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Yes, hundreds upon hundreds of websites CAN all be wrong

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Re: Mondegreens

Ummm.... more misinformation. It's at about 1:30 into the track. hth ;)

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Re: Apocalypse in 9/8

I read somewhere (I don't think on the interweb!) that the track was basically an extended jam session, and they named it after they worked out why it sounded so 'odd'.

Who's using 'password' as a password? TOO MANY OF YOU

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Secure password? Simples. Think back: What was the registration of your first car/bike/moped? Your dads? I reckon the average age on this forum is only slightly less than Radio 4, so NO-ONE ELSE WILL EVER KNOW IT. Of course it will prob be 2 letters too short ;)


Scoop! The inside story of the news website that saved the BBC

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Re: A fascinating read

Your default BBC alternative is The Grauniad? Shurely not, who'd have thought

Habitable HEAVY GRAVITY WORLD found just 42 light-years away

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I think you are all being pointlessly pessimistic. At an acceleration of only 1G (which even a decent car can briefly manage) for a year, you'll be doing the speed of light. In 10yrs you're up to 10x light speed and it's time to start thinking of truning round to slow down. When you arrive at your heavy destination you'll be stronger since you will be many years younger than when you started. S'easy, let's get on with it.

Windows Phone 8: Everything you need to know at a glance

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Re: "the music volume isn't independent of ringer volume"

You make a vaild observation. But as a deal-breaker it's right up there with not being able to persuade the spell-check to have a sense of humoUr.

Pints all round as Register Special Projects hacks hack off feet

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I resemble...

... having to work out fuel consumption in Miles per Litre. It always leaves nasty decimal places.

Climate change behind extreme weather, says NASA

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Actual Genuine Global Warming?

All these hundreds of millions of cars and trucks have great big black things at the front, the purpose of which is to conduct 'waste' heat to the atmosphere. Has anyone done the maths on what this all adds up to and if it could actually be significant?

O2 dropped the ball in Olympic cycle race Twitter fiasco

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Geeky tech question

Is there no priority flag in the mobile protocol that says that 'My data is more important than yours' which the base station can use to disconnect as many twitters as necessary?

UK.gov to unveil reborn, renamed net-snoop plans in Queen's Speech

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Big Brother

Medieval is the new New.

Secure communications with your chums? Sealing wax and a stamp will be your friend.

Apple shifts Lossless Audio Codec to open source

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Strikes me that with storage sizes these days compression is almost redundant, and that compression formats are mostly useful for the indexing and meta-data they carry. WAV+ anyone?

Why modern music sounds rubbish

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Just on 50. 12.5kHz is a struggle, as are a few other things...

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It's a good and well written article by an obviously knowledgeable author. Sadly, the comments reveal a different truth about the people who actually buy (?) music these days.

Room-temperature brown dwarf spied just 9 light-years off

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replies really don't need a title

Apparently not - same size but heavier. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/WISE/multimedia/pia14722.html

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Just Mulling...

... that this room temperature rock is sustained by a low-grade nuclear reaction at the centre. Much like Terra Ferma herself, shurely?

Neighbours cop an earful from screaming Swedish w*nker

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... is entirely unecessary

RIP Concord :-(

DARPA drops another HTV-2

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Refreshingly different

BBC Version: [US military scientists lost contact with an unmanned hypersonic experimental aircraft on its second test flight, officials said.

The Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) successfully separated from its rocket but lost contact shortly into its "glide phase".] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-14497641

Come the revolution, all Aunties journo's are hereby fired.

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

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Just wondering like...

If El Reg was to post its browser stats, do you think they would correlate with this survey?

'There's too much climate change denial on the BBC'

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Umm... consensus?

If this humungous comments trail shows, nothing else, it shows that there is no practical consenus. If we can agree amongst ourselves that Reg readers are not the stupidest cross-section of society you'll find, then surely the merits of the Pro debate would be self-evident, and accepted as The Truth by all these right-thinking analysts.

