping to see the look on its face when it tried to take a dump.

Boffin's bot spots red light jumpers before they kill

Eric Hood

Would this not just enable the jumpers even further knowing other people will be told not to enter the intersection it will make it safer for them?

Much like airbags encouraged people to drive faster as they were better protected.

Disk drive prices swell 5% every DAY in floods aftermath

Eric Hood

As they probably take a hit on profits when prices on inventory drops I am not too concerned. This is a short term thing and competition will kick in again when supply eases.

Ten... top PlayStation Network game downloads

Eric Hood

Try Payday the heist on PSN. A very good game.

Penguin pulls its e-books off library shelves

Eric Hood


I buy a lot of ebooks. I have stopped buying paper books if possible. I am happy to buy the DRMd books as I know I can strip the drm if the company goes titsup. I make 3 backup copies of all my purchases.

The things I like about ebooks is they are generally cheaper than paper copies. I now spend more money on books than I did with hard copies and I get more for my money.

I would really like a service where I could send my paper copies to the publisher and receive an ebook instead. The publisher could then have a large secondhand sale for the luddites still reading by the light of oil lamps.

And now to be on topic, if Amazon has gone against the wishes of the publisher then too bad for them. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Dick Smith faces tricky times

Eric Hood

There was a point to their existence. There may still be.

Yes Dick Smith are expensive, but before the general acceptance of extended trading hours they would be open for an hour or so longer than anyone else and if you needed an emergency part or bit they could be relied upon to have it at a hugely marked up price.

I remember watching a local store owner wanting a cable and going red in the face as he said he could sell the cable for a third of their asking price. The staff member said go right ahead then. The dude backed down as he needed it and had run out of stock.

5 SECONDS to bypass an iPad 2 password

Eric Hood

Very bad.

I have just tested this and it is worse than just looking at the last used screen. The last screen on the iPad I just tested was the home screen. I tried to get into music but that did not work.

I then swiped back to access the search function. This allows you to search & reveal contact information and so on with any unsuspecting owner none the wiser.

Boffins place living creature under control of brain chip

Eric Hood

Death to the future overlords.

Put a cortex bomb on that chip and if they start to rebel, pop the cortex bomb and render the rat immobile.

Android's scariest nightmare: resurgently sexy Microsoft

Eric Hood

Nokia Nokia Nokia (I will leave you to imagine the sweaty man running about.) :)

I too am waiting for a Nokia windows phone. Not because I like Microsoft or hate Apple and Android, my iPad is excellent and I would not give it up.

It is because Nokia make great phones all this focus on software forgets the hardware side. My N8 is a superb phone the reasons for purchasing it are call quality and reception, the camera is lovely too.

For me the multimedia and computing extras that go with a high end Nokia are bonus added to a device that is superb at telephony.

Apple victorious: Courts deny hackintosher's final plea

Eric Hood

I think you will also find costs are court costs. Lawyer costs are separate.

French bloke fined for failing to shag missus

Eric Hood

Wife swap time.

Perhaps the noisy ASBO woman can swap with the french lady.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet goes on sale

Eric Hood

me too.

I too have a Touchpad. The first thing I noticed that is better than my iPad is the on screen keyboard has numeric keys above the letters. So much easier when typing in passwords.

The second thing is you tube. I plan to use this for playing video. The device plays youtube clips better than my iPad and the audio is better because of the stereo speakers.

Argentina: home of Bavarian lager

Eric Hood

Home sweet Home

This probably explains the Nazi exodus after WWII. http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/happy_32.png

Apple MacBook Pro 17in 2011

Eric Hood


After newspaper reports of people being burned in the groin by laptops Apple called their range notebooks. Coincidence I am sure.