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You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

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slightly unrelated ...

... but along similar lines. A long time ago, before I got into publishing and IT, I worked in a Hi-Fi equipment shop. A guy had just bought a large and rather expensive Hi-Fi (record deck, radio, tape deck). A little while later he rang to say that it wasn't working and, as he lived locally, could he bring it back. I said OK. A little while later I saw his car pull up outside, and then he got the large Hi-Fi unit out of his car, and struggled into the shop with it, and then went back to get the speakers (which were equally big and heavy). Anyway, I soon saw the cause of the problem – when he'd got home and started to assemble the unit he'd looked at the plugs on the end of the speaker leads and thought they were "for American power outlets" so he'd cut 'em off and fitted 13 amp mains plugs to 'em before plugging the speakers into the mains!

Hoon: Not building überdatabase would be terrorist licence to kill

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Isn't there an international element to this? Presumably, in monitoring 'our' comms, won't the UK govt be holding the communications data on those communicating with and doing business in the UK? What are their govts saying about this? Won't the UK gov be violating the right to privacy of foreign nationals as well? I would have thought that any sovereign state would be outraged that the UK is tracking it's citizens' communications. Or are they all at it? Is this just the start of something even bigger?


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