Because it's the Pro debate that counts, the side of the argument which is the mannequin upon which the tawdry rags of Social Change are being hung. We are being told to change our behaviour, our outlook and our rubbish collections on the strength of a theory which has been raised to the level of religion so as to avoid unwanted examination. To deny is to be heretic, hand me that rock. So I may lob it at Snail Man up there.

MPs slam government's 'obscene' IT spend

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I came here after hearing the report on the BBC, hoping for more insight and depth as is customary of El Reg. Instead we get a reprint from some Grauniad hack. I trust this is only a holding piece while you scribe something a little more authoritative?

Blighty gets gold-dispensing ATM

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Pedantry Please

On a journo-critic-got-nothing-better-to-do note, it takes a certain stretch of the imagination to describe 1g of gold a 'bar'. Even the super-sized 250g wouldn't be much more than a big coin, as per the articles piccie

Bitcoin collapses on malicious trade

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.... 'Of course, insider trading is naughty and illegal, just like speeding; so no-one ever, ever does it.'.

'Leccy price hike: Greens to blame as well as energy biz

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education costs

Sadly speelign this pour detrackts badlie form any seriuz point yur trying to make. Honestly, if you can't be arsed to take in the fundamentals that school has been trying to push into you all your life, why should we believe that you have the intelligence to sort out fact, fiction, and conspiracy theory?

Gov fails to have knowledge of itself on websites

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And it's not even Friday

Properly good subbing there, top hole old chap.

site:.gov.uk/*/index seems to be a fair first approximation of the public sites, as for the rest only Google, the USA, China, Russia and er... anyone who's actually interested knows. I'd guess that HMG is the only one in the dark.

Student suspended for posting random satire on YouTube

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Big Brother

Education for life

I'd urge people to visit http://wilson.ddsbschools.ca/ and inhale deeply of their new 'scent guidelines', so that we may take a further step on the road to the neutral, thought free, homogenous society.

The only thing Orwell got wrong was the date.

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

...he drew a short but focussed animation which put his (and most of the rest of the world) views across with both venom and humour. You could do better?

Name that donkey: Barbarella battles Bathsheba

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A hand in the bird

... Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka hee haw ...

Daleks given a well-earned break

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IT Angle

The enemy is all around

It's everywhere, and yes, it's totally impervious to sonic screwdrivers. It controls our thoughts, our actions, our language, even our clothes. Entire populations are bent to its anvil. A dramatic representation on TV is well-nigh impossible, tho resistance is futile and often illegal. Go fight some political correctness in a Welsh quarry Doktor!

Pint-sized 3D printer produced

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We're all doomed - doomed I tell you

When these things can print copies of themselves will that make them lifeforms? 'Tis the beginning of the end...

Wind power: Even worse than you thought

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The disregarded orphan at the back of the room...

... is surely geothermal? Dig 2 holes, put water in one, get steam out of the other. Simples!!! I've never understood why so little attention is given to the one renewable with 100% availability. Can anyone here tell me?

MPs wake up to 21st century and internet

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Black Helicopters

Not chinless wonders

More people should take the time to read at least some of the debate in Hansard. These people are not the supine retards of the previous govt, they sound like they don't intend their time in parliament to be spent entirely on arse-licking and drinks parties.

I hear the comments above about the surveillance society and agree with most of them. ALL surveillance, at whatever level, fundamentally presupposes guilt of all the .. er .. surveilled until they prove themselves innocent by inaction. It's an overwhelmingly depressing of the state of Britain today and the dark paranoia within.

At least this is OUR surveillance. Google is America's plaything and is doubtless used as a very handy tool by the Men In Black. America, of course, takes paranoia to previously unimagined depths and must surely be kept at bay by any means possible. We can live without street view after all. Especially as it's completely impossible to use sensibly!

Salacious smut soaks 12% of web

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Out of date?

