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Google admits data center podification


I guess Google doesn't employ any plumbers

Google "didn't know how the well water couplers would work"? "At the time, there was nothing to go on."? Errr... pressurized liquid fittings inside of expensive equipment are not exactly new technology. They could have, you know, asked an industrial plumber or pipefitter, but I guess their PhD engineers are too good to talk to a mere plumber.

Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout


Notel isn't a US company

Minor point... the parent company is Canadian, not US.

InPhase might ship holographic storage this year?


Pointless vapor

These folks have been promising to ship this holographic storage crap about as long as the whole world has been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever. I think they have been promising "any month now" for something like five years. I'm surprised anybody even pays attention to them anymore.

Goodbye to physical Fibre Channel


I'd go further... no more HBAs.

With modern crap-load-'o-cores CPUs, I predict that you will see the end of HBAs. Once you have a lot of CPU power that can be easily divided, offloading the I/O stack to a core instead of a dedicated (read: expensive) chip seems like a winner idea in my book.

Certainly this will take a while, as a complete SCSI stack is pretty darn complex, and I would not trust the stability of such a stack for a couple of years. (Similar to the early days of iSCSI.)

Intel didn't write an open-source software implementation of FCoE because they are merely a bunch of charitable folks.

If you want another prediction: After FCoE displaces native FC in the SAN and gets decision makers comfortable with Storage over Ethernet, it will be quickly followed by a transition to iSCSI, which is not quite so picky about network quality. It is also much easier to find an IP admin instead of a SAN admin.


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