Am I alone in having been online so long that the thrill of online thrusting bits has waned immensely? In days of yore I was way up there with my 56K modem, but it seems to me that a one-day sub on any major site would satisfy even the most 'ardent' teenager for months? Broadband has therefore freed me to research youtube's cat collection, which is apparently even more infinite (??) than the other kind of pussy!

Artificial 'black hole' generator fashioned out of circuit boards

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Just need to point out that not all us know what a 'metamaterial' is, tho copper doesn't seem to fit the Star Trek connotations. Does this meta-ness confer the healing properties associated with copper wrist bands in the Pagan mind for instance? Someone help me out here?

Mystic Met is serial Strategy Boutique john

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Still SOME sense left!

.... However, Hampshire County Council sees no need for a motto.

A spokesman said: "We believe that the phrase 'Hampshire County Council' neatly outlines what we are, what we do and which community we serve."

Think they deserve a beer!

Sony Bravia KDL-46Z5500 200Hz 46in LCD TV

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Luddite question

Could someone tell me whether LCD's have finally reached the easeof-viewingness of CRT's yet? You know, without the weird blocks of iffy colours or the banding of graduated fades?

And if we really want to be green, we'll be dirty. How many TV's on standbywould a shower, let alone a bath power?

Robert Crumb begets Book of Genesis

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There is no dark side of the moon...

'Refreshingly, though, other Christians are less concerned.' Regardless of the content of the article, that's an editorial opinion, prob best left for a blog aomewhere?

OLPC designer styles goes-like-stink electric motorbike

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A Sportsbike?

Unless I'm missing something big here, this bike is run by batteries. Batteries are HEAVY. Weight is the absolute enemy of any fast bike worth the name. Surely something more in the Harley/Goldwing mould would be a more suitable er.. vehicle?

Go coz if it lives up to the blurb it might still have a future.

Yes! It's the cardboard PC!

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It's for Cloud Computing...

... 'payper use' :-D

Gov to Manchester: No new trams without road pricing

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Something missing?

Am I wrong or has the new Northern BBC not mentioned this debate at all? It is after all, proper news that will affect the entire country in the end, and throws the same light on .gov machinations that the opt-out donor scheme raises. All consulations external to its own domain are purely for PR purposes and have no bearing on policy - that is already decided.

So as the old graffiti goes - don't vote it only encourages them!

BOFH: The paperless cafeteria

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There is a point to Wikipedia. I spent maybe 30 secs struggling beforfe resorting to the inevitable...

Replicating DNA

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The distant schweeep and small 'happy service' presaged the arrival of Trillion on the bridge of the Heart of Gold. Marvin failed to intone quietly 'oh God' as he placed the book on the console at which he unaccountably sat. Trillian wrapped herself round his angular 'skull', an action which has caused a small thrill to run down the spine of humanoid lifeforms from Alpha Centauri to Zylaxan II. Marvin was not humanoid and had no spine. He exchanged a glance with the Max Headroom animation that Eddie was currently using as a 'sentient interface unit'.

'Hey!' she thrilled. 'The new book's arrived'. Another glance was exchanged.

'Is this the one which gives my character a semblence of purpose in this series?' Her voice betrayed the futility of the question.

'NO' her audience intoned flatly. 'That universe is yet to be discovered'.

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target

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There is no dark side of the moon, matter of fact it's all dark

So a few grand will get me some posters to proclaim 'Darwin was probably wrong, that's why you're still here'?

I'm in, any other takers?

BMW unwraps electric Mini

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Paris Hilton

Fascinating launch capability

It's 7.45am and the sea of drones in front of you is trickling along at walking pace, their speed controlled by the clutch, not the gas pedal. In your new electro-whiz your foot nervously tickles the accelerator, fully aware of the stump-pulling power of a large electric motor. Suddenly, from nowhere, comes a sneeze...

Paris - no batteries required